UNCHARTED – Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion

Lo agarramos llendo a la Frontera Did you get it? No. This is all he had on him. Fellas. Nathan Drake! In the flesh. Legendary treasure hunter, Explorer! Historian! Thief. Whoa, hey- I think you have me confused with somebody else, pal. The man responsible for finding El Dorado, Corvera, And Shambala. Oh. Then yes. Okay, then. Yeah, that’s me. Last night an antiquities collector held a private auction in La Paz. A rare item of great value was stolen. An item my employer rightfully purchased. So imagine my surprise When I find out that Nathan Drake is in town. Sounds like quite a coincidence. I’d say. Tell me What exactly is this? That is a compass. Perhaps we can… use it to find this fella a
haircut that didn’t go out in the ’90s. Am I right guys? You’re a funny guy -Where is it?
-Look? I don’t know what it is you’re looking for, but I don’t have it My employer is not a man you want to cross. -You’ve already made ’em quite angry.
-I do tend to have that effect on people. Let’s try this once more, shall we?
Before I violently remove
something you care deeply about. So does that mean..
if I care deeply about you, you’ll leave? Okay, okay, we’ll see how cooperative you are after a little time with “El Tigre” “El” who? -You’re getting all this?
-Oh yeah! Loud and clear, Kid! Pulling up plans for the house now. Let’s keep those guys busy a little longer Easy for you to say, you’re not about to get your finger removed from some fella named “El Tigre”. I’m not sure that’s the body part they’re thinkin’ of removing. Oh oh! That’s “El Tigre”? Thank God! Guys, Oh Whoo! Seriously, that’s… You guys. You got me, you got me… That was.. Well presented… I was scared. Have fun. Hey there little guy, what do you want to be when you grow up? Oh Crap. Wait! Wait. I don’t want to micromanage this thing,
but I think you’re supposed to be asking questions in between the punch I consider this a privilege, “Cabron” I hear there’re many men who would pay a great deal to spend some time alone with you. Awkward. Got it. Second floor, southeast corner. Tigre! Algo no esta bien -Nate! You good?
-Ah Yeah… Never better It doesn’t look like they’re on to you yet. So just get moving -They seem pretty pissed about the bracelet.
-Yeah, I should’ve told ’em you have it.
My face wouldn’t be as sore. -Keeping it nice and warm for me?
-Oh, yeah, nice and toasty Hey, not to put a damper on things, but what happens if those letters aren’t there? Chloé said that the intel is solid. Guy paid top dollar for it. Yeah, they paid top dollar for security, too. Okay, I’m in Sully -You really need to check out this room.
-Yeah, maybe on the next tour. Hurry up will ya? These guys gonna be on to you in a minute. Here we go, I found Sir Albuquerque’s letters. Ooh… This guy’s not messing around He’s got original copies dating back to the conquest of Malacca Here we go. October 1511, that’s right before they sailed back to Portugal in the Florida Lamarr Which is now sitting at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, I’m telling you Nate. It’s Wild Goose Yeah, wild goose worth 2 billion.
The most valuable lost treasure in human history. Wait a minute.. He’s got a whole stack of letters from Ferdinand Magellan to Albuquerque Earliest one is dated such a few weeks after the floor sink. So.. So Magellan served under Albuquerque during the conquest, but history tells us that’s the last they saw of each other. Unless.. -Holy shit Sully. Do you know what this means?
-Kid, whenever you start doing this, nobody knows what you mean. Looks like it’s gonna have to wait.
They found your friends. Get the hell out of there! Just like old times. Miss me? You know, I always find myself amazed that you two are incapable of returning these things the way you found them -We got the insurance. You did get the insurance right?
-I thought you did? Right. As Promised. -Wow!
-Right? -So we’re gonna break this open? I feel like we’re always breaking things open.
-How about I hang onto that? Hey! Did you see this? -Well, I’ll be go to hell
-A triangle?
-Not just a triangle, it’s a Trinity. A Trinity, oh my god, of course. When the flor Delamar sank, it took 400 people down with it, but not Albuquerque. He was rescued by another ship called the trendajey Portuguese for trinity. Exactly. Now, history is spotty on who captained it, but there was another ship called the Trinidad. A spanish flagship famous for having been the first to sail around the world. Magellan. Holy shit. Magellan captained the rescue ship. Oh.. -Would you look at that.
-Could those be coordinates? It never made any sense, why would Albuquerque, considered to be one of the most brilliant military minds in history Put his treasure on the flor Delamar, a ship that had proven itself time and time again to be unseaworthy. What if the reason no one has found the treasure of the Flor delamar is because the treasure was never on it. -It was on the trendaje.
-Exactly it never sank, and Magellan and Albuquerque both knew it. So, what’s this then? Our next stop. Well, I understand the weather in the Philippines is particularly fine this time of year.


