Waterworld (7/10) Movie CLIP – The Bargain (1995) HD

You been there, haven’t you? Dryland? You know where it is. Yeah, l know where it is. And, uh– And we’re going? You and l are. The kid we gotta pitch
over the side. – What?
– My boat’s tore up. l’m takin’ on water. l’d be lucky to get
half a hydro ration out of that. You know–
l said l won’t drink. For 12 days? No. lt’s better
one of you dies now… than both of you die slow. Wait. Wait. We saved your life.
We got you out. No, you got me out so you
could get out. We’re even. She can cook.
She can fish. – So can l.
– Then take my necklace.
Take my necklace. – l got better ones below.
– No, look! 0h. After what you went through
back there on the atoll, l can understand
why you would want to. But she’s a child. –[ Enola Humming ] ls there something else then? Enola! Go below. Enola. Yeah. You said so yourself. Been out there a long time.


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They cut out the part when he told her that as a mutant he has no sexual urge's towards humans but only for fishes so she should have given him a live female fish.

after A.I.Automation wipes out 70 million American womens jobs, along with what the upcoming sexbot/fembots destructions will bring. women will be trying to strike similar deals. instantly even what little enola can bring to the table as attributes is offered up. problem is most men will deem any deals with real-women far too risky, for a multitude of reasons. plus modern american women have virtually have no tangible skills to contribute and a plethora of tag-along stds to boot… take a good long look at los angeles county. 63 straight blocks, 60,000 zombies in tents or scramblin around on the sidewalks searching for breadcrumbs in the gutters they deficate and urinate in. according to dr. drew pinski, they,re about to have a life-threatening outbreak of diseases out there, including the plague. wonder how many men would let one of those women join his harem, eat at his table and handle his children. the 50-year feminist reign of terrors days are numbered, and about to go down in flames but 95% of women have no conception of whats coming. very soon.

Yeah bad cut off point. I figured i would see the next part in 8/10 but it had already skipped ahead. Though i will admit that it made me want to watch some parts of the movie again.

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