Voter Backlash Forced Republicans To Abandon Plans To Destroy Ethics Committee – The Ring Of Fire

Earlier this week House Republicans attempted
to essentially get rid of an independent ethics group that had been created in 2008 to clamp
down on the rampant corruption taking place among members of the House and Senate. Now this independent group had already sent
three sitting members of the House of Representatives to jail for corruption. Republicans, the night before the new Republican
control of Congress was sworn in, decided they wanted to get rid of this independent
ethics panel. They didn’t want anybody looking over their
shoulders probably because they were planning on some pretty massive law-breaking coming
up. That’s the only reason you can assume that
somebody would not want a watchdog agency looking over your shoulder. Tuesday, when this news really broke, voters,
citizens, people across the United States got pissed off. They started calling their Congress people,
calling their representatives, calling their senators, demanding that the Republicans do
not go forward with this initiative to get rid of this ethics panel. You know what happened? It worked. Twenty-four hours after Republicans in Committee
voted to get rid of this ethics committee, they backtracked and withdrew that initiative. This means that the public pressure actually
worked. The anger that American citizens felt yesterday
had a positive result because people got active, people got involved. That’s what’s going to have to happen over
the next four years during the Donald Trump years, and the Republican control of Congress
years and the Republican controlled Senate years. This is something that should have been happening
for the last eight years of the Obama administration, and we did see it a few times. We saw it with the Dakota Access Pipeline,
we saw it with the Keystone XL Pipeline, but there were plenty of other … Excuse me,
TPP as well. There were plenty of other times when we needed
this kind of anger. The anger was out there, but it did not spark
action, and that’s what we have to have. What we saw take place yesterday essentially
was a miracle. Republicans were giving themselves a blank
check to be as corrupt as possible without any threat of accountability from this outside
agency that had done a very good job of keeping people in check and when necessary, helping
to get people in prison. The voter anger, the phone calls that people
made, the emails that they sent, the tweets that they sent out, the stories they shared
on Facebook, that had an impact. That’s the blueprint for what has to happen
over the next four years. That’s what helped to stop the Dakota Access
Pipeline, that’s what stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline, and that’s what stopped this
disastrous Republican initiative here. We have to keep that up. The anger has to continue, and the anger has
to lead to action.


It was a test of the system to see how many people were awake. The fact they tried it on a Monday instead of a Friday is all you need to know, to understand it was more of a trial balloon then a serious effort. They are feeling the waters and calculating just exactly how much they can lie, cheat and steal out of the gate before backlash becomes too annoying that it isn't just easier to steal your money some other way. They are relentless, and they have no empathy….and they are in control and have been for some time now.

We also need the reporting to get these events out there into public view so that the public has an opportunity to respond with appropriate measures when they try to pull bs like this. They are trying to ban/criminalize video recording and streaming in the house and senate as well, so that we (the public) wouldn't be informed about their activities until it was to late to voice our displeasure.
Fortunately the doors on the Ethics story blew wide very quickly, but how many other stories are getting slipped under the rug?

Rabbit Hole Warning
I was going to make a statement that the OCE Board were all probably Heritage Foundation shills anyways, and that this could have merely been a PR stunt. So i started looking into the members, the first person i chose was Allison Hayward. It stated that she wrote many articles on election law, so i started to look for some of her articles. One of the sites that she publishes on is which rose a red flag (another Kochtipus Tentacle), when i stumbled on a lawsuit that needs attention.
The November Team, et al., v. Joint Commission on Public Ethics
The New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) issued a final advisory opinion in January 2016 that would expand the definition of “lobbying.” JCOPE now requires all public relations firms to register as lobbyists if they communicate with the media in relation to any public policy issue or attempt to place an editorial that would help to spread a client’s message on public policy. (copy pasted from the article does not cite the author) I personally think this is a good idea, and require more time to chew on this and to weigh pro's and con's, so i will leave my opinions out for now.
So i decided to look up who The November Team LLC was. They are a think tank, that write aggressive arguments for pundits on every news channel. This is their site
So who are the et al? (on their Services section of their site, they state: "Whether you need to raise your profile, move public opinion on a policy issue, communicate in a crisis, reach people online or persuade voters with TV and direct mail that wins campaigns, BerlinRosen can help.) (the most benign of the group, they advocate for the Girl Scouts, and Goodwill, etc in New York) (who just recently hosted a dinner for Paul Ryan)
Risa Heller Communications LLC ( Risa Heller hs a long career in government, including as a Communications Director for both Sen. Charles Schumer and Gov. David Paterson.)
What every group here has in common is direct association with public officials, and they write articles for news organizations in NYC, Washington DC, and California (with the exception of Anat Gerstein, who's focus appears to be solely in NY. Not only are they trying to persuade legislation, they are also directly trying to persuade the public to vote yay or nay on legislation for politicians and business groups. They are literally every where on every major news channel, Walter Lippmann (author of "Public Opinion" where the phrase manufacture of consent is coined from) would be soooo proud…
On that note with the rise of the Ministry of Truth (aka Global Engagement Center brought to you by the "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" NY's JCOPE is a breath of fresh air in a most corrupt atmosphere.

Don't all criminals want the " Security Cameras" turned off? Then they wanted to only answer to themselves. Might as well have criminals be there own judge and jury.

Who set up the congressional ethics committee? The Dems and who wants to disable it?
Trump is a natural Republican when it comes to ethics. He has none.

Hopefully, this will cause many of the people in our country to look a bit deeper into what the republican party has become.
This is no fluke! Their first opportunity as the majority party had nothing to do with helping this country. It was a brazen, overconfident attempt to sneak one by the American people & gut the nonpolitical ethics committee.
Their relentless, corporate backed obsession for complete unchecked power takes priority over any service to the citizenry. Corporation backed attack on voter suppression and blocking all attempts to reform campaign finance.
This party has become a cancer eating away at our democracy and has lost any representation for the common citizenry.

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