This $500 Abandoned Storage Unit Investments turned into a Jackpot Score Wars

okay guys Renee from partner to thrift
so here another video so you guys saw spent $2,000 and moving in stores barely
bought anything cuz I just didn’t feel like it
hindsight I wish I woulda bought more cuz all the stuff that’s good the
military boxes this probably hasn’t been uploaded yet but you want to see that
video it’s gonna be a different video don’t show don’t show don’t easel so but
these slats we bought one not for 200 one for 300 and where entities about 25
to 30 bucks a box the reason we bought these is because I’m sorry there’s a
bunch of empty lateral boxes and also they sold to big larger boxes bless you
we also bought this guitar for 35 bucks so I’ve never opened it you’ll see that
see what’s in here the top of the back it’s a twisting obviously somebody
turned up like you open it which that’s not a good sign never Gary but you know
what I think it the case is 20 this is a lumenok which i’ve never heard of and
I’ll fight for ten bucks I guess 20 for the case I’ll do five bucks with you you know the whale buyer unless you make
a mistake yeah I just walked up to her 35 bucks of ginger so I got a little
table set up here I’m gonna hold my food as little ones cuz they’re heavy so what
we really hoping to find in here I mean and you know I was really sad cuz I had
a bunch of picture boxes they sold have we missed those so now we’re into these
about 25 30 bucks a box well this looks good
oh these are colleagues Eddie’s a DVDs music in the world
Star Wars that’s about 80 DVDs now yes people always say that we full of it but
guess what guys we still saw these for $2.99 or three for four for $9.99 all
day long people don’t buy one they usually buy like three bundles of ten so
you know what there’s at least 100 bucks this box a top box is good again as easy
to wonder process but we really hope you find some water oh yeah I am I think
it’s upside down be gentle now we saw a bunch of empty ones guys so
if this is in here just paste the whole deal by the way that’s it it’s hard to
say no I meant Oh cuz you gonna keep them so
I’m guys this is obviously a wedding couple so I’m going to what I’m gonna do
I’m not gonna take these out because they’re perfectly packed I don’t see
anything broken on what I can see it’s fair to say we scored I’m gonna tell you
the number so the reason I’m gonna say that is so I can put up the prices this
is LA bro Sarah one zero zero six four seven five fit nice Anniversary happy
anniversary or barcode seven three seven eight five nine zero six four seven five
three so everybody at home at the yeah drop that rock yeah yeah you know what
that’s what we were hoping to find in these boxes
I have what love you too okay guys this is looking really good cuz I read this
one I can tell but I don’t think we’re oh no we are filming hey guys
by the way I can tell this was in there hey check this one out this looks like
mom and baby oh we have to keep them and these are bigger sizes so I’m pretty
sure these are decent at least 200 bucks apiece but probably 3 400 here lotto
number zero one zero zero six seven oh five wonderful you one for me
barkos seven thirty seven eight five nine zero six seven oh five one again
the reason I’m doing this as so so I can tell you what the price is on what I’m
gonna do I’m gonna put up the prices what these actually self on eBay not
asking but selling yeah keypoint really anybody can ask whatever they want
doesn’t mean God I wish so what about every one of those boxes lateral with
the dogs we scored paper I mean this was wait
till you guys see the boxes with our lockers and everything we bought me
support on this this is LA bro walking the dog zero six seven six zero barcode
seven three seven eight five nine zero six seven sixty Sarah I thought it was
only three in here but it says anniversary zero one three seven two
barcode 7:30 75901 372 zero her name’s like wait a minute you don’t collect
another like that I mean that’s five so far even up to where Steve that’s a
thousand bucks okay the only one I want is the mommy well this is a clown I’ll
bet you this is good don’t tell my Cheryl show on it hey this is sort of
loud bruh I’m just gonna say the lab remember because Sarah five five four
two melancholy you know what’s this this box looks exactly the same they way it’s
packed okay would pay full retail in that paper
we go to pause the real place I can move this hey guys so we got five pickle
otters of an extra one more time damn it’s fun when you score that’s at least
two thousand bucks or whatever better way actually know what let’s say a
hundred fifty P average decision piece okay so the bigger one Hey Oh vodka Russian vodka
alright pressure that’s cool brand-new sealed Frances the melodica three look at the
lemon literally love it it’s all brand-new Caesar that deal when this
stuff is brighter sealed it just goes now liquor cabinet
oh we don’t drink that’s the funny part like berries Illinois Merlot Casablanca
belly reserved penelo 2003 Merlot you guys watched a video – moving sale
you know what we bought so it’s kind of funny to look at this guy carbon a is
ruddiness Manalo postive on its Russian riding on it actually watch the story of
2020 how Russia was becoming really good with those bottles that I want to hold
him for stop Crocodile Rock burglary Valley – like a show with Rene cake glasses Estrela Shiraz 2002 I’m sure is reserved
I like sure this is who’s now Russia or mezcal oh I
drank Oh Oh warm in here gnarly sorry did anybody like this like three even an
ashtray cuz it smoke there strong he lost any some of this paper color Twin
Valley party burgundy we found a bottle with the one a minute it’s like a
cigarette yeah just throw the paper away don’t worry
about saving it okay alright okay see don’t worry we handle the door right
Michelle Michelle got my back collection $9.99 oh maybe I should sell it
separately okay it looks like there’s some couple more classes in there that’s nice somebody will pay 40 bucks
better okay I think we got money tomorrow we got empty okay this one’s
empty air forces are the boxes worth any money uh well a little bit somebody
wants it matched up yeah but but I’m hoping you know somebody probably has a
box with a bunch of new Sinatra’s wrapped up this says I love you truly
Sarah won five to eight it’s inside yeah stacked up with about it carefully
yeah and don’t have it we have a chess set
what’s that Timex and that’s a paper working here hey
sheriff separate what we can tell me what’s trash yeah all of these verses
trash they go get a car to the airport there’s like little glasses there it’s
like little bottles of liquor when you went to get the track I start peeking
Horsham on guru Co Giovanni guru Co military’s made in Italy I have no idea
what these are worth but I mean somebody will pay 20 bucks for these and pause it
for a second really quick that’s nine in here these frames get zoom in so I can
see it for Salani Kuroshio the website I don’t know if these are worth anything
but I mean they’re worth at least 10 20 bucks apiece
so at 10 bucks apiece that’s $90 per box okay you see somewhere yeah I moved to
stuff over we find spoons for all these classes on ice what are they marked just
let crystal okay just put these in this card for the store gift Easter Jessica
tell her to put 399 on each of these spoons here’s another box of the Kuroshio
another nine so I got to look these up I’m gonna put a little dot in the corner
what a prize what I think is a work but at 25 bucks a box I’m picking brand-new
