Top 10 Most Affordable Towns in America.

music more music What is going on everyone welcome back to the world according to Briggs, my name is Briggs I travel and I talk about it both on this channel and on my upcoming podcast We just recorded the first episode and we’ll be launching when we have a few more on June first It’s called stories from America and there’s a link below that’ll take you right to it There’s nothing uploaded yet, but there will be on June 1st 2019. And if you’re watching this after June 1st 2019, go ahead There’s something there. Enjoy it Don’t wait for like the next June 1st 2019 that might be billions of years away and you know The dinosaurs might have to come back and we might have to reset time. I’m not sure I’m not a historian and I’m not archaeologist So I’m not sure if the dinosaurs will ever come back but that being said it’s a podcast about living in different parts of America you know like the individual experience some are just stories that I got from talking to people when I travel and some I’ll be actually talking to the person and they’ll tell us about Where they live and where they lived Possibly and the experience they had growing up there and living there. Whatever We’ll just learn about towns and places in America But speaking of where people live recently I did a most affordable cities in the United States I had a good amount of requests for a video about Affordable small towns small towns are becoming more and more popular these days now I’ve talked about it before on this channel about how people are able to work from home and they’re moving to Small towns because it’s more affordable. I mean it totally makes sense if it works for your life Most small towns are very affordable and safer to things people want to live their lives And before you do stop typing common sense tells us all that not every small town in the u.s. Is safe or affordable We’ll just assume that this is a video about the ones that are safe and affordable But I thought today we’d look at where we can find some of these affordable small towns So sit back relax and watch my top 10 most affordable towns in America Number ten Tupelo, Mississippi, it’s not too often. Mississippi makes it onto a positive list. So congratulations to blow You’re a diamond in a really really rough state Tupelo is famous for being the birthplace of Elvis Presley these days it has a population of about 34,000 people with a median household income of about $42,000 a year. They have a really low unemployment rate of about 3.8 percent The cost of living here is about 15% lower than the national average It makes it very easy to live in this town comfortably. You can get a well-kept three-bedroom home on an acre – for about $100,000 on top of that. It’s relatively safe area vibes calm gives it a b-minus in crime, which is solid especially for Mississippi way to go to blow Number 9, Williston, North Dakota Wellis tin is in the northwestern part of the state right off the Missouri River because of North Dakota’s oil. Boom The town has seen about a 49% population jump since 2010 This has also brought in new secure jobs ultimately leading to an unemployment rate of about 2% Which is solid the income per capita here is 46 thousand dollars a year making this town Incredibly easy to live in low crime housing is cheap, but is creeped up because of the population explosion that kind of happens but it’s still a very Inexpensive place to live once you get past living on the frozen tundra of North Dakota. It’s kind of nice Number 8 McPherson Kansas McPherson is a college town home to about 28,000 residents and McPherson college as well as Central Christian College of Kansas being a college town Everything is fairly affordable here. Your home prices are pretty low. The average home here goes for about $160,000 that’s about eighty thousand dollars less than the national average The good news is you won’t suffer from the heat and the humidity of the south does happen But it’s rare and it rarely gets frozen like North Dakota. So that’s a plus. The only thing that really sucks Here is the high school and middle schools. They are greater than F I think the kids are too busy dreaming about places that might have some excitement too busy to study You know, this place is great if you’re not looking for an life Number seven Vann work Ohio Van Wert is a small town of only about 28,000 residents But you would never know it by just driving through. It has a lot of stuff You wouldn’t expect to find in such a small town van wert has the Van Wert Civic Theatre as well as the Wasson burg Art Center the main street is lined with various kinds of shops. This is all very luxurious well At least by Ohio standards one disturbing thing about the town is they have a video store these things are becoming rare like phone booths the median home price is only about ninety five thousand making this town very Affordable low crime great schools and a low cost of living you could do so much worse in Ohio Number six st. Joseph Michigan st. Joseph’s is right on Lake Michigan with about 8,500 residents with the lake being right there Two tracks a ton of tourists every single year The good news is this doesn’t make the cost-of-living spike does a lot other places not in st. Joseph the cost of living here is actually 15% lower than the national average and the median home price is only about a hundred and forty five thousand dollars I was looking at Houses there that are like two hundred thousand right off the water. