We bought the cheapest Rune on the internet

so here’s the big question how much do you
guys have in that rune I’m fine with paying what we decided, how much do you guys have into it? Whatttt
That’s awesome man. You know what, I’m going to make money hopefully you guys are going to make money, you know
that’s awesome alright guys so here’s what’s happen we’re in the
powerstroke van I’m with my man Caleb we got Harrison the cameraman who is the good cameraman they
destroyed Caleb on the Internet yeah I’m no longer using the camera. So one of our YouTube Watchers and he’s also on
Facebook with us he um he sent us a link to a bike we’re driving down to past
Baltimore Maryland we sent a $500 deposit to this guy who is apparently a
dealership for a bike that is legitimately at least ten thousand
dollars cheaper than what it should be they’re like way too cheap and there was like
five pictures on the Internet and they were all like
weird angles and kind of I don’t know those it was a photoshopped but it
looked like it was from like a camera phone in like portrait mode and it was
just it was it was almost unbelievably too cheap way way way too cheap Caleb
called him up, guy picks up and within like a couple minutes we have we sent him
five hundred dollars always a classic moves you always want to send money
directly to the guys it’s so good we send the money as fast as you possibly
can and now we’re headed down there to go pick up the bike I can’t wait to see
it it’s just going to be the craziest thing if this thing does work out and do end up buying it and we don’t get jumped then we’re gonna document the whole thing to
tell you guys how much we’re paying for it well I can tell you right now we’re
paying women paid ten ten thousand five hundred thousand five hundred no joke
we’re gonna try to sell this bike for maybe twenty maybe one eighty twenty one
twenty two thousand there’s other ones like it sell for a 25 yeah this is an
extremely rare but can’t wait to show to you guys don’t know if I’m gonna are going to say
where they next room this is an extremely rare room on the road I can’t
wait to show to you guys and was the production number
it’s like it’s in the top it’s one they’re one of the first 100 produce
it’s number 39 I think we’re we says we’re the first 40 it is one of the
first 40s 50 it was in the first 39 into the first thirty nine produce I mean it
is like it’s got no miles on it 245 yeah I mean this bike literally to
collectors probably worth like 25 alright so we’re going to travel down
there we’re gonna see it I can’t wait we’re
gonna show you guys everything about it it’s awesome it’s 400 feet arrive at 7:45 State Route
3 so on the left on the power sport of this is what a pretty legit Raider is a
very legit sorry kid wait bill nice to meet you so
on hey how are you bill poised to meet up man Harrison hey you don’t run
screeching place to meet you so you gather here for a room yeah so
basically this place actually originated near you guys
Lancaster Honda was the original sellers really fine was originally from yep so
basically the guy was he’s a collector so he liked to collect them more than he
liked to ride right like I said with this purchase there’s three other bikes
that were to over more rare than we purchased the 2000 Softail deuce of
first year dues and a 99 excelsior Henderson super eggs there’s all kind of
like 1700 miles on a cloud but it doesn’t run yet we don’t know if we can
find parts for it really got enough you have that here yeah it’s back on our
storage container that you showed us yeah well how the guys dig it out boy
it’s a big work done and it’s a cool bike I mean you know I think what 1500
of those that remains pretty rare so they were all stored in separate
storage units unfortunately for whatever reason this one ended up at a
residential property in a garage that took home water and it never flooded but
it basically was wet so pretty much what we’re seeing now is the result of
calcium lime deposits basically right Wow you know I figure I’ve set right up
against the wood line that’s kind of the result it was a lot dirtier when we drug
it out of there but Wow I’m gonna be flushed everything tired of original but
with no mileages actually it’s probably no dry rot right which is really weird
I’ve ridden this bike on highway and it runs and stops great watch the brake
system flushed all the coolant we were also really fortunate stored with a full
tank of fuel and the fuel was pretty old right but it was really like pre
an ethanol yeah so it didn’t give us too much trouble
had a little bit of an injector stick when we first fired up you know the deal
off you go and it runs good stuffing that Lisa moto I don’t know and you were
saying that you actually you priced out all these parts yeah we price them all
out and you were looking somewhere in the ballpark of sixteen or seventeen
thousand retail and then if you’re talking full trip and disassembly you’re
talking what four thousand dollars of Labor’s right so we’re talking twenty
one twenty two thousand restored like it’s probably worth twenty one twenty
two thousand mint condition right and this bike like Caleb and I talked about
on the phone I mean this drew calls from everywhere I got calls from Vietnam from
New Zealand you know I’ve never ever ever seen a buddy that blew up so fast
on the internet overnight right and it was never supposed to go out for public
consumption like we talked about I mean I had a buyer for this from the minute I
saw him go on we were gonna strip it down black it out take it apart put
