WE STOLE THIS STORAGE UNIT AT AUCTION $3,000.00 GAMBLE bought an abandoned storage unit

we got a lot of bats what is it I always
say you can’t hit a home run unless you swing the bat they transferred 100 grand
what but sometimes I feel like there might be a projectile dispenser ladies
and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages we are about to go and bark on a great
invention today got storage stalker little mama stopped her Uncle Mike and
across her words and of course you captain speaking
I pirate we bought three pods the other day I bought one Alex wanted and he told
me he said you’re not buying another million-dollar lock without me this time
I want in let him in then I convinced him to split the other two with me and
told him don’t trip we’ll get the money back when we sell everything I’ll get my
money back and we split the profits let’s just be teamwork let’s all make
money so we are gonna start filming there’ll be several videos from these
three pods and with that being said anyway let’s get on to it the show let’s
get there let’s get set up and we’ll start making videos and we
forgot a something’s wrong apart key in our lap today so here we are trying to
get in to our unit do you need me to do it Uncle Mike no here’s the scene right here empty
trailer we’re gonna fill this full of better stuff for Sunday here we have
Alex’s truck and trailer they’re gonna fill this up for Monday and we’re about
to go through this unit we’re gonna call this the train unit we’re gonna call
that Alex’s safe unit we’re gonna call that Mike safe unit reason being is when
we look to these units the other day Alex said he felt like there was a safe
and this one no disease ones yeah Alex felt like there’s a safe and this one
and I felt like you’re the safe in this one so we’re gonna find out who is right
somewhere might be a safe in these two units all right I’m gonna do a little
bit of filming here here my partner warmed up we got a lot of bats what is
it I always say you can’t hit a home run unless you swing the bat damar and steel
this one’s a little dented someone must have got a little unhappy
we got a GPS this is a good bet right here Louisville Slugger I’m I’m
speculating that probably the $20 bat maybe more do you know anything about
bats in the comment section let me know we got a quantum Easton this is like a
good guy Oh Mikan that’s a good one you know why
I like this one this is Mike in it’s Mike and Alex and Almighty it’s a good
one tokens I think was a couple hundred bucks and that’s in just this one bag
right here you serious yes that’s not a cheap bet that’s 10 to 20 bucks easily
resale I mean it’s not in great shape like this one but this way mmm eBay I’m
thinking flea market it you Bay will probably be a little more but you know
do we have time to eBay hundreds items I don’t know yet oh look at that
what is teamwork make a bet no Dima it sounds fancy tomorrow then this sound
DeMarre Venus that one’s got flames on it Uncle Michael likes flames lame on
Johnny alright I definitely think we got at
least 200 bucks Uncle Michael what are you doing over
there a comment below Uncle Michael please slow down another Mike you
riding it out for you who this is a good one team TPA I’m pretty sure TPS is a
good one Louisville Slugger it’s a metal yep we have a hybrid Michael’s a hybrid we have anything at the bottom look at
all these big bats man there’s all like the same bats just over and over look at
that he must’ve been the bat boy huh man alright this is I’m thinking maybe 300
200 300 and hitting back on just that one bag of bat me first they oughta
probably live sell them for a dollar apiece that is a nice jacket that goes
in the sunday load holiday storage bags for Jill to take
the ball because I can use that in my back this is Debbie before the other way
too much well hello there hi kidney is 822 OS DC eyes good clubs somebody
commented already attended or without the hundred dollars for that set this is
a good three Iron Man I’m sure it is a a chive or XLS Calloway come on space-time PT p2g 10.5 beta
that’s probably 20 30 clothes are so expensive storage this right here if you
find the right Scotty Cameron white Odyssey and it has the actual paperwork
with it there’s they come with paperwork some of them like 1,400 bucks so what is
that this one is probably like 50 to 100 make your receipt you want to try them
Saint Lawrence Academy a business in a box digital scale with a measuring cup
nice start your own business we got a lid labeling system those aren’t very
much believe it or not it goes a little label system we got agro now as one
funky flight drum can fly the drone better than flies the kite ladies then screener that’s a good sign the one
that people buy oakley glasses you automatically know they spend quality
items leapfrog and how that is actually if the children’s think the learning
thing a relic it’s like Uncle Michael relic
brand in the background because we are on wide angle and it gets you to so she’s Jenna right here oh you know what
Thanksgiving isn’t a couple of days we have to check the price of this I might
be starting some dimming powers over here somewhere I got a vibe robot
brand-new in-the-box that’s awesome any of your kids playing baseball soon got
some merace what about these these boots are made for walkin that’s a nice one
oh yeah these right here are good boots they’re Justin
probably made in the USA that’s a good one for $20 bill okay maybe if you see
new pocket manager good I just bought some really good friends at Walmart
hundred like 69 for my set wait till you have to throw everything away in your
house from bedbugs yes you know what we have a researcher
here baby you research the actual name of these
American professional Ameri we’re professionals sounds like me
chimera we’re American professional it’s not American it’s a bear away
we got a Wagner low end paint sprayer 30 bucks I taught him everything he knows
yeah they’re they’re expensive these people bought quality stuff oh yes
all right look you know they buy quality service a little regular little shorts
he’s a Greg Stiles when they look like this they have the identical sets it’s
weird another another camera not theirs look
