What do McDonald’s Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders taste like?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food review. Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review. And I am your host the report of the week So thank you for checking in I still AM alive. I still I’m alive I am Well, I’m as far as I’m concerned anyway in one piece I’m pretty sure I am I can guarantee you this tie is not it’s not holding me together. I am in one piece and So far, I’m you know the hurricane because I am in Florida has yet to impact and keeping an eye on it I’m tracking it, but you know I staying safe staying prepared and You know fingers crossed for the best so far, but either way things continue on with the channel I figure well, you know, I’m kind of done preparing I’ve got everything set up for the most part I may as well consider You know looking around seeing if there’s any fast-food places still open and see if there’s anything to review But it’s again with the hurricane impact Lots of places might be closed. I might not have internet for a while So I may as well just get something in while I still can and sure enough Believe it or not. The Golden Arches had me covered. I was looking around I was I was scampering I was scratching around was looking around for things to try and Believe it or not. I was actually shocked that they had this out already I went over to McDonald’s and I saw there was this new poster. They must have just put it up Right at my McDonald’s that said the I believe it was the sweet and spicy. I Think that’s an airplane. I don’t know what that is Like the sweet and spicy glazed Chicken tenders are back Yeah, there’s the supply of the chicken tenders coming in right now. They’re flying them in in droves and they’re back though, and I was looking for the menu and there’s like There’s no info on these things at all Like I know they were gonna be back and I tried these ones before last year and they were really good I was a fan of these but you know when some places rerelease things it’s like Why did they have to do this? It’s like, you know, they had a really good thing going and they ruined it, you know so I’m gonna be retrying these out. I’m gonna see. All right. Are they stole any good? What do they taste like? Did they ruin them did they not and so on and so forth? But I think that these aren’t going to be released nationally probably later in the month of September that’s my that’s my guess. That’s my educated guess they’re gonna be coming out later in September for Everyone else but in some locations they may be released locally like they are here I don’t know if McDonald’s kind of just says you poor you poor miscreants are gonna deal with the hurricane so I’ll just give you these things early. But either way we’re gonna try it out You can get them in a four piece or a six piece And you can kind of see it. They really squeeze this thing in the bag. It’s not really Well, we’ll just have to do it There we go, and there are the napkins So yeah, these tenders are going to be an interesting one anyway these are the spicy barbecue glaze tenders and it’s like they’re um, But they’re buttermilk chicken tenders Smothered in this well, this spicy barbecue sauce it’s supposed to be a little sweet, but it’s also supposed to have this little bit of almost a I Believe I heard a Southwestern like almost like a little bit of a jalapeno spice to it added So they’re supposed to just be a little sweet, but of course on the spicier end as well And again, I tried these a year ago when they originally had these Released for the very first time and I enjoyed them and I really did like the sauce coverage. So we’re gonna see all right Here’s the box here Glazed Tenders right there. Yeah Insignia Now it should be saying the six piece, but I don’t know they didn’t do that. It’s funny And now let’s open them and let’s see what we see. Oh Right There they are Six piece tenders right? They’re Kind of Resting in here there I am of them. Let’s let’s let’s do this. Let’s be all dramatic this time around Right, yeah, there they are though you can see definitely they’re in there there I am kind of looming over it There’s my eyes looming over Like that all right, let’s get one out and let’s hold it up for you and see what it looks like here How about we go? See There it is anyway Sorry that the camera isn’t really totally focusing in on this But I think you can see what it looks like though It’s see, you know, it does have a little bit of seasoning on it. It’s definitely though I’ve got a good amount of that glaze on it and the sauce. It’s definitely dreaded as well and don’t you it’s a good amount of Chicken tender though. You just try and do the autofocus on this thing. Let’s see what happens. There we go yeah, you can see good amount of reading though and Yeah, that’s what it that’s what it looks like Sorry about that. All right with that said Hello camera Anyone, why is it being so weird on me tonight? I don’t know. I’m sorry about this everyone. There we go Yeah, figure this out. It’s like I switched my camera or anything. I