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it Anyway, the only bummer is the weather its Michigan’s so it’s gonna get cold Thankfully, it’s not like the upper part of Michigan’s the lower part, but that still gets cold But every other stat is what every single person is looking for housing is great schools are amazing the economy and jobs are decent and it’s one of those places where people Probably have to think back to the 60s or 70s to remember the last murder They had they have no crime there I went to other websites that it normally don’t go to besides the FBI thing looking for any hint of anything like that. Nothing Number five, Lexington, Nebraska Lexington is home to about 25 thousand residents and is about two hours west of Lincoln, Nebraska Which is the second largest city in Nebraska and really Lincoln’s not that big There’s not a lot going on in Nebraska Lexington has an amazing Unemployment rate of 2.8% the town’s major employers Tyson’s Foods beef processing plant Which employs about? 3,000 of the residents. I know a guy who worked at a meat processing plant when he was in his 20s He always said after working there one week he went vegan and he’s like 50 now and he’s still a vegan Damaged him I guess anyway the cost of living in Lexington is 19% lower than the national average and the cost of housing in Lexington is 47% lower than the national average crime is lower than average and the schools are decent Number for McRae Helena, Georgia. Okay. So technically these are two towns, but if you’re not from here you’d never know They’re like out in the middle of nowhere together. These two towns are so affordable They had a Dollar Tree and Dollar General directly across the street from each other locked in an epic struggle for the residents dollars that was until Dollar General lost the struggle in like 2017-2018 to close the store down everything here gets great at an A but schools and jobs jobs got a C Schools get a math so that kind of sucks the cost of living in McRae Helena, is 25 percent lower than the national average and houses are dirt cheap Number three Burlington Iowa Burlington is on the Mississippi River about 165 miles east of Des Moines the town has about 25 thousand residents and the unemployment rate is about 2.9 percent with a median home value of $90,000 that’s a hundred and twenty thousand dollars less than the national average You heard me right a hundred and twenty thousand dollars less than the national average. They’re almost giving homes away here This is a prime place to move and live They’ve been losing residents faster than they can bring them in and it’s been going on this way for about a decade or so now it’s probably the Boredom, it’s real easy to get bored in Iowa the cost of living 10:00 in Burlington is 21 percent lower than the national average and the cost of housing in Burlington is 47 percent lower than the national average Number two Muskogee, Oklahoma Muskogee is a small college town of about 40,000 residents two hours away from Oklahoma City It was made famous in 1970 when country singer Merle Haggard released an anti hippyish type song called okie from Muskogee The song was actually released on December 29th 1969. So stop typing I promise you promise you a few people thought they had their gotcha moment for the day anyway That was when the song was released and that was about the last time anything really ever had and here the good news is it’s very affordable with medium household income of about $38,000 now that doesn’t sound like a lot to a lot of people and I understand that but the cost living here is Painfully low. It’s actually 21% lower than the national average. That’s low the cost of housing here is 49 percent lower than the national average you could survive here and live pretty good on a McDonalds income and before we get to number one. Don’t forget. There’s a poll at the end of the video Usually it’ll pop up and well it always pops up in the right corner About 15 to 20 seconds before the end of the video helps out with data for upcoming videos And number one Logansport, Indiana Logansport is a small town just east of Lafayette and 23 minutes north of a little town with the greatest name Young, America, Indiana Logansport has about 37,000 residents that all love the outdoors the kind of half to the Wabash River is running right through town the median home price here Is really low. It’s only about sixty two thousand dollars The unemployment rate is about three point four, which is lower than the national average But not the best one on this list The cost of living in Logansport is twenty percent lower than the national Average and the cost of housing is about 55 percent lower than the national average This makes Logansport. One of the most affordable towns. You could find that isn’t like wrecked with crime or anything like that Strangely enough the guy I talked about in Lexington, Nebraska that went vegan after working at a meat processing plant This is where he lives and where he worked at the plant. There’s a Tyson plant there I reached out to him on Facebook about this video and he said it’s strange without knowing the stats and everything I can’t he thinks over the last 10 years. It’s been getting cheaper to live in Logansport. That’s really strange if that is true I doubt it is completely true But I’m sure there’s some merit to him saying that that’s that’s a glowing review for a town Logansport Indiana is one of the most affordable towns to live in that doesn’t have a myriad of horrible things going on there All right, so that’s the top ten most affordable towns in the United States You know, I could probably do ten lists on this. There’s a lot of really good ones So if this really is at the top this is just ten really good ones I think anyway, don’t forget all the links below subscribe If you haven’t already subscribe, don’t forget the little bell there that tells you when I uploaded Everybody have a great day Be nice to each other


