TOMATO FARMER FOUND MONEY DUST ON DUST ! I bought an abandoned storage unit

I’m thinking maybe a bag with a hundred
grand would be nice it’s very high likely to because they made fast money you only gonna be scared the police when
you do something wrong ladies and gentlemen boys and girls and pirates and
Salty’s of all ages look I have a special guest my beautiful daughter –
Saul princess we are here hello I talk too much and I cut people up I’m sorry
we’re here to pick up this Gina right here right near I think I paid like 600
575 675 I don’t even remember off the top of my head on my receipt is and my
brain is scattered but I bought this unit for one specific reason and one
specific reason only like I say every time and we’re about to open up and let
you see that right now oh look at first off before we show anybody look I see
your shirt real quick look at that I love love or shout out to that my
catchphrase what am I trying to start there going but anyway right here you
see it they were in the tomato farming business these are for growing indoor
hydroponic tomatoes at your house there’s an older technology it’s not the
reason why I bought it cuz I don’t care to sell that stuff first off dust look
at that not been touched you’ve been sitting here second reason everybody
knows that tomato farmers make lots of money and they like to blow money on
things no pun intended because that’s what they do so the chances of them
having something in here potentially I’m thinking maybe about 100 grand will be
nice it’s very high likely to because they made fast money and they spend
money fast that’s my psychology anyway let’s get
started yeah looks 3d to me I saved a video you sent me to my phone last night
it looks like this back in the day before new technology and digital
ballasts for your tomato farming products which I don’t really know a lot
about but these worked good money they cost 150 200 bucks now when I go to sell
them I’m lucky if I get 10 bucks copper wire what do you know about
copper wire Scott wanted me to save it in scrap it for money we torch that yeah
about 12 pounds easy $10 as a vizio this is a computer monitor right any
attention to your TV – yes folks it’s probably not smoke yeah it’s kind of an
older one probably wearing my rainbow Crocs – why you a rainbow Crocs no this monkeys baby are you down with
it look nice they paint it be there oh yeah those would be nice is it kind of what’s your favorite saying just do it
just do it life motto anything if you believe in yourself and you can achieve
something just do it chances are it’ll work out okay put new socks I’m sure you
have playing a song can you have too many socks nothing feels better to me what is that Germany we’re gonna keep
this we’re gonna look at this at the end here that is a black-and-white photo
album I can already tell Harley Davidson that’s nice I tried to hold the camera
kind of steel this is probably 15 to 20 bucks easily right here let’s see if we
have any cool concert shirts you know there’s a Snoop Dogg concert shirt that
sells for like who is this Obama the president okay that’s not a rapper
there’s a snoop dogg shirt that sells for like 600 bucks is your kind of cool
shirts almost key in blade you want to be in a secret society you don’t try a
unicorn club right oh really you take to be a member ed hardy right
now I only have two members oh I thought I was automatically member well you have
to want to Reno Nevada it seems I feel like
2012 study genes phase the dream chased the dream not the competition I like
this chase the dream not the competition is very that’s all the time
don’t try to outdo anybody in the world how do yourself Graner Dickey’s i think
too many people are always worried about being better than somebody like be
yourself and the rest will follow it is a laser level you mount this like right
here somewhere and there and then this can might possibly sit in it maybe or
that might be the the base for it I am NOT a true that you know that somebody
told me today to go to Hawaii I might need to save these to go to Hawaii yeah somebody was telling me the other day
that these bring some money harley-davidson motorcycle clubs are not
street gangs there’s one way down here to where the hell is my medication this
might be 50 to 100 bucks right turn out the people okay we got alright
looks like it for this fox girl she religions
oh that’s just truth I’m a real true so it real painted shoes in cut not even
getting me for that you recorded yeah dope this matches my new sweater penis
okay we got one of those Wendy’s looks like a nurse’s outfit are those are our
scripts yes they are oh are they big mean v8
well we are looking for a sweats though for your other child is this part of
their tomato farming business yeah Rolex so you say the standard open it now
that’s not tease on everything look at that is a cheap quartz watch
