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CLIMBING! HAULING! MUDDING! MORE CLIMBING! Since 1984, it’s been cruising across america,
hauling surfboards, skis, and friggin’ boats. It’s a good-looking, rugged machine (just like me) that evolved to a grand embodiment of off road,
high-tech mastery. And the resell value…Ain’t bad. This is everything you need to get up to speed
on the Toyota 4Runner. A lot of our stories start with the head of
design, or the CEO of a car company having a blast of inspiration. But in this case, the idea percolated from the bottom up. In 1980, Jack Safro- a motivated Toyota Dealer
from Wisconsin, came up with an idea. This guy had been selling toyotas since 1967. And lemme tell ya- he frickin’ loved the things. Toyota trucks? Loved them. Four wheelers? Loved them. But, Wisconsin, it’s a cold place. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the… “SPORT” capabilities of four wheel drive,
but an enclosed space to keep you, your dogs, and all your other crap warm, you know to get more “UTILITY” out of your “VEHICLE?” Safro hit up Winnebago who was just a couple
states away, and he was like: “Yo, Winnebago, if I get some Toyota trucks over here, can you guys like put backs on them for me?” “YEAH”. “We’re Winnebago. We turn cars into houses”. So Toyota agreed to the partnership and sent
over some bare-bones versions of the Hilux. What this new Marriage birthed was the “Toyota
Trekker.” It’s actually…er…Trekkie About 1500 Trekkers were sold. They featured a rear seat and a storage area,
covered by a fiberglass canopy. 1500, while not a huge number, was 100% of
the modified toyotas. And Toyota’s like: “yo, we sold out
of those weird truck cars… maybe we just make them less ‘winnebago’,
and more Toyota.” “Cut out the middle man, great job boss. Let me know what I got to do” “Dude my job is not letting you know what you need to do.” “Yeah right, totally dude. I’m sorry.” “I only hired you because you’re married to my sister and if you don’t improve quickly, I’m gonna chop your fuckin’ head off.” “What?” “I didn’t mean that, I’ve got a lot of sh**t going on at my house my kid is getting in trouble at school” “Are you Ok?” “Yeah I’m fine man I’m fine I’ll be fine I’m good” “Let’s get like friggin’ lunch next week or something. I know we don’t like to hang out alone but maybe we should.” “That’d be real nice.” “Wednesday”? “Uh, hold on… Yeah wednesday works.” “Cool man, I’m looking forward to it.” “You know what? Me too.” “And bro?”
“Yeah?” “It’s gonna be fine.” “Yeah I know.” “Alright cool let’s make our own SUVs…” After some quick R&D and crash testing, the
4runner was unveiled mid-way through 1984. It had a fiberglass canopy, and had 4 wheel
drive through a solid front axle. And of course had
that indestructible inline 4 under the hood. It looks awesome. In Japan, the 4Runner was unveiled as the
“Hilux Surf” In 1985, (for my birthday) 4Runners had optional electronic fuel injection, that drove the power up from a paltry 100 HP to a whopping 116! That’s one thing about these cars- they
are not fast. But you don’t need speed when you’re off-roadin! People began finding out that their 4Runners
could do just about anything, anywhere! They could handle the wind, snow, rocks,
and rain. At the drop of the hat, you could disappear
into the mountains, just like my dad. In 1986, the 4Runner lost the solid front
axle to adopt “Hi-Trac” independent front suspension The 4Runner was now more comfortable driving
on road, AND more CAPABLE while driving off road. These cars were now more nimble when being
used for SPORT offroad, and gave you more UTILITY from your VEHICLE. Sport Utility Vehicle. COME ON!!! It’s no coincidence that 1986 is the FiRST
time we heard the now ubiquitous term SUV. Broncos and TrailBlazers had been around since
the 60s, but it wasn’t until the 4Runner that we needed a special class. And during 1986, while Toyota is patting themselves
on the back for improving their already impressive 4Runner, somebody popped the hood and noticed
that the wider track width and independent suspension left a lot of room around that
little 4-banger. SO they turbo-charged the little monster! That extra room under the hood also let designers
squeeze in a more powerful, 3 liter V6 option in 1987, which would be the only drastic change
to the first gen, as a major redesign was approaching in just a couple years. Spoiler alert. The second Generation 4Runner was unveiled
in 1989, and featured, yes a new grill, but it also ditched the fiberglass top for a real
metal roof! It’s not a modified pickup anymore! And while other competitors had ass-end doors
that opened up, the 4Runner still let you retract the rear window and use a true tailgate
to get your ski-boots on, or load your surfboard, or i dunno- have a mountainside picnic with