I'm somewhat upset that you didn't mention Belton or Temple Texas. I lived there for about 2 years and had to be forced to leave, and I was able to have a relatively large apartment and a car while living on my own at 19 and 20 years old.

For as much as you shit on Arkansas, would you make a video about 10 things you like or find positive about Arkansas?

Van Wert OH
Memorial Day is graduation day and the day the kids leave town. It is a one hand in the wheel town. Why? Because your other hand hans to wave to everyone.

I don't know the inner works of any of these towns. I have been to Burlington, IA, twice. Burlington has many great restaurants, and endless numbers of good people…

Love your videos. Muskogee is a great example of Oklahoma towns. I live in southern Oklahoma. My wife and I make between $80-90,000 a year. We bought a 4 bedroom house for around $70,000. Cost of living is pretty cheap.

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How about Top 10 Medium size Cites 1 million to 250,000 residents (at least 1-3 pro sports team). Looking to relocate in a few years and figure at least 1 or more pro sports teams indicates decent amount of culture and population. Thanks!

Why the hell do you tell me how to be to others? You don't trust me? You think I'm gonna be rude to everyone I encounter? And also, don't tell what kind of day to have!

Briggs have you done a video about the best city to raise a black family? No I don't mean Atlanta or any other southern state. Diverse,things to do,education, we won't get shot for standing in our front yard that kind of safe. We live in Louisiana and want to move somewhere with more opportunities for the entire family.

You should make a video with best places to live for small businesses due to incentives from the city, town, State, etc.

Haven’t watch it yet but my prediction is 8/10 are midwestern towns. At least 2 from Iowa and 2 from Missouri.

I do not believe you mentioned Kansas w/o mentioning the f’n’ TORNADOES‼️🌪Really⁉️ That’s why it’s so cheap! Oh yeah & OKLAHOMA!

Muskogee's nice but it floods for like, no reason. Heck, the flood that got Tulsa for about a week shut Muskogee at Fort Gibson down for almost a month. And it's mind numbingly dull…once you get over the year round renaissance faire in town, best you can do for entertainment is spent the $1.50 in toll plus gas for the 1 hour drive each way to Broken Arrow or Tulsa, which is just long enough that you might as well stay in Tulsa and make a weekend of it.

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That place near Toledo Ohio is interesting given that this video store chain is also in Toledo Ohio.
That city near lake Michigan in Michigan is great to live in especially for those who like it cold.
But great to see a list of towns where you can live freely without needing much income and be able to afford housing and living. Of course there isn't this "glamor" with the BMW and other expensive stuff.

i really like the channel.
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How about a video of the ratio of cost of living vs the salary. It is great to be able to buy a 100,000$ but if you are only making 10$/hour or less, it isn't going to happen. All your money, unless you have roommates, is going to go to the landlord and utility companies.

Lexington Nebraska! I grew up there, was an incredible town as a kid, then I got my first taste of politics! They had their choice of bringing in a number of great businesses when newholland left, Kawasaki, cabelas, Boeing all wanted that building, but IBP, now known as Tyson got the nod, after winning and dinning the local politicians of course, I left after high school never went back, it's affordable because it's a dump, and the smell is awful

in my mind briggs is younger, and skinnier so please stop showing your real self on videos… it messes me up ..

I Know Nick Johnson put Lexington at number 2 on his worst cities in Nebraska list. He also put Muskogee on his worst cities in Oklahoma list.