that says $249 that makes no sense we got here the Danbury Mints that would have been nice that would
have been nice it almost got me for him yeah nothing
every time I come around here City bling-bling up and shoot assist alright
showing of command bracing to Danbury me okay it is part of that Tencent well is it double-edged cheap bait in China sword I
think there’s one little baby nice that’s good nice what’s that worth to
you in your world would you live in the flea
market world you don’t live in the perfect world tonight you say five
dollars all right well the fact is we don’t sell these separately fifteen
dollars we make it $15 what if we just walked around everywhere it’s not a bad
thing people want to talk to us No five dollar baseball glove five hour
baseball equipment and a negative $2.00 Sophos six million dollars we was close carbon-monoxide supplies this must be
part of the farming business because you want to test call them and I’m sorry I
think that is when my fire happens I’m not 100 here so they don’t want the
tomato plants burning precious Ryobi oxygen hammer time this is like 15 bucks
at Home Depot fifteen or twenty bucks for that these are old technology right
I’ll be lucky to get twenty to thirty dollars a piece on his life that’s why
grill units don’t sell very well what else we got tools are you on your level
yeah we got five ten fifteen dollars in levels that’s a stability I went up to
ten bucks five bucks 10 bucks five bucks that’s like 15 so that’s a little bit of
money right there back on this we see another right here we had a metal strip
got another light that’s probably ten to fifteen dollars let’s go ahead and load
all that up that’s what I want to see with their Co
suitcases yeah I think one who has a hundred grand in it hello I’ve always
wanted one of these if you have to ask their parts for a Harley most likely for
the exhaust or the chrome somewhere that goes around it they’re aftermarket
though so that makes it a sign no assignments probably had these on his
ears honey man was that wallet who I see some I want dibs you’re getting slow
come on no it’s already open nope
dibs you don’t need any other phone charger fine dude 19 phone chargers he
had a headache getting props in a job oh no that’s for I tricked you now it’s Delvin here we got a
harley-davidson box which means every time I open something up I think to
myself there’s gonna be $100,000 in there every single thing I open up let’s
take a lot of parks and junk tools we got a light switch blue you have a gas
tank I think that he took this off and put an aftermarket one for loops you’re
gonna be my guess that’s still 40 50 bucks we have you know these are these
are ballasts for running your medical tomato rape there’s medical tomatoes you
never see an American tomato in your life I honestly don’t
medical tomatoes are they’re more uplifting they make your spirits better
they’re healthy make bucks right there Chicago electric probably one of the
cheapest tools not shout out to them oh look at that
okay get up on this box mess yep nine bucks and tools we are in speed
pricing that’s like seven bucks to be honest with you all these prices by
tomorrow ooh this is a brand-new tool we should save
this to the end right yeah it’s a dragon who’s a dragon we have cups hold the
police are driving by don’t film them you just tried to stop him you only gonna be scared the police when
you doing something wrong I didn’t technically stab you it was just the art
of it and that have been crazy if they jumped out and tried to arrest me $15
you on video found a rest record I bought an abandoned storage unit this
sucks sure I could actually get brand-new
jacket them up and letting them down okay I don’t know what it meant but it
was just like a truck driver thing no I’m just with it boyo
nonde all right this is looking bleak so far I don’t see my hundred grand in a
bag hey we got close you know what I don’t
like who dips you have to call dibs before I call this come on $100,000 nope please let him left his 32 gram necklace
in this jewelry cleaner laughing damn it
part of my French go inside this one but let’s put a lid on got your
battery charger very going dead against 40 or 50 bucks nothing special it works
about it don’t brake hit the what in a perfect world somebody told me student brand the guy a
bit here fair to you my goodness new friend he watched my youtube channel
he bit me he’ll be watching this today I did you a pirate
dated he didn’t know you were bidding that’s what he said to likely excused
right yeah I say it all I didn’t know you were standing next to me bidding
what the rattling its plastic tape cases I’ll show you hmm are you bidding a
dollar on that always down to bid bet heavenly peace somebody passed away
harley-davidson head secret file no these are not so shoes
he had that 1980 style where you were really big yeah we got Domino would