everything back together and we were going to do that for about six thousand
bucks runes are historically low mileage you got something to this I mean I’ve
bought and sold a few of them that were in the fifteen to twenty thousand but
I’ve never seen anything higher than that so high mileage is like seven and I
know maybe right but you never seen like this this might be the lowest mileage
country I think it’s gotta be the last one in the country and unless anybody
has one that’s probably still rated right well maybe one of the Hollywood
like I think there is I think there is more to it there so crazy usually well
then generalize this off yeah that’s true
let it walk three if I remember correctly and I think Clooney boy couple
as well there are a couple big names that have them I know there’s at least
one guy in Florida that going back seven or eight years he had one that was still
in the crib and he had it on ebay but he wanted fifty thousand for it right and I
mean for me I don’t want anything except the crate for 17 years right you know I
only buy bikes at Clooney and you know also happen right and it to me cluding
Jay Leno we all kind of the same stuff right exactly
mint condition despite we went for $20,000 in five days right low then I
mean really little bit so 40 right so 39 39 yeah and it so for nine o’clock so
it’s the first years yeah so it would have been we’ve been pretty
amazing you know if it had been cherry but yeah we’d only stay here talking
about a lot more money right right so your opinion how much and it looks like
although I mean we’ve the tents by the N in the frame
you might I mean you may have to take it that far a lot of the parts are gonna
both off and the good thing the only saving grace I think with this bike is
it didn’t have Victor own wheels this isn’t a chrome wheel model because if it
had wheels it will have been shot but there’s no polished wheels they’ll come
back up quickly with a speed ball and a little bit of mothers right
you know client that I was gonna do to build for we were about two thousand
dollars we figured it would take somebody who’s done one ten hours to
take it apart ten hours to take it and put it back together right and the guy
that I found to do the stripping was up in when I say that guy was Harrisburg it
still Andy’s auto restoration he’s apparently the premier guy for her our
forums driven okay so and I think it’s car chrome comm use referred to me by a
guy down here he used to do all the subcontract work for the Harley plant in
New York he’s a specialist and have you ever seen any other new Netflix show
lost in space the robot his head looks like it looks like this yeah like that’s
the robot head from my feet all of them had like back in the day we had a
subcontract with a guy who’s a really big Geico agent here in Milan and so we
built a bunch of costumes for him when we took up each X 1800 and you wanted
that headlight retrofitted on each and hundred which seems like they’re right
is like five Wow like the headlight will owners three vans apologizing there’s
like $2,000 with fabrication just to take the head let’s take it on something
else on a bike and it’s not work every thousand
tell me about it you got one here this thing wrong yeah yeah and the good news
everything works the security system everything’s still functional one and
like I said I have two transponder keys which is great because I don’t know if
you could buy two skeezy right this definitely different the challenge we
always had training he’s gonna call there like and that’s what always happened
they were so hard to trade in because people just falling all over then we use one tie-down strap one tie
now strap strap calm and you only actually use one tie-down strap and you
just loop it around here you lose the Raider on here and then you just hook it
like that that is how you tie down a Honda roof place it’s a little crowded in here but
I think I doubt so we’re going to get to it so what do you know about these place
about SuperX yeah so basically these guys started up late nineties in mid 90s
they were trying to put their funding together and they’ve got enough funding
together I guess in 99 which is what year this is too pumped out for 1500 of
these and they had all this money you know I was reading online they said
about six hundred million dollars spent dealer marketing and setting everything
up how much 600 million holy cow ran one year and then I think they pumped out
like another 400 bucks in early 2000 and then shut the doors up so they still own
all the intellectual properties and everything but you know it was a reboot
you know from a world war ii company basically were they doing anything
special anything unique really I mean that the suspension that motor is worth
it yeah if you look at that motor doesn’t end a
lot look a lot like a first gen victory murder yeah like you like be 93 95 you
have a right and that’s kind of what happened is when they dissolve I think
victory blowing up some of the product they have because they still have enough
they said that was someone oh there’s six or eight hundred bikes I’ve never
made it down the production so I don’t know if some of the design team carry
over what happened what so who wants those
will it perpetrate but something worth 10,000 probably in mint condition this
will be a little tinker project we’ll get a replica pressure test make sure if
she runs strong many other events that they’re talking about across but it’s
really smooth I really yeah but it was you know it was a budding actor I guess