Wooow! He is so perfect for Nathan Drake! I want Nathan Fillion in whole movie! This short-film is so good!

I actually think this would be better as a tv show. A Hollywood movie would destroy it. Nathan Fillion has been really great in tv shows

holy hell this is great. Although i think Natahn Fillion should be aged down just a little bit, he looks great but he looks more 40 when i always imagined nathan as like, 35.

OMG YES!!! It’s been confirmed. Nathan Fillion is playing the Adult version of drake, in the Movie. And Tom Holland is playing the younger version of drake

Adult nathan : Nathan Fillion
Young nathan : Tom Holland
Charlie cutter post credits scene : Jason statham
Rafe : Jake Gyllenhaal
Comment ideas for the rest

I feel like Tom Holland is far too short and skinny to play Nate. If he's playing like a 16-17yo version of Nate, then that's cool. But if it's like 20-something, then it wouldn't make sense at all cuz boys tend to stop growing around 18. So technically, if they wanna hire an older actor to play adult Nate, they'd still be scoping for people around Tom's height…which is 5'8. And that's just wrong.

Nathan Fillion is the Nathan Drake we deserve AND need right now. What I wouldn’t give for a feature length film just like this starring our Captain Reynolds. Stephen Lang is also legit as Sully. Captain Reynolds and Colonel Quaritch.

He physically looks like the character but he is not fit at all lmao. I honestly think Tom Holland is gonna do an amazing job portraying a young Nathan Drake.

This is why Hollywood SUCKS!
We will never see this movie.
No. Because some self absorbed, no talent douche thinks he can top this masterpiece short. Fillion is the perfect actor for this part.
And yet like so many other high dollar move projects, Uncharted is already doomed to being just another failed Ego project.

и как теперь дальше жить?)) хочется продолжения. этот фильм получше многих высокобюджетных картин.

If they have a movie and don’t cast Nathan Fillion I will RIOT he makes the perfect Nathan Drake. Even looks like him!

Fuck tom Holland we need Nathan Dillion to be Nathan Drake

I wouldn't change Scully either probably change elena

Hey Mister Ungar sir? I know you're a busy man and all, but the issue is, I can only rewatch this so many times before I rewatch again anyway… So could you please make us a part 2? Would be cool of you! Thanks, signed, everyone. ❤

No, no they are not coordinates.
There were none at the time of Magellan.
And five hundred year old paper does not just fold and get crammed in pockets like that.
But it was a little bit of fun and admirable as a fan film.

Every time someone mentions the Sony movie with Tom Holland I can't help but feel they've missed a huge opportunity with this cast.

It's quite amazing to see this fan-film again, I always thought that "Nathan Fillion is too old to play Nathan Drake". Boy, oh boy, how wrong I was, I now understand the fancasting and wishful thinkings. This man was born to play Nate.
I hope we get a "Part 2" down the line.

Who wouldn't want this to be a real movie is my question? give this the Ryan Reynolds deadpool treatment please.

Well… That was unexpected…never knew they'd be featuring Philippines here and Magellan at that. 😂😂😂🥰🥰

Amazing job…. it's a pity there's no scenario, no any plot which can be basis for full movie. SONY shouldn't wait so long for the cinema installment…

Since we have a younger Nathan Drake casted, can we just get Nathan Fillion to play an older version and he tells stories about when he was younger with Tom Holland?

Wish we could get a feature film like this, this is amazing.
It's sad Hollywood can't get their $hit straight when it comes to video games or foreign film/tv remakes.

Whenever they take charge of existing properties there is always a person with delusional thoughts of "I can make it better", and it always ends up straying further away from the source material.

(Godzilla 98', the Resident Evil films, The Super Mario Bro's Movie and many others…)

(Don't get me wrong, I loved bits of the first resident evil film but after that it strayed far from the source material, it got worse once they just started randomly adding characters that have an off screen death in the next movie with little to no explanation, hell even the random introduction of the Uro Boros infected was just stupid imo)

Definitely a almost perfect fan film but I don’t think that Nate should laugh at his own jokes quite as much as he did, but otherwise everything has already been said about this almost perfect fan film

Love the CGI but I dont like the action and the actors look ugly. None of them sound or look like the original characters. What a waste.

Always thought Nathan Fillion would make a good Drake…………….either him or the lead singer guy from the script

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