Waikele Bunkers going up for sale

Some island businesses are in real hole-in-the-wall locations. And now other local companies will be able to move into holes-in-the-hillside …literally. KITV 4’s Paul Drewes checks out Waikele Storage Park. nat of bunker door Burrowed into the hillside of Waikele gulch, you’ll find some pretty cool storage units. 12:13 “the temperature stays around 70 all day long even in summer” These bunkers were originally built by the Navy before World War II, to store ammunition. Now they are being used to hold all kinds of things. 9:48 “we have suppliers, contractors, golf course vendors, we have one guy who is a landscaper and he doesn’t want to have his rocks stolen” Considering the only way into these 4000 square foot bunkers is through these huge steel doors, you can see why things inside should be safe. 120 of these bunkers will be up for sale. Each comes with concrete floors, boulder-lined walls and according to the developer — rock bottom prices. 9:11 a lot of companies, contractors need warehouse space, they can rent it in Kalihi for $1 a square foot. Here they can buy it and it comes out to 35 cents a square foot. graphic goes here Each of the bunkers, on a 5,000 square foot lot, will go for $300,000 fee simple. The bunkers at Waikele have been around for a long time, and some of these units have been vacant. But Savio feels the window of opportunity will soon close on affordable storage space on Oahu. nat of door closing – tight shot 8:05-8:20 “There is a shortage of industrial properties right now, we’ve lost a lot of properties in Kakaako. with mass transit they are going to be putting rail stations in industrial areas, so Hawaii is going to have a shortage of industrial land” paul [email protected]:35 “these bunkers all come with plenty of storage, and even parking around each unit but they also come with an important stipulation.” They are currently only zoned as warehouses, and not other industrial uses. Those that buy in, will also buy into part of this industrial condominium. 7:29 “most people think of condo as residential but it is just a form of ownership, where individuals own are part of the entire property” That means several hundred dollars a month more in maintenance fees to maintain the roads, lots and security for this new storage park. In Waikele, Paul Drewes KITV 4 news. Those who are


local news is so outdated. they have no idea they are gonna be on the chopping block just like the newspapers were lol. poor mainstream TV media.

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