late nineties right you know and this was between in Vietnam 20 place in the
97 it came back and over three or four right the fourth or fifth time yeah yeah
so these guys were just trying to take a swing bring the old you know Excelsior
Henderson bicycles up here they world war soon is the last time
there will be water for news about their law but I know those were a lot more
than this so here’s the big question how much you
guys have in that room I mean we’re a little overweight beside
yeah how much you guys happen to a couple grand
really yeah Lana recon now let me look like how much like total I’m just got to
pay for I don’t you get put into it mmm probably three four grand really
Celia how much people wait for the guy fifteen hundred oh yeah yeah well remember when we
bought it didn’t run ten years of dirt oh man thanks for uh show us to this
absolutely let’s go yeah we definitely written into territory the other Honda
heels don’t even touch you know probably said the crop value found the guy was
really nice when I talked to him on the phone he kind of you know I walked him
through what I was trying to do and for me he was only gonna strip it to the
copper I don’t know if they have to go to the nickel or whatever to recruit so
check that out but he was around seven or fifty bucks and I had sent photos I
was destroy everybody will have a stripping because it was gonna be
stripped in Pennsylvania and then brought back down and chromed here at
Baldwin her powder coated rather the problem I found with cramming here
that’s how I got all the way up to Harrisburg is everybody said that
crumbing is an environmental nightmare the amount of I guess things they have
to have in place and certificates and state fees and all that stuff Plus
apparently those tanks can never turn off because everything settles and
separates so you have to have a facility that runs 24 hours a day whether your
hope or not you’re paying for thanks time up your way you guys probably
aren’t open on Sundays alright yeah are you guys yeah you gonna be cool you’re
like yeah just got to have an egg a video about yeah alright cool so we’ll
give you call yeah we’re we’re at where the shop nine-to-five except for when we
come here to buy bruns yeah all right so we had ten five in this
bike can we get this thing perfect I think so
I think depends on what track you want to go down math you want it for the all
the money we want to restore it to its original form
you want to reprogram rechroming I got a call that guy from cares but
figure out what he’s gonna charge us to regrow
scum on a rarefaction the rear fenders worse
but this big for small and still it takes away from eating a
perfect bite you know stop flag it’s french you’re gonna see
it that might be a bigger deal it does run good and you know what a
bike with those low miles I don’t think anyone cares he has good tires a great
you expect everything to be 250 bucks you know I mean the goal is to get it in
said that could end up the perfect condition for less than 15 grand what do you guys think you guys think we
should should we just make it sweet piss off
the entire root community 5 powder coating in powder coat everything black
and paint the room pearl white bring it back to stock the way
was made to be you never become a stick
set up like if we powder-coated it and then did
the white thing instead of putting one on the side you put that we put
Textron it’s the official bag of Tang strap whi wine alright should we just
break hand the bike just spray can and yeah
I don’t know this is gonna be a crazy project I mean I think we’re gonna
yeah I don’t know I guess we gotta run the numbers we need to look at we need
to compare what it’s gonna cost to chrome it up tear it down
how do you take off all the wheels well he’s with the promo wheel to burger
improvement the scale
pardon me is like I wonder how crazy would be to like do all the stuff to
make it perfect but I also wonder what the auction would go to if we just and just like started in 10-5 just the
way I don’t know I’ve no idea that’s not a
bad idea all right we have three we have three
solutions do we sell the way it is right now do we
powder coat it and make it all black block it out
or we bring it back to original tell us in the comments right now what you guys
think we should do and we may or may not do that we might just disregard it can
you like just which is riding off into the sunset buddy just stick it back we
might just friend a storage container it has water damage and stick it back in
there let’s see what happens that sounds great
subscribe next up now I know we just asked you
guys what we should do with the bike and your pinions super valuable but anytime
you can make a quick flip make a quick buck hey that’s got to be the way to go
and to be honest when it comes to doing all that work I’m sure even up to it
we’re at the time but right now with the room we just put this thing on eBay a
couple minutes ago maybe a couple maybe an hour god I know when you’re watching
this thing is currently on eBay the listing is listed below the link to it
is right below we’re gonna put it on there starting bid at 10 5 what we have
into it and we’re a sell for whatever does whatever it does I say if it does
10 6 no other bids we’re selling it and we’ll see how it goes but if it gets no
bids no love then wool will bring it back and fix it you do all the stuff to
it but as a right now that’s how it is go check out the link below it should be
pretty exciting to watch we’ll see you guys later


