Top 10 tricks to grab an amazing ebay bike bargain (Power user tips)

(electronic music) – Hey guys today I’m gonna tell you how to grab an awesome bargain on Ebay. I seem to spend most of my
life on Ebay these days, and there are some
absolutely amazing deals going on right now on Ebay. People selling their bikes, yeah sometimes for too high a price, but often you get a fair price, you get things that are
quite rare coming up, and you get some awesome
deals that are under priced, particularly on auction
rather than buy it now. Here are my top 10 tips
for you guys to grab an awesome bargain in your region. First thing to do before we even start, unless you’re just cruising, unless you’re just surfing Ebay just to look for entertainment value, what I suggest is write
down your ideal price and then write down your maximum price on the back of a piece of paper, and that will help you
stick to your budget when you’re actually looking,
and that is really key. All right, now let’s get into this guys. If you already know
the bike that you want, I mean, life’s pretty easy, but even then there’s some tricky aspects. Okay, so let’s say you just
know the brand that you want. You’re gonna get a huge number of hits which are all over the place from middle-quality, low-quality, you’ve got frames there, you’ve got parts, so my first tip for you
is to narrow that down by searching within the sporting
goods, cycling, bicycles. If you put in bicycles, you should at least get bikes within that. It’s useful to know that Ebay
allows the Boolean search. Boolean is the old academic
term meaning combination search, so for example, you can put
in the search term minus to take out mountain bikes, like that. You can always take out boys, kids, girls. We’re already narrowing it down from a lot of false positive hits to 708. Now 708 is probably still
too many to look through. Now, for sure you can
narrow down your frame size. For example, if you’re medium
select medium, obviously, but know your frame size
in centimetres as well. Medium is normally 54,
but you’d accept 53, probably 55, 56, maybe even 52 because you can play around with the stem and seat parts quite a lot
to get an accurate fit, so let’s say you refine it by size. Already down to 203,
and then you might say for the purpose of viewing,
you’re gonna look for a bike that’s either sold near you,
so you can put “US only” or even better within a
certain distance of your house. I haven’t put my price in. Let’s put $266, and that’s
giving me two results which are perfectly manageable. Now, some brands, let’s say Trek, if you mut in Trek
Madone, you’re gonna get a few decent results there for sure, but it’s helpful for you to
know that the Trek Madone was sold over a number of years. 2015, 2016 Trek Madone. Also happen to know
that the high end brand, the high end mark was H1 or
H2, or race shop edition, so we can put those
additional search terms in in a combined search. Now, let’s put “include description” because they might not
always be in the title. Okay, so these very simple searches, I think you already know how to do that, but more often than not you don’t know the exact make and brand. In fact, it’s an advantage not to stick to one make and brand. The beauty of Ebay is there’s a whole wealth of bikes out there, some of which you’ve never heard of but have decent quality if
you know what to look for. You can start to do a search which it’s a lot of
manufacturers or a lot of brands at the same time. Here’s an example. Let’s say I want to
search for an aero frame, so I may know about Trek Madone, I may know about Cannondale Aero Road, I may know about Bianchi
Ultra, for example, but using our search string here, and you can get this in
the description below, you can paste in many
different types of useful bikes at the same time. Let’s go into
and show you what I mean. I’m gonna paste in a
whole string of aero bikes at the same time. Okay, so let’s paste in our search string, and let’s put in our post code in there, and let’s put in our maximum price, 2,222. With our search string
we’re actually able to hit multiple potential aero bike hits, if you know what to search for, and I’m putting this in the
description below for you guys. If we run this search now,
we’re getting 2,000 hits, but if we take tip number one, we want to go into sporting
goods, remember, into cycling. Narrow it down to bikes, to
make sure we’re not looking for accessories, parts, frames, et cetera. Here we go, so now we’re down to 22 bikes. Now 22, we can sort them by price order. It’s neat to be able to
sort them from low to high, or you can sort them from local distance, local to you to further away, but then you can start to look
through these one at a time and decide if any of
these fulfil that desire for the ultimate racing bike. Tip number two is to search
that combination search and we can also do the
same with frame material. A good example would be titanium, so we search for a titanium frame. It’s helpful if you already
know which manufacturer has manufactured the big titanium frames, so for example I happen to know. You’re talking about Lynskey,
Genesis, Moots, Merlin. What the? So, if we do the search
