WeBuyCars Car Dash | Episode 13

For this week’s WeBuyCars Car Dash, we gave our usual trio a fairly decent virtual budget of R300,000. Seeing as February is almost done We gave them the usual five minutes to make their pick from our massive selection of well over a thousand vehicles 2010 Lexus IS-F The BMW 535i The sleek Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG While Lexus is know for being reliable, this Lexus is known for being fast! You will be hard pressed to find a BMW 5-series for under R300,000. It’s like my father always said: “There’s a huge difference between a transformer and a convertible.” So visit any of our countrywide WeBuyCars warehouses and find your next car today What would you pick when you’re spoilt for choice? WeBuyCars: The Car Supermarket

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