2 months ago I bought my first bike. A 2015 sym wolf classic. Looks like a 60s model Honda. Since then I bought my second bike a 2000 Yamaha road star silveradi 1600. In love with that bike. But now I've found my dream bike. That rune might be the most beautiful thing I've ever layed my eyes on!

Man that rune is hideous! 😂 I can't believe people like them ! Lol … I think the guy who designed the rune was smoking crack when he drew it up !

Back when the Rune came out. I went to the dealer. I had cash in hand. I wanted it and was ready to buy. I spent 30 minutes looking at it. I even sat on it. Even though the sign said " DO NOT SIT ON THE BIKES !" Not one salesman paid any attention to me. Finley, I went to the desk. I told the lady there that I wanted to buy the bike and I had the cash. She said a salesman would be right with me. Another thirty minutes and nobody. By this time, I was pretty damn pissed. So I yelled at the top of my voice. " Apparently you fuckers think I'm not good enough to own a Honda ! SO FUCK YOU !!!!" I stomped out the door, got into my car and started to pull out, when I noticed three salsman standing out in the lot. They were just standing there, talking. I pulled up to them and told them what just happened. One guy said come back in another hour and well take care of you. I can't remember all the names I called them… LOL I never bought the bike and I never went back to that dealer. That was in Joplin, Missouri.

Nice video and killer bike, even with the flaws from poor storage conditions. BUT the main thing I like the most is, you guys did not try to rape a customer on price. The fact you guys didn't do that means a lot. It shows that you love bikes,the riders / customer and are just trying to make a living, and are pretty damn honest from my view.

Caleb needs to stick a meth pipe up his pee hole then smash it with a hammer…. what a tool, everyone else is awesome

What's the best way to bring in the money you want for it. I know what u should do with it, but it's not my bike lol 🙂

Gently massage the bad spots (chrome) with steel wool. You might get off a bit lighter than you thought. You can try it on the magnesium, too, though I am less hopeful about that.