with that manufacturer it tends to hone down
the option of titanium. Include title description and you’ll get hopefully a few tips, now I don’t have to have them local to me or within that price range, but as I said earlier it’s very helpful to
have bikes local to you, because ultimately you
can go and visit them, and there’s not better
way to guarantee quality than to actually go and look at the bike even though you might be tempted
to buy from further away, and this doesn’t work so well on carbon because carbon often gets a false hit from, let’s say, the
stem or your seat posts, but if you put in, little
tip, “carbon forks,” but stick to the category “cycling bikes” then you get people who
are selling their bikes, but have correctly described their bike as having a carbon frame and carbon forks. It’s a nice little tip to hone
down on good quality bikes potentially with, let’s say,
carbon frame or carbon forks. Okay, so tip number four is to move on from frame type, frame
material, and use components. Now, you could use Dura Ace, for example, but again Dura Ace you
get a lot of mixed quality from the early ’90’s and early 2000’s where Dura Ace was
manufactured relatively humble, let’s say humble quality. Now, one that does work
quite well is Sram Red, not just Sram Red but Sram Red 22. Okay, what if you know a good
collection of high end parts, which of course we do
here at Fast Fitness Tips. You can paste those in, and I’ll probably send this string below, but for example you can type in “KCNC, THM, stork, schmolke,
zoom” those kind of things. Now, if you put it in as a search string all together like this, watch this. If you put in all these high end parts, you’re gonna get 96 bikes which potentially have high
end components on them. Okay, so we’re not getting
much on that today. Let’s restrict it by price as well, so let’s say I’m looking
for a bike more than 555, that will take out all of
the kids’ bikes right there. I’ve got four hits on part,
if you like, that come up. Now, that’s not very many hits, but one little thing I can
do is follow this search, on Ebay if I go follow this search don’t be too impatient because your hits might not come up today, but there’s a large circulation on Ebay. The average listing is typically a week. We get a big turnover of bikes on Ebay, and the best thing to do, in my opinion, it to put “follow this search” and get Ebay to send you an alert when your hit parameters are satisfied and that way you don’t have
to be constantly looking. If you’re constantly looking yourself, it’s quite draining, so
put that follow search and get Ebay to do the work for you, yeah? Okay, let’s move on from
specific part names. My next tip for you is a good one, and it’s to use the bike weight. Now, this is a little
bit of gold here, guys. Basically what you can do
on or .ie or .dk is to type in here various bike weights that you might be interested in. Let’s say under 7 kg, now
obviously that’s a high bar here, but let’s have a look is
anything comes up actually. If you look at highest price
first let it filter those. Now, I’ve got some false
hits there or sure. We’ve got some gold in here too, guys. The Focus is a German brand,
very much underestimated. The Izalco Max is a super light buy. We can save that search
and review it later, so you can either put it in watch list or a new thing, you can put
it in “add to collection,” so if you add it to collection, I’ve got a collection “awesome bikes.” I don’t think it’s limited by number that you can have in your watch list, so add it to collection and it stays there a lot longer than it does in
your watch list, I’ve noticed. Now, on on the US
site, you can search by kilos, but they usually work in pounds, as you guys know, in the US, so if you run the same search in pounds let’s see what happens. Now we get three decent results near to me under my maximum price. We’ve got Cervelo R3,
we’ve also got Cervelo R5, and we’ve got Trek Madone 6.5, which I didn’t see come up on our previous Trek Madone search, and it’s DI2 as well, so three decent hitS searching on weight, so
that’s an awesome tip for a search string which
doesn’t depend on brand, doesn’t depend on name, doesn’t
depend on any knowledge. That’s the great thing
about searching by weight. Okay, another great tip is these days a lot of people are looking
for disc brake bikes. If you put disc brake, you’ll certainly get some hits in there,
but it’s even more useful if you know that the high end disc brakes tend to be hydraulic. Just the word “hydraulic”
in a search string works really well, but
if you know the codes like the Shimano codes or the TRP codes then you can also search
for hydraulic brakes, and I’ll show you how to do this. Just literally paste in
my search string again. I’ll put this in the description below. Include title and description. Let’s see what happens,
so I’m looking for bikes with hydraulic title and description. Okay, they didn’t come up this time. Let’s take the hydraulic out of there. (laughing) Let’s paste in hydraulic to
our search on, include title and description, keep your price limits
there and see what comes up. We’ve got 58 hits. We’ve got 58 hits with hydraulic, and we’re going from
