VLOG #9: Accra Cultural Art Center, Meeting Aliyah & Champions of Bargaining

[Music] would be my people oil Bonilla for you again and I hope your boat because today I have a special episode for you of my a craft log and why is it special is because I’m going to meet a fan of mine who’s been messaging me she wants to meet me because she’s in Ghana with her Daniel husband and with the baby and I have an appointment with her on Akram oh but she’s been complaining a little bit that example is very Western location and she doesn’t want to say that so I’m having in mind one restaurant in also I wanted to show you guys by anyway so we might be heading there but when I meet house see what she wants and will definitely show you something interesting today even though the weather is not very nice but still you will see some things so if you new here make sure to subscribe hit the like button leave a comment which supports me with those movements if you liked the video share it with your on your Facebook some the show show some people some Ghana if they don’t know Ghana if you again yen show you a nun Canyon friends how your country is looking like because me I’m very proud of this country so I hope your soon and that you’ll be sharing my videos and make it spread so enjoy this episode and let’s go if by nothing he must it is a fair for me I do I don’t need you on one episode input for final to buy the Ptolemaic across campus I love this beautiful living very beautiful lady loud so much fun from you I know you’ve been busy by getting prizes here but so many spread every money or penny is that you thank you politicians yeah a beautiful girl how are you sweetie good have never knew about this please Rosalinda : business what you different is what Center and you Adani coach Ascenta okay a growl Culture Center [Music] okay [Music] what is this I see what no we finish at 175 degree you know once I want to whatever that’s that five the guy give you 175 handsome was the one surprise only watch them you know like me before like liver out a distance penny since then I want dress was making fit this one keep initial value by middle of the flap mama good morning [Music] [Music] now I need something like this it sounds something like that yes but why only weighs only wait for ha women said women don’t wear it I don’t know if they have a women’s version of it as know what it is for men by when you leave it here we want for a lady how does one get native-like – we’ll see time such as do you have a white t-shirt for a lady with the tinted print on it just the smoke and peppering full white smoke and depressed yes for a lady yes you have you can do pressure oh ok guys this is right here alone and now the leg and I love Ghana it’s a real nice place this is the place where I really sense the presence of God it’s awesome the people are kind and humble so you see me I’m not lying every time I’m telling you if you come I’ll be honest and they are not all cool as you think exactly me dying that Africa is a poor place but when you come in with you be shocked the car that they drive you can’t you can find it in Europe exactly exactly so guys I’ll be showing you around or maybe I’ll take another tooth to this place because she actually brought me to a art gallery absence I wish I never had an idea a lot of place yes I never had an idea of its existence Sicily now I would take my time now or another time to fill the place very well and I’ll make it wonderful for you – then joy ok got led bye bye bye I’m taking my time to show you the place surely we’ll come back here because it’s really like it’s a massive market with African art the cultural I asked so here in Ghana and you’re looking for all these cultural things handmade is really the place for you to come and see seriously premiere yeah polyphony I’m making a video yeah you guys can see this is really this art is considered a natural resource of Ghana because they make it so many years it has became like it has become like a national resource after gold and cocoa and palm oil so I’m having to show you the restaurant now because they have a restaurant in this place to the restaurant [Music] there’s something like this I miss it in my Paulo are you selling the system you know okay yeah I need something like this in my fellow would I need to ask my husband Wow in the face of Africa [Music] a black star nation nation of Ghana and this is the restaurant we have here [Music] he came here with alia just while ago didn’t stay I’m sticking out to bring my husband around for this place because I really love places like this and I’ve seen it on the map I did not realize it was like this beautiful [Music] how are you [Music] this actually this restaurant actually resembles the one of being the ganya restaurant in Berlin when I was going to get my visas gonna the setting was very very similar like this place and now I understand why because in his leg on as I was telling you when I say distillation places like this are not very common they are making more Western styles and so you guys really should come here our job [Music] [Music] thank you very much oh yeah I didn’t know I was asleep yes what about you yeah yeah wait for from Poland or what oh you know what in all of understeer I don’t know whatever everybody knows a mother of course which is a gallery yeah I know I’m coming from that yeah I’m just doing a video because I do YouTube videos so I came here because of my friends the girl yeah now the friends we came here before George’s is in washroom but they went they are flying back to Germany tomorrow and me I live in Accra yeah yeah yeah yeah but I do block from here the videos and put on YouTube showing people Ghana results with many people from me they don’t know they think Africa is like we are walking on yeah yeah so what is the place is very lovely even though this one is upcoming right now is going to kill me I guess run into the ace in the car and I’m not sure if the guys knew an interesting fact about Ghana is that the music general of high life was born here and I high life is like a mixture of jazz and African music if I’m not mistaken is like an African jazz and also this part of of Africa is very famous for music making so guys we shall come into a crowd like number one place to visit for you I know I’ve made so many vlogs already and I didn’t mention this place but I truly didn’t even know about its existence I’m very happy earlier showed me you guys when you are in Ghana I should come and check this shop where do you live coffee okay so copy work of you when you are coming commercial very nice I love this in seriously and this one is all handmade happy this is actually one of the natural resources they say in Afghan already what does it mean we go the sign I’ve seen it everywhere this one yeah this is dynamic dynamic union remains except quality except good except good ok only one God wow wow wow literally put it on the shed everywhere very nice yes I always know this is Wow that they would yes Wow what article of God for real for real yes very nice this is if you see this is the new of dramas Italy by my brother like distance so places the quality hundred seven hundred in Europe Europe is very expensive here yes yell at each other it’s opportunity land of gold well how long does it take you to make one like that in one one I have these okay those we gotta land [Music] [Music] [Music]

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