Transform mobility experiences | Microsoft at IAA New Mobility World 2019

[MUSIC].>>Digitization actually has the potential to completely transform the experience everybody has when using a car or using any other sort of mobile, mobility device. This is about personalized experiences really transforming the CO2 footprint towards a cleaner, and actually also safer traffic world, and it’s really also about making it super convenient and very differentiated for each of the users who really go after their own choice of seamless mobility. [MUSIC].>>My company is FEV, we’re a family owned independent engineering company. So we’re not selling products, we are just selling our know-how and our services. So SVEN is a quite cool new car concept, which was developed by our company. The really cool stuff is again about connectivity, autonomous driving. So you do not need to go somewhere to sign something on paper and to wait or to go somewhere to pick it up, the car will pick you up. Of course, to make this happen, is a combination of the IT world and the automotive world which would be the perfect fit. [MUSIC]>>Cubic Telecom is HQd in Dublin and we bring connectivity and complex connectivity services to OEMs and IoT companies. So when you get into the car now no one is really interested in what the horsepower is, they want to know range, plus they’re really putting in computer systems into the car. There’s multiple screens going into the car. That’s all going to be built around connectivity. We built our whole architecture on Azure. So we’ve shown not just being a startup how you can scale of Microsoft. Then when we went to any of our customers who are some of the largest OEMs in the world, they questioned who our cloud provider was. So it was a great endorsement to say we were at Microsoft.>>Digital transformation is the best and closest and the biggest answer for all of those car manufacturers. They need to reinvent basically the way they offer mobility because it’s all about seamless mobility. When you look at our cloud platform, when you look at our artificial intelligence tools, I think we have a great set of tools to really enable car manufacturers to deliver that differentiated experience. [MUSIC]

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