Travis Barker at Rock the Bells – THE Q SiDE

ANNOUNCER: The Q SiDE. QUDDUS: Next up on our West
Coast “Rock the Bells” countdown is Travis Barker. So we had a chance to hang out
with him in his tour bus, and he was joined by his daughter,
lovely Alabama. TRAVIS BARKER: Cool, man. Good to see you, brother. QUDDUS: Yep. Now, you weave real well
in between lanes. I mean, you could go to a rock
show just as well as you could go to a hip-hop show and
nobody blinks an eye. TRAVIS BARKER: I never even
was conscious about it. I always liked everything
from day one. I liked rap music. I liked speed metal. I liked electronic music. Especially now, I think more
of the lines are getting blurred, and the boundaries
and the doors are getting knocked down to where everyone
listens to everything. QUDDUS: It’s true. You think the internet has
a lot to do with that? TRAVIS BARKER: Yeah, man. Thank god for it, you know? QUDDUS: Right. TRAVIS BARKER: I hated it. When I grew up, it was like you
were either a rock kid, or you listened to hip-hip,
or you liked Slayer. And you couldn’t be all together
or people would look at you sideways. But nowadays it’s acceptable,
which is cool. Yeah, I’ll go straight from this
Yelawolf show to go play with Aoki tonight
at a electronic festival, which is cool. And people don’t trip, thank
god, because that’s like fuck putting in a box. I just like music. QUDDUS: I gotta ask you because
I feel like you’re really like a king
of collaboration. What do you think is the ideal
manifestation of a collaboration? TRAVIS BARKER: You just
both gotta have ideas. Ideas are important, you
know what I mean? And you’ve gotta be
able to mesh. It’s like when you meet a girl
or something, and it’s either– you know from right
away, like, yep, this is going to be cool. QUDDUS: It’s a vibe thing. TRAVIS BARKER: And it’s not
going to be awkward moments when we’re not speaking to each
other at dinner and shit. I’ve had really good collabos
up until this point. Don’t jinx me! [MUSIC – “LET’S GO” BY TRAVIS
don’t know about Yelawolf? TRAVIS BARKER: My daughter this
morning told him he sits like a girl. He was like whoa, whoa,
whoa, wait! What am I doing wrong? He was correcting his posture. QUDDUS: How is it when you bring
Alabama to these things? TRAVIS BARKER: Dude, she’s
been everywhere with me. QUDDUS: Are you going to
be on stage one day? Have you thought about it? Yeah? What would you do? You think you’d be a singer? You’d be a drummer like him? ALABAMA BARKER: Singer. QUDDUS: Singer. OK, what kind of singer? Who’s your favorite singer? You haven’t thought
about that? ALABAMA BARKER: Too many! QUDDUS: Too many! Too many to say. TRAVIS BARKER: She
likes everyone. I was trying to get them to
perform right now because she sings all Nicki’s parts. And my son does 2
Chainz’s parts. I mean, they’re well-rounded. QUDDUS: Do you feel like she’s
maturing almost too much because she’s around everything that you’ve been around? TRAVIS BARKER: I do, man. But life’s crazy, and I always
feel like, shit, we could all be gone like that. I want her to soak up
as much as she can. I take her everywhere with me. I don’t really have
no shit I have to hide from her or anything. QUDDUS: Right. TRAVIS BARKER: So it’s cool. And I want her to see it all. I want her to know– see how hard I work, too, so I
install those kind of work ethics in her when
she gets older. QUDDUS: That’s dope, man. Well, congralulations
on everything. TRAVIS BARKER: Cool, man. Thank you so much. QUDDUS: Great catching
up with Travis. And definitely look out for
him and Yelawolf’s project Psycho White when it is out. And this is a fresh experience
of entertainment. MALE SPEAKER 1: This is when
you feel like, I’m actually living my dream. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. MALE SPEAKER 2: You are
interested in DTF? FEMALE SPEAKER 2: I don’t
know what DTF is. MALE SPEAKER 2: You’re
interested. MALE SPEAKER 3:

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