that girl from Provo. I still remember you Heidi… ♫ I just wanna be your favorite boy… ♫ The times they were changing, however, and outdated truck safety standards didn’t hold up to
this new SUV category that the 4runner helped create. The 2nd Gen 4Runner got a driver impact crash
rating of just one star. And unlike the one star I got for my art projects in Mrs. Casey’s kindergarten class, one star in crash testing is not good. So, Toyota was like: “Yo, did you see?” “Yeah, that sucks, what are we gonna do?” “Don’t worry, let’s give ourselves 5 years, develop a totally new 4 Runner.” “But like what do we do in the meantime?” “I don’t know, throwing like some bars and sh**t” “Some bars and sh**t?” “Yeah dude like welding some frickin’ bars and sh**t.” “Ok…Do you…” “What?” “Wanna talk?” “About what?” “That night.” “We said we would never talk about that ni..” “I know we said that I ju…” “It never happened” “Can’t stop thinking about it” “Well stop” “Stop?” “Stop!” “I can’t!” “What are you saying?” “I might…. …have to do something.” “If you do, I swear to god I will fire you from Toyota.” “You wouldn’t.” So in 91, they launched a complete 5 year
redesign for the 4Runner 3rd Gen. It had moree cargo room and a
more aerodynamic look. Inside, however, the 4Runner was more luxury
oriented, further distancing itself from more bare-bones competitors. oh, AND there was an electric locking system
for the rear differential. Which in layman’s terms means: you good lock
the rear-diff. ELECTRONICALLY. The 4 Runner was changing the complexion of the SUV Market again. It was the Accutane of the SUV market. And sales were driven even higher by “Limited”
and ”highlander” packages available starting in 99, exploiting the appeal of combining rugged
durability and functionality with a luxurious interior The Fourth Gen again remained true
to the aesthetics of its predecessors which was now being called a “mid-size, semi-luxury SUV with off road capabilities.” The 4Runner dropped the 4 cylinder and was now either available with either a V6 or, for the first time, a V8. These things were making more power for towing
your boat up to to lake Havasu. They still felt perfect for hauling your board to the
beach, and they’re still able to comfortably get your gear through the woods. The SUV class now described big vehicles regardless
of off-road ability, but the 4Runner remained true to its functional origins. The new 4Runners had auto-leveling, height
adjustable air suspension and friggin’ skid plates… …STOCK! Toyota is taking pains to ensure that the
4Runner’s not just for hauling the kids to soccer practice, it’s for hauling the kids to soccer practice on the top of a fucking mountain! The 5th Generation 4Runner was unveiled in
September 2009 at the texas state fair. “YEE-HAW! Y’all see that new 4 Runner? Pretty good, luxurious and capable! I define BBQ by beef brisket and beef ribs!” The limited trim was now available in 2wd,
because, yes, people who didn’t need four wheel drive were buying the 4Runner because
it looks great, and drives great. The SUV, established over 20 years prior,
was now the number one selling class of car. From the moment the it replaced the frankensteined
offspring of a winnebago-toyota marriage, the 4Runner has set the standard of aesthetic
and functionality in the SUV class. Head up the mountains and you’ll see 30 years old 4 Runner tearing through turns with their more modern sibling. It’s a good looking, functional vehicle that’s comfortable on any terrain and it never. Friggin. Brakes. Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video. Audible’s got almost any book you want. Right now, I’m reading “How to drive” Narrated by Ben Collins. He sounds like an angel and drives like a devil. He’s the stig! Sometimes I just like to hear his voice before I fall asleep. Hi Ben! Audible lets you switch seamlessly between devices. Picking up exactly where you left off. Wether it’s on your phone, or your tablet, through your car, or at home on an Amazon Echo. You can get through tons of books while doing almost anything. Pooping Audible members get a credit every month Good for any audiobook in their store. Regardless of price an unused credits roll over to the next month Didn’t like your audio book? You can exchange it, no questions asked. Plus, your books are yours to keep. With Audible you can go back and re-listen anytime Even if you cancelled your membership. Start a 30 day trial and your first audiobook That’s ANY BOOK YOU WANT is FREE. Go to “” or text “donutmedia” to 500-500 You can do it, WITH AUDIOBOOKS! We’re starting to get into trucks and stuff what other trucks are cool? Send me a dollar, still want the Lambo. As always Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share We love talking to you guys, really appreciate that you guys love talking to us I love you! Dad? I haven’t seen you since Christmas.


