Ultimate Boy’s Toys: Brothers Build Super Tank And Mobile SWAT Shield

COMM: This whopping £8,000 super tank makes light work of the toughest winter terrain. COMM: Meet the Ripsaw. COMM: The all-terrain track vehicle is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Geoff Howe. MIKE: We were just kind of pushing the envelope on developing off-road capability and extreme with tractor tires and big engines and big suspension and we said what can be the next up? MIKE: And I turned to Geoff, I said “Let’s build a high-speed tracks vehicle” and the concept
of Ripsaw was born. COMM: The super tank was hand crafted by up to six fabricators and took four months to
build. The chassis is constructed from aerospace grade aluminium and high strength steel. And it’s fitted with a chip duromax diesel engine providing 650 bhp. GEOFF: Top speeds we’re looking at well over 60, these track vehicles are specifically built so you either build them top speed, mid speed or low speed and they all have their pros
and cons. Some are good for tourque and the higher speed ones, you have to remember, you have a track cycling at 80 miles an hour. If that comes apart, it’s going to be a bad day. COMM: The Ripsaw is now hired out for recreation but in its former life it was used by the
US Military as an IED defeat platform and the Howe brothers have pushed the technology
further to develop the SWAT Bot. MIKE: The SWAT bot basically takes our existing technology, which is an RS1 base, which is what we call Robotic Solution 1. In some of our military contracting we’ve been tasked with finding a robot, a walk behind IED defeat robot. So basically this mounted soldier, he’s walking,
he doesn’t get blown up. COMM: Like the Ripsaw the SWAT bot is a track vehicle, but it’s fitted with a shield providing ballistic protection. MIKE: This whole idea actually started with Howe and Howe Technologies and a think tank
with the Massachusetts state police, in developing a system where the guy doesn’t have to carry the shield. The shield’s carried by a robot. It walks forward where you can put a whole
SWAT team behind the shields. COMM: And for Geoff and Mike inventing the baddest boys toys is all in a days work. MIKE: We decided like hey we need to take our technology and help with it, we need
help in some fashion. In 2006 and 7 we had units being tested for the US army and those things and then our robotic technology took off so really it stemmed with how can
we help our friends, how can we help our country and even those around the world.


Are u taking the piss what kinda supercar has 4 cylinder engine ? Like srs are fucking kidding the fiat can beat then shit

These vehicles look like scale models including the snowmobile. They are running over shrubs or bushes. Who has seen a tree that looks like that? This is fake.

on the swat tank, what about your feet when your behind the tank being shot at?theres a gap under the wall.if you mount heavy rubber dragging the ground

Dear Santa Dear Rockstar Games,

could you please include this in the next GTA 5 update, or place it in GTA 6?

ugh, so much vegetation unnecessarily stressed here. I'd prefer to see this thing tear it up in Saudi Arabia or whatever

Would a .50 BMG round to the exposed track of the Mobile SWAT Shield disable it?
Seems vulnerable.
Shouldn't the shield be located in front of the track?

Everyone complaining about military applications, just remember, a) the swat bot is to save lives, not to take them and b) the internet, microwaves, radar, and countless other things were made for military applications, and then repurposed or remade for civilian use. For instance, the aerospace industry would barley be a thing without years and years of military contracts modified for civilian use.

Somehow i get association with this ripsaw to the german ww2 hetzer tank, something on the shape i quess.

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