penetrate spray oh geez at four ready camera I thought it was his favorite
number six and one make seven okay okay but you guys heard that he
thought it was tape plastic tape cartons you’re afraid to admit when you’re wrong
you already know you’re doing wrong you know dad don’t care I like to learn from
my mistakes is the greatest thing you could do in life but I always say if
this is the greatest thing you can do in life so really boil comes when I guess
that’s a real cataract reals Cadillacs peels check out the oil bump Cadillacs
skills okay that goes with the buffer look you hyped up today you didn’t even
give me any of the Starbucks we got a Starbucks who might like this it’s on
done you like Sean John no you do you don’t I didn’t say I liked you take a
white one too yeah but look at the right sleeve it’s
just a little dirty I got you know you know I got the mom powers you know I
could do a little bit of this little bit of that Bank will be no more that little
stain there and we got a suit and tie I should try they don’t I’ve always wanted
to see now carrying on we got some clothes
suits not very pricey looking stuff not that I can’t sell it but that looks like
probably a twenty five dollar bag of clothes flea market well once again we
do not live in the purpose world perfect world is where you quote things that
don’t actually transpire and you get a false sense of security I like to tell
you prices of what actual sales that I’ve sold millions of items at the flea
market not even a joke literally millions sure like this ha bond shirt
like this kick hey tech this is the JIT like two
bucks at the flea market if I’m lucky but it’s gone every time give you super
3 mm-hmm is this gonna have 100 grand in yes what’s in there jewelry of quality on
top of that nine to five SS black diamond earring
that’s all he makes me not that excited it’s not even the diamond earrings
it’s an eagle’s claw he had the earrings on you have to see that’s the hard part
about being a locker whispers you already know what’s inside once you get
to fill it this would be pre blue strip but we did find one really in doubt see
right now this is where your old father would be like found million dollars
right and then everybody’s gonna watch it and they’re like you’re a jerk-off
you click baited and the fact is this is a million dollars I would not say I
found a real million dollars the catch would be as a joke that it was 1 million
dollars this was in my pocket my 1 million dollar bill in my wallet
actually I’ll show you right now let’s watch because I’ve been needing to
replace this one look my 1 million dollars was falling apart so now we put
a new 1 million dollars we have a new dream come on bags about something in there
felt kinda hard a little more 15 20 recycling I don’t really know what this
is it looks like something that like has to do with the Harley right it’s like
robbing all of the wiring harness is gonna be my speculation
you just take apart the whole thing so we have 12 bucks in tools life is good
isn’t that the truth baby girl why is life good but what what specific reason
creates a good life your brain want to have a positive life yet the belief that
everything is positive no matter what I agree
you know what’s baby over you that’s easy
that’s you or Michael there’s a copy nice tomato shadow don’t go Michael I’ll
go Michael gets fell in love on all my videos we put a picture and everything
Buncombe I think the baddest dude in the world you – up so much I don’t even hide
them up he hides himself he really like these type of jeans those are tell me 30 40 bucks there
little tyrant over the their growing operation invent to those we got a Stacy
Adams we have a $5 sander the rigid title soft we’re looking at 40 50 bucks
real world not a perfect world we got any other $12
for a light hundred grand in one of those big-time operators who just had
too much passion and you said screw it and you left it in the unit and then
this was a big tomato hug huh this is a booth tomato hug a booth tomato plug
yeah Vistaprint he wasn’t at one point come on who puts all their tools in
black bag like this keep those we should want the answers upgrading personal
paperwork trailing going up some having to buy new ones how come my fortune
cookies never have in them I don’t know you brought him in at the
wrong Chinese place they bring that in their deck look where
is this fortune for let’s take this one out in a second Jay’s on your feet this is what I’m
gonna call these the whole wrong thing right I don’t know nothing about shoes
and I say it’s wrong things like oh those are junk manners and everything’s
like you’re an idiot you should we never get to find those shoes you know I say
the people I love you shoe heads you don’t pay shit to my lack of knowledge
look at those studio down just come a booth I want to see this one