high to low price here. What if you want to search by gears? Tip seven, you want to search by gears. Well obviously, old school. You put in maybe 11-speed, you can put 10-speed, 11-speed gears. That doesn’t really work on Ebay because so many bikes are
10 and 11-speed these days, so my tip for you if you
want to look for high end, search for electronic shifting, so search for eTap, search
for EPS, search for DI2. I’ll show you how this would work. Just take those words,
put “[DI2, EPS, eTap]” Each of those commas is
basically a plus statement like in the Boolean search. Don’t worry if you don’t
understand this jargon just paste it in as I have
there, rerun the search. On we got five
results within 100 miles of my zip code there under my price, and looking potentially attractive. That DI2 Trek Madone comes up again. You’ve got Ridley Fire. We’ve got the BH, which is a great brand, very, very light. That’s one definitely worth looking at. What if we want to use the wheels? Searching by wheel type
is a high risk strategy. I’ll show you how to do it. Let’s take Zipp, ’cause Zipp has got to be one of the biggest wheel
manufacturers out there now, and by Sram, of course. If we paste Zipp, if you
happen to know the Zipp codes, and they’re very very
easy, 202, 303, 404, 808, disc, for example, Super 9. You paste them into your search, and again make sure
you’re in sporting goods. Make sure you’re in cycling. Make sure you’re in
bicycles rather than parts. That’ll save you from
bringing up individual wheels. Now, some people might mis-list their wheels under whole bikes. You can’t do much about that, but let’s search lowest price
first, lowest price shipping. Now, tip nine then if you
can use any combination of the searches that
we’ve already done, yeah? We can go any combination, so let’s say I want a Zipp wheel, but I also want DI2 or EPS or eTap, so just put all the searches in, one section of searching brackets with the other section
of searching brackets, and we run it obviously. I’ll put in title and description, so you can build your
combination search up, and don’t forget earlier as I said, you can save your combination search, so you can build up quite a
complex combination search. I think to about 20 terms
or so in one Ebay string, and then you can put “follow this search” even if no particular
results came in today. Okay guys, those are my main tips. For those of you still watching,
you’ve made it this far. I’m gonna give you some bonus tips, so a bonus tip, if you don’t
know what bike you want, you’re very generic, you don’t know any of these search parameters, you just want a fairly decent bike, a little tip is to put in
the word “stem” and “saddle” into the bike search, and the
reason this works a little bit is because sellers who
have a decent quality bike will often list their bike
with each part listed, whereas very crude sellers who just want to get rid of something, they don’t really go to the
trouble of listing each part, so if you put in “saddle” and “stem” into your search string,
it will often bring up a lot of decent quality
bikes where the sellers have been bothered to list the components. Even better, without putting
in a specific weight, we can put in the term
“kilos” and “pounds” because then the seller would have listed the weight of the bike somewhere, okay? Then, if we hone that down
by taking out mountain bike, taking out mountain, taking out hybrid, and now let’s put in the word “carbon” into the search string
somewhere in the description, carbon, that will also
narrow it down a little bit. We’re down to 334. Now, within our price restriction let’s narrow it down
further to close to me. Without knowing a lot
about road bikes here, we’re down to 34 choices or so. If we further go into frame size, now we’re down to 20 results. Now, 20 results is quite a decent list to be able to look through. Now the reason also to put “near me” is another bonus tip here, is no matter what the quality
of the bike appears to be in the photo, e-mail the seller under the Ebay communication and ask them for an additional picture
of additional information. For example, ask them for a
close up for the cassette, or ask them if the peddles
are included in the bike, or if there’s a spare wheel set. If you ask the seller
simple questions like that, and they give you a decent answer it will pretty much show you they’re a legitimate seller, yeah? They’re a legitimate seller. That’s a way to of
separating out stolen bikes or duff bikes from genuine sellers. Ask them a question, and a good seller will always give you an answer in a reasonable space of time. The other real gold standard to find out if the bike is really good is obviously to go and view it yourself. Let’s say you’ve honed down,
you’ve done all the hard work, you’ve honed down your characteristics, you’ve got the bike you want. Let’s say it’s this
Cannondale here Hi Mod. Now, if you go to item description, just down here you’ll see item number. It’s quite small. If you take that item number
and you go to sniping site, sniping is a proxy that
will put a bid in for you at the last minute. This will stop you getting
