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owning a car can be an expensive venture
between the purchase price gas and keeping up with repairs one of the most
important decisions to protect your vehicle is choosing the right auto
insurance company this is a big choice which can’t be made simply from seeing a
commercial or a billboard and committing to that car insurance company getting
the best auto policy for your needs involves asking the right questions when
comparing quotes this will ensure that you not only get the best rates but get
the coverage you need three questions to ask before buying car insurance
how much driving do I do how often do you use your car do you require for your
daily commute to and from work or do you need it for other daily activities such
as driving the kids to and from school it’s easy to measure this by tracking
your car mileage every month if you determine that you do not drive a lot a
mileage based insurance policy may be ideal for you this policy will cost less
if you do less driving however make sure to report the accurate amount to make
sure your claim doesn’t get denied should an accident occur what kind of
coverage do I need every state has a bare minimum for the amount of auto
coverage you need to purchase for the most part this sum is applied to auto
liability insurance which covers property and vehicle damage legal fees
and accident related injuries while this bare minimum might be sufficient for
some it is important for you to consider a few other options available to you
such as personal injury protection this covers your and your passengers medical
expenses and lost wages when you’re hit by another party collision regardless of
who was at fault for an accident your car repair costs will be covered
uninsured and underinsured motorist protection
the cost of your car repairs will be covered even when the defaulting driver
is uninsured or underinsured comprehensive coverage for damages to
your vehicle resulting from non crashed incidents like vandalism fire and theft
what is my risk assessment and discount possibilities
during surance rate is affected by a number of different factors most of
which are used to assess your risk level how likely you are to make a claim
persons with a higher risk assessment are charged higher rate and vice versa
your credit rating criminal record age driving record where your car is park
and other factors want the base of this assessment always ask about possible
discounts to save on your car insurance policy student discounts a safe driving
assessment having continuous insurance a multi car or multi policy eco-friendly
vehicles and more could add up to big discounts and savings depending on your
carrier for more ways to save money and put it back in your pocket visit us at
save money tricks calm


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