literally except for they have this one here the
Callaway 19° 5w can we give that the baby Jebus all right I did that for baby
Jesus it’s the reprint for printing here
hybrid 3-iron I think we have at least under 250 in clubs minimum maybe three
oh and the pans people I’m not dimming those that’s why I like
almost 300 ours and pants maybe more check them tomorrow Uncle Mike you
always check the golf bag pockets for the role that that they wore and if
they’re not very important when you goes off he’s got a lot of balls ready
some good balls do these right here anybody wants to go lightly this is what
you play with right here if you’re a golfer you use Titleist proviso that are
about five bucks a ball I like these I lose usually about twenty five
involves when I play golf all right what’s up with that stroller Alex
doesn’t it look like a fancy stroller smell it it’s a Chico Sears brand I
think is this I don’t know I haven’t had kids in a long time think about having
another one yeah you know guys have marching straight up
I’m afraid you can pinch my fingers beaters look a nice fancy it’s all modern give
you 40 I’m thinking 75 no probably 75 do you think so I bet you knew that’s 300
bucks Oh dollar babe keep going research
person remembrance of 40 passes through of flight 93 9 1101 I never gave up and
never will I’m keeping this one Michael PI 1 thank you okay Liz who won a buck
how much did you both say he said he said 375 bowls at him well brand-new
it’s probably like 150 okay though use pre-owned is probably like 65 70 much
lease this is Nike this is definitely a nice one wouldn’t you what is that is that a game worn sock
fill that Major League Baseball it’s from the game right here you go that’s
one the game that’s a brand-new 2003 champions
Giants they were champion for the other words look at that the other thing these
are probably good on eBay the other words they’re like they’re from the
actual winner of the series – me who – me are made in Scotland oh yeah baby selling this dibs Invitational flag
football cute little flag football all right it’s not the regular flag football
when you gotta you uh you sit there and you and you gotta pull the velcro this
great thing goes on here right you leave it on you you got a cool hard mix to say
this for gaming flag football yes I can see all of us youtubers get together and
doing that you know what you know Oh that’d be cool around the holiday season
get together and do this we should get all get together Nightwind what do you
think I want to be in the window on money on where we’re gonna put this
aside knee knee braces is there a hundred grand in there you
saw your more balls the Slick Willy golf ball look at those
those here Slick Willy balls they’re uh Bill Clinton and we get into personal
paperwork hiking high-definition video power center clean filter there’s gonna
be tons of eBay I wonder if this I bet you these are expensive WD my box they
transferred 100 grand these are from the Christmas story what is one of the
things I told you I was gonna find in this unit what we were gonna find and
look this is already a good sign that we have a potential of finding some type of
really good sports play seven dollars off you have I think that
this is good table Truckee that’s like what twenty dollars to Uncle Michael
dance don’t get him started this what do you say about when you move balls game
when you move Simon it looks like that in the back
hello it’s a turn he said peep game it’s the unicorn I’m not a very prompt in
uniforms look at that and they’re not talk now I’ll play with dolls I’m not
aware this is a good dog this I wouldn’t let you did this one it’s kind of she
had but we find a whole bunch of American Girl doll stuff that is money
alright kids do not eat bad that one can go in Alex’s trailer train track parts
and but we’re gonna catch a bus this Thomas the Train
Oh Chuggington okay I think that’s a newer one that’s okay okay all right and
this is what they meant by buzz are this one of those expensive train sets like
the uh Thomas the Train it could be learning curve brands is
that is to spend some brand new I’d say Stockton on this fourth of July sound alone she see it
honeymoon she got stopped in what are you back but sometimes I feel like there
might be a projectile dispenser in there and you’re just throwing it around in no
you want me to tell you we’re really with generator paintball-gun right
no these look nice 200 and it’s the season yeah I thought could I felt this right
here I was thinking a little loopy drugs you using a big paintball gun this is
actually probably $100 right here reason being I don’t know off the top of my
head but it’s rigid it’s an auto spin this is just go to it see I work amazing stuff this is
probably 100 bucks in this situation quickly find they wrote books I wrote a
book this is it I know what you mean that is why I’m
taking a long so long to finish in my office see this lifetimes ago telescopes
he shows out his wife I remember coming home one night from work thinking of
taking of themselves for a second before he continued I think she was around five
years that’s a book like they were writing the book a bistro sinks fireball these are kind of cool we’re not taking
shots ready okay I’ll get two weeks in the camera I’m always ready he started
to do his video and he got nervous smooth opened up and he didn’t know he
was like can you please fill my because I’m kind of nervous and I need you to
kind of with that being said we got a brand new
sewing machine Janome DC 3-0 or 1-800 machines are
great you know why and that is a wrap on this unboxing we got so much more to go
I have several videos out of just this one unit you have to go to storage
docker little mamas talkers channels to see that you’re gonna do some unboxing
too right yes she is just play just play and
you’ll see all the wonderful traders we have yet to find in him


Wow what a great pod. They put their whole house in there. Love to see you all working together. I hope you make lots of money and. Find a safe. Love you

Those bats can get you 75.00 a pop, most run for 130.00-250 new. I would post them on FB market place, being that Fairfeild has a major softball/baseball league that would buy them off you.