Rat rod the bitch then call harley and ask them why they cant make a bike like this and not the bull shit v rod

Original for sure. Don't you think they tried EBAY? If they didn't I'd be surprised. Also another auction would be Bringtrailor.com I think that's right. Check it out. If anything nice bike for your collection at 10 five. I think people are scared because of parts availability.

I don't give a flying shit about keeping stuff stock! As long as it looks good when it is done Especially motorcycles! It is just a machine, meant to ride. It would probably cost more than the bike is worth to re-chrome it.

We have a few chromers in Cleveland if you haven't fixed it yet. I live west of Cleveland about 20 miles and I'm seriously considering coming to you guys to buy a bike. I'm trying to get my credit closer to 700 before I do but I should be there as of may 1st. You guys are great and I really enjoy the videos.

If it’s a business decision you restore it. If you want a personal build then customize it. Always eBay that shit first with a high reserve

I use to work in a chrome plant doing motorcycle and semi exhaust. What he said was correct. And most plants use the new type of chrome which peels easily. Harley chrome is what i did, thats old school chrome and the process is horrible for you and the environment.

It's not worth restoring to factory "original". It will never be original again. I'd black it out and tell everybody to fuck off…

I know a lot of folks will hate this comment, but I would like to see a that rune customized with the blacked out powder coat idea. Naturally you'd get a lot of flack for it, but I would love to see one that didn't look like a the other runes. Yes I understand the value would plummet but damn that sounds like a great idea!

I think you paid too much for the bike . It would of sold for 7,000 if you had of offered it in cash. then you might have a chance to re-chrome it and have 10 to 12 in it. Sell it for 18. and move on.

I saw the Rune on the show floor when I went to Honda in 2005 five to get my first bike. I wanted a CBR but walked out with a Shadow Aero instead. Glad I went the cruiser route, I had lots a fun customizing and getting acquainted with motorcycles. Sadly I'm not riding at the moment but I want to ride again. My last bike was a Harley, I'm just not sure what I want to get when it comes time to enjoy the road again.

I do not know what is wrong with our society. They do not read, just look at pictures. Is there too much lead in our water pipes. People will give a one star rating because the picture had a motorcycle and a helmet, for $200, with a title helmet fir sale. Plus what motorcycle costs, $200!! This happens over and over!

I watched you guys do this a year or two ago, why are you re posting this old video?
I didn't dream it.

Hi guys, greetings from Miami, I follow your videos a lot, I want to suggest a trick for the rusty parts, immerse it in white vinegar from one Day to another, you will be surprised with the results,the Rune will be amazing a gen

Make it back to original so it doesn't lose value..but if you do that, you might be in the negative as far as making any money flipping it. But I like the idea of a pearl white and flat black or a smoke black color..

Just traded my 2017 Kawasaki Concours with only 1600 miles for $9800 to Bill at Crofton Powersports.

Looney clooney now i really dont want one! had a black one 04 1600 miles bought it in Bruce MS for 16K new sold it 4 years ago for 14K and took awhile to get that down here in da south ;( Mississucki. now have a mint yellow and black Valk from 2000 with some chrome Cobra parts, transcovers etc, Goodyear triple tread back tire new, cobra front, silver pin stipe between black and yellow. 20K miles not a nick or scratch yetttt 😉 plate is Valk 1 😉 the bumble beeeee or should i say hornet!!! and fits a bigger guy like me, im 6 1" and i looked like a giant on the Rune i was told. ;( also love my 09 Harley Electra Glide Ultra with 10K in parts mostly chrome jeeezzz it never ends and now cant get 9800 for that! 28K miles and garage kept, always shined, hell looks new!!! Chrome mags, new back tire, metzeler 880 up front , only 4k miles on it. lemme know! 😉 9800 and all the old parts in new shape including wheels come with it. RB

Do not change a thing…..wash it maybe mothers chrome polish. Those scuffs are just character no other rune has and part of its story

The dealer you bought the bike from are snakes ! Say what you want but they didn't help you at all and pocketed thousands above what they paid cost !

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