Harlingen, Brownsville, Edinburg, McAllen Texas. Smaller towns in that range: Laguna Vista and Los Fresnos.

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how can towns with an "F" in schools make this list Briggs? Does it say more about you personally or Americans overall, in how they list the importance of education?

Me: open the video hopping to find some city in the west to move to.
Briggs: western north dakota is the farthest I go.

No crime in St. Joe Michigan…..are you kidding me? I have family that still lives in that area and I grew up near there……It may be affordable but there is alot of crime!!!

From a former Logansport, IN resident 37k people do not reside in town. Is less 20k, but happy to see Logansport at #1!! Go Berries!

I wish you could do a list like this one but one from all 50 states. One in my state is Lodi WI. I wish I could find a way to find out how much it would cost to rent in these places

New subscriber, love your videos so far. Would love to see your thoughts and maybe include it in one of your videos, about a small town in Utah, named Panquitch. About 1700 people, 20 miles from Bryce Canyon.

# 5 Lexington Nebraska What is the stench like with Tyson Foods Meat processing plants AND Logansport Indiana. They used to stink a place up to high heaven Yuck.. But maybe I am wrong would like to know from someone who has been there. Do they bring the animals there to be slaughtered or just frozen carcasses ? Maybe they don't smell anymore hope not for the poor people. Thanks Great video !

Wow the hell, the was only like 3 or 4 towns on this list that looked worthy of even thinking about. This is the best you could come up with out of everything in the US?

Nooo!!! Don’t move to Williston! Honestly! The oil boom is gone. The economy in western ND is a mess now. It’s a combination now of employers trying to pay lower wages to save themselves money and apartment companies still trying to charge as much as they can to keep their business afloat. Dickinson and Minot (where I live) are about in the same boat. The only reason houses are getting cheaper is because people are moving out of dodge and businesses are dying left and right. Everyone keeps saying “some day” the oil will be back, it’s been on the sharp decline for 3 years. Bismarck is bigger than Williston but it’s a much better option.. it hasn’t been hit quite as hard by the oil bubble bursting… or on the other side of the state, Fargo is pretty nice. And I promise I’m not saying this just because I don’t want outsiders! I’m trying to get out of ND myself.. don’t get stuck here too!

I sure enjoy watching your videos and the sarcasm is fun as well, thanks for all the time , Energy & money you put into these videos

Burlington, Iowa is a nice river town. Very scenic, without being the touristy area that is Dubuque. Amtrak service, decent roads, close to a major medical center-U of Iowa and decent local healthcare as well.

Yay! Something positive about Indiana! 😁
I'm a native Hoosier, and love it here, so I'm always glad to hear something positive about my wonderful state!!

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I live in Sterling Colorado and it's dangerous here. There was one time that someone stole someone's tractor and ran it into the gas station. One man died. Another two people were injured.

Gotcha Briggs. Stop typing

Please do one for Tennessee. I'm thinking about moving there in a couple of years and I just want to get opinions on the most affordable towns in Tennessee and places where there's no crime and where everyone just gets along great with one another.

Tupelo is a sh$# hole along with Memphis, my brothers live and work in Williston, they hate the harsh winters and cold weather lasts for 8-9 months.

Williston, ND is an armpit with an anus experiencing diarrhea. Not a pleasant place. I'm from ND and had to move away. It might be affordable, but it sucks… Don't go there.

I'm from Muskogee I'm not mad because I know the town u were on point but the frist 4 pictures were of the county jail witch makes sense for this town and the next pic was of the juve jail so if u don't know Muskogee this wraps it up

Would never recommend Williston to anyone after having lived in ND 6 years where winters are worse than brutal, not fit for man nor beast. State is populated by people fron Scandinavian countries where they have ice blood & are used to the cold.

There's no room in California left I've been homeless for al9ng time since about 2000 and before that i was in a 25 yrs relationship and you have to take a lot of crap especially with the association I was with

There's ppl plenty of places is the weather is California but I try having my dad's place to be in the country east coast is worth the try I have no future in California all my life

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