The Chicco (it's pronounced Key-co, strangely) stroller is pricey!!! I lucked out and got one at a thrift store for $5!!! I wouldn't let it go for less than $60-75!! ♥️

Uncle mike is always trying to rush to find something good! Lol This video is one of the best videos I’ve seen so in all of yours videos! DIBS on the leg lamps! My dad collects them!! Lol Who started “dibs”? I say little mama did!

If you want to sell all the bats to me for $10 each plus shipping id take em all and ebay them if you dont have the time to ebay them. You can order the tubes to ship them off of the Post Office to ship them in.. Id look them up before deciding because they can go for anywhere from next to nothing to $1800 depending on which ones you have.

I'm so glad to see you using the tripod, it makes watching more interesting , thank you!
Those look like really good clubs..wow!
What's that thing about, old golfers never die, they just lose their ball:)
Any dinosaurs ,especially battery operated are a quick sell.
I am really liking this locker, lots of really good,clean stuff,can't wait for the next episode.
Rik Spector

Alex selling his $100 bats at the flea market for a $1. I need to go to your flea market. Watch some picker videos to get an idea of what people are looking for at the swap meets Alex. Dont sell yourself short

MIKE, I can't believe you have 3 trailers to sort through, and you did not bring a Knife to open the boxes. I thought you were a pro at this stuff. Looking forward to your next 10 videos on these trailers, but try to get a few knives to open the boxes. Thanks. LOL

Jeez Pirate. Uncle Mike was looking at that cashmere sweater and you literally took it from his hands and tossed it a foot or two out of his reach. Not nice Pirate.

A Ping G10 driver is a $40 club.
A set of Titleist DCI irons could be worth $100 if they are good ones in nice condition.
Don't discount the bags – they look pretty nice. They also put money in the bags.
Justin boots – apparently usually more than $100.
Chico stroller looks like the model that is $249 new – the Chico Bravo,.

Hate to say it but you are still clueless.. a few of them bats will bring 100s.. check for cracks and damage. You want to sell them for 10 a piece at the flea market you are just wasting your time buying these units. Maximize your profits! You have money the clubs as well.

Mr Pirate, you mentioned having another child, you have so much good to pass along it's a wonderful idea. Very entertaining video.

Curious about those Pings golf clubs …. ex had many and paid 200$-500$ a club ! Hope you have goodness in those units !

Bats can be good just depends on brand. My son played travel and his bats were 3 & 4 hundred Each. Then add gloves for multiple positions and that’s another 300 plus. It’s not like it used to be where there’s a bat and glove and off to play. It’s crazy but a good investment in youth.

Dang you hit a great unit between baseball and golf cha Ching! I’m broke bc of my son with the sports it’s just not kickball anymore😂. But well worth it to keep them busy and off the streets running wild. Hunting, fishing(rod & reels can trump baseball bats x 100) add to the sports it’s crazy but it’s all good. I’ll stay broke my investment in him is the most important thing to me. Education, respect, morals, humble, compassion for others & God. The good Lord knew he was all I could handle and break $$ me 🤷‍♀️so I only have the one! Have a great Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. Pirate enjoy your new home for the holidays!!!!

I love the jacket make you look like a lumber jack all you need is a chair saw and a fire. Those bats are worth a lot. But you guys are having way to much fun together. LOVE💜

Yessss!!! The Dynamic Duo together again!!! Love seeing you together 💖
Looks like a great Pod . Lots of name brands and quality items. 💖

I sell DEMARINI bats on facebook marketplace for 80.00-300.00 as fast as i can list them…a bit slower this time of year of course…but you got 500.00 easy in the bat bag!

Для американских людей кто имеет капитал, лучшая зона Офшора, это Россия

You boys are looking nice and festive today. Please slow down Uncle Mike – you flew right past me when I needed a ride! The camera woman did a great job. Awesome unit! Tyfs.

Great video. Love the way you all interact with each other. Family and friends. Much love to you all and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ❤️💜♥️💛💙💚🦃🦃

DeMarini bats start at $300 bucks a piece, and the gulf golf clubs Callaway, Ping, both at least $100 a piece on the aftermarket!!!!!!!

Hey pirate oh, just to let you know I'm sending you a Christmas card in the mail oh, and there's another card in there for storage stalker and his wife. Little mama stalker already knows that it's coming you should receive it by Saturday hopefully Monday please let me know when you get it on messenger

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