into a bidding war, and it will stop your bidding price driving up the price of that bike. Basically, what it
means is it’s just gonna put in your best price at the last minute, and it gives you the best chance to find the bike at the
lowest possible price. Okay, so tip number four is to consider misspellings on Ebay. This is not really a big secret. A lot of people know this, but the secret is how to find them. For example, a number of classic bikes are actually pretty
hard to spell correctly by the general public. Try looking for misspellings
of Cannondale, for example, and I’ll give you three ways to do that. Have a look at TypoHound, have a look at Auction, have a look at Put in Cannondale, and it will give you the alternative spelling to Cannondale, and it turns out that around 5,200 people at any one time are
mis-listing their Cannondale as a misspelt Cannondale so to speak. Okay, bonus tip number five, guys. This one has the capability to seriously mess with your bank balance, so look, take this one with caution, and if you’re one of those people who doesn’t have much inhibition when you’re cruising Ebay in general, this is gonna be a nightmare for you, but if you like to find bargains
it’s a pretty good site. Go over to Put in your cycling favourite
brands or search terms, carbon, titanium, and in
the category box put 7294. That basically means
sporting goods, cycling. Take description search, show fewest bids, let’s say take the next four hours, show me maximum of 100 results,
now take your maximum price. Let’s say for fun, nine
pounds or nine dollars. That will show me just items
that basically have no bids. Maximum number of bids zero or one. Now, these are all items then, ending in the next four hours
that have zero or one bid. You can change the maximum
number of bids here. It’s quite clever. You can change the maximum price here. Now, it doesn’t look at shipping price. That’s a catch, but you
can find listed items here with minimum price that
say “low buy it now,” so it might be worth checking this out. Now, you can play around
with all these parameters to your heart’s content,
and the key word search is pretty flexible. You can do description
search and title search, and here’s the clever thing. You can search on,
.uk, .au, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands. You get the idea. Don’t say I didn’t warn you guys. This could seriously (beeping)
your bank balance up. (electronic music) Set your price in advance. Stick to the price. Use my search strings, which
are all below for you for free to hone down the good quality bike, and if that bike doesn’t
go, if there’s bidding war, don’t get drawn into it. Look for something else. Look for something else
on the market, guys. So, don’t be in too much of a rush. Set your quality parameters,
set your pricing parameters, set your distance, e-mail or
contact the seller every time, ideally go and visit the bike, or at least clarify whether
there’s returns accepted. If the seller accept returns,
that’s a good marker. Even if you don’t need to return the bike, if they accept the return
then that’s a good mark of a good quality seller, and always look at the seller’s feedback, their feedback number, for the number of successful transactions. All right, guys. That’s how to grab a bargain on Ebay. Good luck with your search. As always, have a good ride. What the? That’s unbelievable. What are they doing here? How is that coming up
with all these listings? They’re put in lots of hot bike parts into their description box in white, so whenever I search for these parts this dumb bike keeps
appearing in my search terms. Geez guys, the things people do.


Caveat Emptor: Stay away from sellers who provide a single pic and say the bike is already "packed ready for shipment".

when you were looking for high end components, your search was on the bikes category and not the components and parts. This will probably help you get a few more search results.

Scott is definitely an undervalued brand as well. I have 2 and the price off ebay was 50% off MSRP for basically demo bikes.

Useful stuff! I've gone off Ebay though as their customer service when things go wrong, be it Ebay or Paypal (same company), is terrible. And that's unacceptable given the amount of money they are making on every sale.
Cycling forums are great places to look for 2nd hand stuff as there is a greater degree of trust and knowledge, but even that it's foolproof.

I have had good results bidding on bikes being sold that are collect only, as often no one else wants to go there. I am happy to drive say 3 hours each way and pick it up if I get it at a bargain price, usually the opening price

+Fastfitnesstips Have u made a video on torque/resistance differences between bike manufacturers &/or their parts (cranks, bearings, per gear ratios) ??? Are they measurable. Are they significant? If so, pls leave a link we can click. Appreciate yer work and f/u comments. Tks.

Never buy a second hand bike unless your a bike mechanic and know what too look for example damage? people will never sell a good road bike they keep it for themselfs beware guys,

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