Travis Hall from Riata Ford – Texas – ACV Auctions Testimonial

So we’re moving about 50 to 75 with ACV each month. So it’s definitely grown since the five months we had been with ACV. Definitely with ACV you get I would almost say 100% transparency which is a very good positive. Whenever we started with ACV you know it was a new
thing. It was new in the town wasn’t even in our market yet. So I took a chance with it and it was the easiest process I’ve ever done. So selling cars on ACV eliminated a lot of steps of sending cars to auction and whatnot. You know we’re here in central Texas and I’ve got customers coming that purchase cars off ACV from Pennsylvania, from Washington. They’re not limited to where they’re
buying from that’s for sure. So that you know keeps me going to stick with ACV because I know that I’ve
got more eyes on my car as opposed to
just certain regions. You know I was sitting on the couch
watching football during Thanksgiving selling cars ACV. The family wasn’t too happy but you know you got to move the metal. We’ve used live appraisal with ACV and it is definitely benefited and protected the dealership as well as getting all the money for the
customers to put that retail deal together. You know with Go Green, the green light and the no
arbitration, that’s that’s the one thing that that really doesn’t matter what the fees are because you know that
the end of the day that you know it’s not your problem. And that’s one thing not to get a
phone call two weeks later saying your car arbitrated and is still sitting
there at a local auction. With dealing with ACV it’s it’s just fast process. You know the cars are off my lot. You know it’s a no brainer. Try it out. You know test it out. You know if you’re like us that will
be your only auction you’ll be using is

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