We’re having an online auction sale!

Hey there everybody, Mark and Nancy here,
downtown Vernon, British Columbia at Watkin Motors. Say “Hi, Nancy” “Hi Nancy” 🙂 So we’re just
here talking about Lead Source Canada is in doing a sale until Saturday 5:00 p.m. It started this morning…what we do basically
is go through and try to sell you a car. If you pick one out that you like, that’s
fantastic. I’ll do an appraisal on your car. If you like the value, away you go in your
new vehicle. If you don’t, we actually have Powerband in
for the next five days and they are going to do an “online auction” to try to get you
a little more for your car with other dealers out there and wholesalers and even some of
the guys from the U.S. So…come on down and check us out and see
everything that’s going on because it is exciting! Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram,
like us on Facebook and look at all of our vehicles at www.watkinmotors.com. You have a FANTASTIC day!! 🙂

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