Italian porcelain that’s just gonna be another one something new looks like
it’s the same thing at porcelain kuru co-ed d3 flat boxes
you can put inside you don’t have to rush sheriff for sheriff it’s giving you
your son so deep I know a lot of these boxes just stack them in the walkway cuz
it’s all ready to add a Saturday well we’ll work on it on Monday you know how
we always fill it up just make sure nobody go through so as I know just yeah
Monday morning we have to hold to come and we’ll go through everything tomorrow
sundial these last three big ones will do at the end you know see these ones
Albany with okay so you often these already uh I just started speaking
because I was gettin yeah these are the like little balls yeah but I don’t know
I didn’t get that far are these kind of peeking while you went to go get the
trash let’s see you take a little what you bought people collect these actually
people sell these are lots of eBay start here phille well how do you know what
else is on that yeah trust you later so we only have so much time we’ll try
to get this super exciting how do you know that whatever but we
pretty good in half I mean I robot sex and only one this we have seven that for
foxes only one empty ones don’t take that yeah oh yeah in my turn my turn
oh it’s Gucci it’s good oh oh okay guys hearin a somebody’s ever what did you
ask me why do you this feels heavy
so we fighting some really good stuff in these boxes by the way both of these
Lots were 500 bucks so we might have to get her arms and Monday just blasts
right here there’s a really big vase it’s um so my artwork right here
you’re not a piece of crystal you know again I can just sell these for
20 bucks this box is full of crystalline some vases guys I’m not gonna unwrap it
right now I’m looking for homerun boxes but on Monday we’re gonna go through is
if we find more cool stuff at the end of this video you will see some of the
stuff what do you went through a stack this high impact any push hard Renee did
that if you guys have any house okay this will be on Monday video to where we
gave her some Saudi path Cheryl is a trooper she never says no I
know except once you don’t show you okay guys we’re gonna continue unpacking
boxes but we just unbox two boxes of mother lode designer purses I’m talking
Gucci I’m talking Chanel I’m talking Prada and like not one or two like two
huge boxes full take a quick end so that’s gonna be a separate video okay
guys so we just did two separate purse video there might be more person yet we
have to go through but let’s open up the rest of these boxes
I mean oops I think it’s fair to say that 500 oz was gonna mess of Casey oh
yeah wait till you guys see tomorrow’s video with the purses of them death
score is so huge then I’m doing a separate video for it I mean that’s
prior I got 4050 purses yeah so I’ll probably end up with two for self
wallets belts okay this is some kind of clothing material so Betsy so that’s not exciting well
okay just can’t go and Cheryl so here these boxes keep going right here
everything where’s Cheryl she’s like it’s a nice Saturday which is
concentrate of customers and uh not that Barbie but just they got to go out
that’s a bunch of carpets he just sent out who was boring we find the best step
what’s he talking about it I guess he’s just not into the for hunting stuff what
you see those videos boring that I don’t get another one there was another money thing shall we
to go hostel I think Cheryl took the other one a hot
story okay now we have three and somebody said put these heavier
things a bigger box he’s a pretty heavy RCT yeah I don’t eat good quality not
cheap plastic no it’s like phone an afternoon didn’t eat all day
working all day I’ve had one bite to eat and whoever’s about to say I can afford
to miss a meal shut it Lara any more purses wait till
you guys see the purse video what’s the same aside you looked all
excited fragile is a porcelain white company want to be really careful with
them this whole box is what it’s not like
something snapped you know this whole box is porcelain
flower brick not robots this just let me fill out a
heavy somebody price a whole China come why would they pack the box oh you’ve
got that one – it’s a mommy’s a little girl it’s a poem for my girl
that’s row number zero one zero point zero 681 a poem for my girl so that’s
the seventh one in the box throw that one three four seven seven three I’m happy
to point to don’t throw that one oh I already opened this one so there’s a
leather jacket in there so that’s good there’s a windbreaker that’s good and
then there’s another jacket in there and then there’s silk sheets no but at the
leather jacket King yet $24.99 the windbreaker ten bucks and the other Jack
have I think 20 bucks it was like a red ding I don’t remember this and that was
brand new silk she just told you this is it’s a lampshade you know what
we’re just gonna wait lampshade still for take out the whole box face we’re
quite not half the lamps but actually ballerina Ladra oh that’s beautiful
I have to have that one because it’s like collection I don’t know why I find
girly units like this if I go bankrupt I bought lots of early units justice lot
road to Danza Sarah Sarah when Sarah Carrie at Sarah 5:05 Sarah that’s in day
eight before this one is definitely in here this is ratash someone to look up
to as another mom and daughter zero six seven seventy one no bed word I should be making a lot of money right
now so needless to say all these are going
straight to my house I have a big one I like sucking out of it now we have nine
and flowers I got a clowns clowns heads 05.29 that is the second one already
like that so what is that night I think that’s 10 of 12 or five we are missing
forth so 10 of 14 10 yeses for now this was sold leave me a couple empty boxes
like that so I can separate the military all right let’s finish these boxes so everything that says Manoa kid I guess I should’ve bought every one of
the stacks huh this is a good Italian coffee for us
this is kitchen okay this is mixes well we can’t get close up cause it’s getting
cold okay this is Italian creamy no but it’s
all like it’s very good Italian stuff so he’ll do well in the store gotten some
bullets I have no interest in the last two box
what’s the rush mortars for salon carré CEO Giovanni Carew CEO Marissa honey I
mean that’s probably like 15 pieces like a lot in there those are these part 15
20 pieces in there yeah these frames I know I feel if just up the last box ten boxes are lavrov all this stuff is
good we’re gonna try some of this stuff with Monday we’ll have some more footage
at the end of this video but I think it’s fair to say we scored that’s
getting cold we need to clean up so we’re gonna clean us up okay okay guys
remember that box of flowers so right here sum up and he’s a Capodimonte made
in italy we’re just making the sign we selling these for $9.99 each on ebay
they’re like you know about 20 bucks apiece but I don’t want to ship these
and look this whole box these are all company monta flowers several layers
deep so we probably have about 50 of these flowers so that box is $500 which
means that tastes for the whole deal we bought those two Lots with the lot rows
and purses and them and stuff so this will be our investment return right
there hey guys these used to be the company monta flowers I marked him cheap
because on the other side that’s one of them as a little chip in it so what just
set is perfect it’s huge too so I got pretty big hands