They are Hilux Surfs in Australia too, and f-in cheap… they also stopped selling them in the 90s which sucks, but those old ones are like 3 grand aud near me

Whoa whoa whoa hold up I agree with alot of what you said but when you said it was more capable off road after they went to an IFS set up your nuts man. The solid axle front end on those things is way stronger and simpler not to mention twice as used in the heavy off road world. So I'm not saying your wrong because I know there is very capable IFS setups out there. That said they're are solid axle swap kits for a reason not the other way around.

this man needs to do more stuff then just youtube car videos. stand up, or his own late night show or something

4Runner was greatness till it stop being a Hilux and turned into a Toyota prado, what a heap of shit. Seen a review of the 2019 TRD one and it’s fucking embarrassing off road

4Runners are, and always have been, the tightest looking SUV’s on the road. That new blue TRD? Get outta town. So sick.

I’ve had 2 4runners and they truly are the best for Wisconsin my 99 4 runner makes the snow it’s bitch but the thing I hate is the speed it’s slow compared to the other trucks we have

During the 1994 war in Bosnia, I rode a brand new 4Runner with nylon over the seat and huge aluminum sills. Blue, diesel 120 or 130hp as I recall. I now drive a Ford Mondeo wagon mk3 2.0 TDDI but still at 4Runner's heart. If I had the money I would certainly buy it for the rest of my life. I’ve been driving a BMW E36 for a long time. That car instructed me to die. My experience say: drive Toyota 4Runner.

At 4:09 when he's talking about the independent front suspension how it makes it more number but shows a SFA climbing lol

Used to have a 2010 4runner. Then I grew up and got a v8 f150 (jk that 4runner was a great car that took me EVERYWHERE)

dude as a trucker, u guys make learning shit fun, thats the problem w schools. im from the class of 2000, didnt keep going to college n here i am truckin stay in school!
but i really appreciate u guys!

@5:37 You and the gal should have been sitting on the tail gate… Or at least had a picture of the back of the truck with the tail gate down. …. Hire me.

So did the 4Runner never take away sales from their land cruiser? They seem similar enough. I always hear of companies removing cars from their line up so as not to create competition within themselves.

My 1999 Jeep Cherokee Xj has almost 400,000 Miles and is just like new… Original head gasket and cat…4.0 AW4 BULLETPROOF!!!

THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING WHAT A REAL SUV IS, these crossover drivers piss me off when they claim there 2wd low to the ground van is an suv when ITS NOT

Like the history lesson, a bit dramatic, but intriguing…makes me want to buy the used 4runner with 420k miles for 4 grand on the craigslist I saw today.

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