THIS COST OVER $1,000.00 ? @ STORAGE AUCTION I bought an abandoned storage unit

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages it is pirate time and yes finally we have come back to the
auction that’s a reference to the rock they all don’t know rock is one of my
other one though rock was one of my inspirations and idols anyway see what
we got here he’s under two units of this one facility lightning strikes twice one
of my first and best units ever was right here
follow these units you got through Friday to remove the items you’ll have
access 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. if you buy the unit stop in the office they’ll give
you a gate code that works from 7:00 to 7:00 office is open from 8:00 to 5:00
everything is cash once we say so we take him at that time sales tax in or
seven point three seven five percenters got allowed resale deposits we left my
office once corrupt unit you get that back there’s no point in you to touch
thing with around those smoking during our chat didn’t clean out you buy you
get everyone he 28b 28 is the while standing in front
of hundreds of 10 by 2300 I deposit mr. rooster $25 PA that got 25 right here
about 45 $25 I’ve been writing the reporting at 40 or 50 60 70 80 90 100
125 once got 125 150 125 150 425 151 said that
115 one out 130 131 one night got 180 where Heather with 190 180 drive around
with 190 got 190 over 200 210 220 230 got 225 to 230 sort of $20 and the 232
21 over 230 well said I took thirty okay unit number be 31 I’m a god of positive
I’m out $25 bid got 25 we’re about 40 about 40 over 56 61 here seven eight hi
got 100 110 120 130 top 120 right here one 30 or 40
150 once he once him honey got 170 over the 180 got 180 190 200 got
190 over the route 209 B right over to 190 went over Q when it was about to I
got to over there to tame that’s 210 over here to 20 to 30 to 40 to 60
now 250 right over to 62 6260 Wilson 260 well first off that auction was kind of
Bootsy I bet on two units there they were both kind of junky but I’m thinking
to myself cool I’ll either buy them to make something because you can’t just
get too ahead of yourself and think okay I’m good so I’m not going to buy again
wait for the right one you got to kind of keep the money flow and so I was out
of stuff to have an advance to film and sell so I was gonna buy them if I had
something else come up I’ll just you know pass it on to one of the homies or
something but they both went over my number 2 to 2 25 was my number I stopped
on and trying to be on point anyway I wasn’t even going the auctions today and
something told me go I follow my gut I am one with the universe I am basically
I have given up all need to think and I just do I whatever the universe tells me
whatever whatever happens I take when I need to learn move on to the next thing
whatever situation positive negative one way or another I am one with the
universe is something told me go to their auctions now we’re going to
another coin 33 minutes away from the last one because I called them they have
210 two units a ten-by-ten they said it’s kind of almost empty then they have
a 10 by 20 pretty full full of musical instruments they say now you can’t you
got to be careful when you listen to manager but the fact is I love to sing I
love music they say musical instruments it could be nothing but old Gibson’s we
got the money let’s go see what there is it’s always good to pay attention to
your surrounding areas you’re heading towards an auction this place is really
nice is up in Napa wine country you gotta think money now keep in mind
pirates are not just out here in the seas hunting for anything we’re looking
for traders specific trade routes where they have Madame’s that’s why you have I
said we’re doing if we heard we found a map they said x marks the spot
musical instruments were on the way 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. got extended
access office hours 9 to 5:30 every day it’s a cash auction sales tax here is
8.75% deposits we left the office 1 scruff you’ll get that back for 30 90 by
yoona get ahead of your own luck get off the sign in this body huh why
are you having fossils for having ID so I could sign you in any questions number
or 263 unit number 263 again they would like this unit cleared out by the
indicate tomorrow so by 5:30 tomorrow $5.00 bid and now 10 over here how about
15 and I $10 be totally Rock 1320 got 15 right hand liver 2015 dollar being
around 2015 over there were 21 at 20 got 20 right here 25 30 got 2530 $25 by 30
2530 and what’s in that 30 this Saturday number 249 number 249
again I’m just shooting fighting back through Saturdays cleared out also if
you need more time than that Cochran take the over here about the
prorating the priority day-by-day if any longer than that unit number 249 we’ll
start about $25.00 here about 25 we’re about 40 now 40 over here 56 I got 100
over here 125 150 175 200 225 huh about 500 525 550 got 550 575 600 that is what it’s like treasure hunting
you got to drive but the quality wasn’t there I don’t like Yamaha drums I don’t
like the quality there wasn’t that it wasn’t going to risk it for that we’ll
live to fight another day well that concludes this auction video
we tried there was two options for units only that said in bid a bid on the two
cheaper ones at the first place thought there’s a little bit of potential money
in a little bit of fun for us to watch second place I knew that the unit was
musical instruments was gonna go high because it usually does people are here
to gamble it’s always intent I didn’t like the quality and the brands on I
didn’t like the two TV sitting in the garbage cannon for hose this stuff and
that’s the way it looked the nicest thing in that year to me was the coffee
maker the grinder that was a few hundred bucks I believe needless to say I didn’t
even bother bidding cuz I wasn’t gonna play ego man and try to outbid somebody
pick and choose your battles with that being said thanks for watching this
little offshore video hopefully we get one this week is we got auctions in a
couple days I love y’all blessings


1 unit to much low end stuff there money not worth the work I would be surprised if there is a high end item throw in

What's wrong with Yamaha Mike they make some of the finest instruments there is . But for that money and the way it looked you done the best thing giving that unit a pass. Good luck hunting

I imagine the long drive and gas for the two days or three days going to wine country also factored in a lot? I do not see you are set up to sell music stuff too…

I think you're gaining subscribers because of your genuine personality and entertaining ways. Keep pushing Mr. Pirate.

Where I grew up Napa Valley man I miss that place lots of money to be made pirate ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ

Good moves Pirate! You don't have to convince us or buy to please viewers just go with you. That's why we love you! Stay true. Amen.

Sorry Auction Pirate. I love you your family and friends. But I hate watching the actual auction. I love the unboxing. Its sort of like watching someone opening gifts.

Mike when you get a chance take a look at your fb messenger, help out a brother again. You can delete this just trying to reach you.

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