I’m here with Tammy Denis. She purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima SV. Came in just shopping, looking for a car next year for her daughter, when she gets her driver’s license. Tammy is now the proud owner of that Nissan Altima SV. They’re in love with it, they came here Monday and they brought us back a check today. And we just want to ask Tammy a little bit about the experience here, you know, the whole process. How’d that go for you? It was very sweet. I liked it a whole lot. There was no pressure or anything. Went for the test drive, the car handles beautifully. Very informative, you know. I’m very happy with it. And who helped you out Tammy? You did! Thank you, thank you. and would you recommend someone else to come and purchase from Titan? Absolutely, I would. Very nice people very very knowledgeable, very informative. Very forward, very comfortable. Oh good good good so we heard it all from Tammy. If you’re watching this video and you’re in need of a car come on down to Titan Auto, we’re located on 112 and Harlem in Worth Illinois or visit our website at TitanUsedCars.com Thank you so much. Thank you Tammy. You’re welcome, thank you!

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