look at this dibs oh you’re rude that won’t fit me anyways I’m still rude yeah
you are stove all right are these Nike ones you never know dibs
oh my gosh that means this one probably is to know if you want one you can have
one you know I am you know I’m good Claire’s good sweats and sweaters mom
say something for your son too so far we have not found a hundred grand
in cash so my assumptions were wrong this person spent two arm and a leg on
this storage you have to wonder why with a nicer clothes are
black-hearted to all the teachers that told me I’d never amount to nothing
anyway you know what you like that you know you like that you know who I think
is gonna like this yeah I do like that it’s gonna get yeah all the teachers
home and never Mountain nothing I like that
probably we don’t one of these shirts again this is for the tomato farming
business Field of Dreams if you make it they will come
looks like this one yeah you want college football another strap it has a
belt actually just shoots we got cowboy boots we got the bottles you know if they’re
stay Sierra shooting for me there’s no paperwork be returned can I
ask ale hey you wait your Tomatoes he was taking
deep rocks to pin mr. coffee it were it’s my feeling like the cats have to
get the money back my photos have some value Oh female stuffs on huh Wow two
DVDs that’s a good movie one or two this is a good movie this one was one like
they should have made this was the first one why don’t you make some movies right
okay let’s do quick recap I’m Germany Karlsruhe Germany 1954 just after World
War two we got photos black-and-white photos that’s a nice rope Thank You
soldier for serving our country I appreciate you the Dumbo that original
Disney photo more soldiers shout out to them more soldiers maybe it’s the same
guy looks like him nothing but praise for him anyway because because of him
and many others we have these freedoms like we have right here to make these
silly videos shout out to all these men never been there this we know this is
right here baby girl I’m gonna teach you something this what we call washing
dishes yeah oh you know I didn’t know if you knew what that was
I was just want to make sure good ship shout-out to these guys and these guys
she graduated me when you graduated last year one of the proudest moments in my
life take a good photo look at that kid yeah I would that caught my eye faster
them hey nice one see ya Hey Hey look at all this it’s from the
little fashion show here we got cars she’s like um just gonna bitch doesn’t
she nice car oh look at him he’s all yoked out they look like they’re having fun the
boys I like my hangout my boys will be doing if you guys get to see his video
beforehand don’t forget check out the live I’ve got a lot of my homies on my
live this Sunday for this video probably come out tomorrow which when you see it
will become today good photos US Army Tank Battalion stretch of Germany 56
remember 1956 Uncle Michael probably does it was like 50 men probably this
one doesn’t look exciting I almost didn’t like this photo so it look like
later emblems and then I realized it wasn’t so than I liked that photo
let me trying to be a swimsuit model Angela Franklinton they like to have fun
look at this fun that’s what we should be doing huh that’s what I’m talking
about thank you to you and you in you have a
snowball fight baby girl we live in California we’re like right around the
corner to everything let’s go let’s get me a good tight all right wrapping up the last little
bit here sweep this out that’s what you do when you clean a storage unit
princess getting everything wrapped up there and that’s the rack and go to the
office were done princess closes up I think it was 675
it was least six on this unit I forget what it was maybe 650 625 TOI forget
what do you think about the Sheena what do you think about this unit
you wouldn’t you know what I would tell you your Esther whelps I’ll buy this
unit every time there’s one specific reason only in the dust the chances of
us finding money in a unit that’s been sitting for eight ten years because I’m
a good I’m good at carbon dating how people carbon date trees I am a dust
carbon daters so this units been sitting probably for a good seven to eight years
is my speculation and the chances of them being a tomato farm and having
something nice we’re better than not so you have to gamble like this and throw
the dice cuz that’s all this business is you know that right no matter what we
look at every unit we buy as a gamble I think we’ll make money
we got the hardy parts we got things we’re keeping the black-and-white photos
a little cup piece of jewelry it adds up nickel and dime will get there might
make our money back probably not a lot higher profit but nonetheless hope you
guys like this video don’t forget to check out her channel will you ever make
videos again alright love y’all blessings