RENE!!! Please watch the blade. I’m nervous during the whole video watching you! Nice score and sorry bout not making more off the bags, Casey πŸ™„

Great find for sure…and for that comment that you can afford to miss a meal to anyone who thought that or said that would be so wrong….people of our size actually it is not good to miss any meals because it actually makes our metabolism slow down even more…to be honest Renee you could do more eating just smaller portions and it actually helps to boost your metabolism unless you have some sort of other condition health wise that none of us know about and that is none of our business…but anyways…great video and way to go on your score….

So is buying storage units more lucrative then buying hand picked itens from auction houses and thriftstores? I just have regular car, $500, and im northeast where we dont have flea markets daily. I know of one ofmr two indoor flea markets that I could try. Im thinking of buying a storage during the holiday weeks to try and get a great deal. And of cours ill be wearing my Bargain Hunters Thrift signed t shirt when i buy my first unit courtesy of Mr Hales.

Casey, you have to call Dibs on all the ones you want, lol, keep up the great job, we love you guys. Dan and Rhonda. God Bless.

Let us know in the comment Section Down Below if you want us to do the Video with The Purses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't forget to Thumbs Up !!!!

I'm a very hard worker. And would love to work for you guys. 😁 . My name's Devon rosenow and I'm willing to relocate and will start from the bottom πŸ™‚

Chessboard goes with the Copper and black stand /rich folks put the with 2 high back chairs in front or near a fireplace

That boxcutter is going to slice you one day. #1 cut the box # 2 Close the cutter #3 out it down until you need it again . I like you guys to much and don't want to see blood. I had to go back and edit this comment. See you got yourself !!

Me gustan sus videos saludos desdeπŸ—½πŸ—½πŸ—½πŸ—½πŸ—½πŸ˜²πŸ—½bronxβ€β€β€βœŒβœŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

How do you know that the purses are not high end replicas that are hard to tell if knockoffs without proper knowledge, I use to do that in NYC with law enforcement raid all the knock off vendors and warehouses the manufacturers trained us how to spot knockoffs even the good ones

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