I would have to KEEP this unit….you know ..the side hustle..yes ??! Hope there is some cash ! 12:06… I need that weed. Wacker string..

Good to see Salt Princiss miss seeing you with your dad Hi Pirate hope you guys have a great dayβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›

Yeah, dusty but not hundreds of dollars worth. I think πŸ€” you went over board on the auction on this one, sorry 😐

Yes the salt princess is back. So Glade to see y'all back to working together. Pirate ur more happy when see around. Salty keep helping and loving your dad. We're waiting for video salt princess. Keep up the dream.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas to humans it is called the silent killer. It also affects "tomatoe" plants negatively

I grew tomatoes like that too…. but for some reason they never produced any tomatoes…nice green plants but no tomatoes…lol

Careful with the Harley parts you might be surprised what they are worth. My husband has a Harley and I was shocked at what stuff cost for it. Expensive toy. Lol

You will at least recoup most of your money…soooo good to see Salt Princess at your side, she adds so much to your show❀️❀️πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

10:06 you should look up the price for that, George from What The Hale$ finds swords but can`t remember if she found one like that before or maybe she could say what she would sell it for, you should look up the price for the Harley Davison things might be worth more than you would sell them for

The last time I seen suitcases like those stacked in the corner of a storage unit was in Iraq and they were full of gold bars dudes would try to lift them and you couldn't move them at all there's like 300 lb of gold in them…. you ever seen a hundred million dollars in gold…. it was almost all worth it just for that moment…

Tomatoes, huh? LOL If I lived nearby I'd be happy to nab one or two grow lights from you. Since I live in the north, I have to start my produce plants inside under grow lights in order to get a good crop of fresh veggies (tomatoes for real).

β€œTomato” farming yea right LOL. Good thing that here in Cali it’s not nearly as difficult to produce that crop as once was, yeaaa.

Cincinnati Picker gets more than $5 for his baseball gloves, eBay buyers will pay surprising amounts for some of them.
I agree this unit is a bust, but what can you do? It might have been good.
It looks like you may have some historic photos pertaining to the integration of the Army – you should check them out to see if there is any value there.

Corbins are a fairly expensive aftermarket seat for Harleys. Should be worth a bit if it isn't messed up. Certainly more comfortable than the stock sheet.

Now you’re a carbon dater your so talented Michael lol πŸ˜‚.This unit doesn’t look good but maybe next time will be better!! You never know unless you try πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good luck πŸ‘πŸ€

I’m thankful I live in Canada. You’re allowed to grow up to four’ tomato’ plants in your home,
or you can walk to the specialty β€˜tomato’ stores.

Respect G unit family πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈsubscribe people epic content I

Glad to see Salt Princess is still helping her dad. In your last video for about half a second I considered telling you to tell her that if she didn't start showing up in some videos I was going to think about stop watching the Cowboys. But then I came to my senses. lol πŸ˜€

Photos remind me of my Mom and Dad who served in WWII.
Carbon dioxide gas is used to make the "tomatoes" grow faster but you need a monitor to control the level.

hi to you & your family bro pirate,if i was you id be looking at any thing that there is room to hide $$ in,if you want to hide $$ you should be taking time to make sure it wont be found,you may need to pull items apart to see if its inside,id check walls & roof of the unit,,best wishes from sydney,australia

Hey guys! Good to see Salt Princess with you:)
It will come to you when you least expect it; stay humble πŸ˜‰πŸŒ¬πŸ§³πŸ’°

Loved the video I just wish you would of found some organic 🌱 tomatoes πŸ… in there it would of been exciting.πŸ˜‚ you seem so happy when your with the Salt Princess doing videos. She always brings out your fun loving energy. Keep up the good job! πŸ€
God BlessπŸ™πŸ»

πŸ‘‹ one of these days u will get your One Million πŸ’΅ fortune …. hi hi hi. πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ’΅πŸ‘πŸ’—

Great video Mike and Salty . For Randy and Brenda πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Those clothes are looked after pretty good .Best of luck. πŸ€‘πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ€—

Hi Mike I can’t wait until you decorate for Christmas !! If you and your daughter needs any help maybe Jebus Mum would help !! It will be beautiful to decorate ! I bet you and the kids can do it !! Your a awesome Dad and a kind caring handsome man ! Wish you the best and I hope you find another big storage unit and make big big $$$ ! And just keep getting those awesome units !!! Oh love the house it’s awesome !! Have a blessed night !!

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