don’t know why it’s being so weird on me I’m gonna try it up and I’ll try and figure out this camera issue the sweet Or it’s actually just a spicy barbecue glaze tenders from McDonald’s going in You know what I Go ahead I brought out this nice Fork and everything Just for these no do I do I pick it up with my hands? So I’m gonna go all fancy right now Now we’re talking there is I have upgraded the napkins Oh, right, well, you know what Compared to how these we’re a year ago, I’m still satisfied with them. I think What you’re gonna notice most about this is that these have a much more pronounced spiciness Then I feel they did one year prior Like this time around. Alright, the one thing I like about these especially they are very thoroughly coated in this barbecue sauce So they have a lot of sauce on them and that’s what I like about these like I don’t like it when they go ahead with these tenders and they put just Such a little sauce. We have these little blotches that have nothing on it, right. These are sauced up Alright, they’re going it is sauce to the max right here. And that’s good though That’s a good thing wherever you get that flavor in every single bite, which is a big thumbs up to McDonald’s They’re got that little bit of a crisp not too much a little crunch. That’s that’s noticeable here in there, but nothing too crazy It has this little bit of a sweetness to it But again that is not as pronounced as it was the last time I tried this out The one thing that you’re really gonna notice with these tenders this time around they are a lot spicier I Wouldn’t really compare this to a jalapeno pepper, but I would say that this spiciness is definitely there. It’s more like just a Regular like that black pepper type of spiciness But it’s definitely strong its potent that’s mixed in there at the sauce and you will be getting that in every bite It comes in immediately as soon as it hits your tongue You’re gonna notice that spiciness but it also does linger on as an aftertaste as I’m kind of giving this analysis of it I still feel it in my mouth in the back of my mouth there Despite any water. That’s not to say that this is like the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten, you know, it’s far from it But I should say Compared to some tenders that will kind of go ahead and say that they’re spicy and the spice is, you know, very fleeting It’s there and then it’s gone. This is most certainly a lingering spiciness and keep that in mind So these are definitely on the spicier side As the name does rightfully imply. But again do keep that in mind that they’re not messing around here. I would recommend getting a drink with these you know, so I would get a drink to kind of cool the the flames and We’re gonna see you know, yeah, you know what? I’m trying to say anyway, and that keep you from keeling over as they say, but otherwise I mean the chicken is good quality It’s like again, it’s like the buttermilk chicken tenders, which I’ve always been a fan of I think quality wise. These are pretty good I think sauce wise Definitely definitely savory flavorful and very on the spicy side They are a little on the pricier end though again I got a six piece of these and they were nearly seven bucks, which is pretty expensive for some chicken tenders. So Yeah, that’s a bit It’s a bit pricey. It’s a good product. I think they taste good. I liked I really like the sauce You know, it’s definitely on the spicier end, but it’s tasty and a very flavorful But I think they are a bit overpriced for what they are. So out of ten I’m gonna give these There considering what they are. I’m gonna give them a seven point zero out of ten because they’re pretty good, you know, I May be a little bit more of a crunchiness They’re a little overpriced but overall for what they are definitely above Average and I would recommend giving them a shot your McDonald’s in your area or right if they will be soon Check them out. See how you how you think of them. And yeah compared to how they were in 2018 There’s still good still flavorful still saucy, but a little more on that spicy side of things Alright, so with that said ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week thank you for watching this review of McDonald’s spicy barbecued chicken tenders and Yeah, I mean my I’m sorry. I’ve been a little scatterbrained in this review Again, I don’t know what’s gonna happen with this hurricane. It’s a category 5 Look everyone just be safe out there. I’ll check in whenever I can. It might be without internet power for a long time. So Oh I’ll do whatever I can to keep you guys posted, but just take care and be safe out there, you know whether you’re in Florida whether you’re in Georgia or the carolinas keep your eye on it, and I just just stay safe and Be ready for this because it’s gonna be strong if it hits. So be ready and thank you for watching I don’t know if I’m gonna get a podcast off this Thursday. I might not I might not have the resources But yeah, just just pay attention to the channel to my social media Twitter at Iamreviewbrah Instagram iamreviewbrah, you know just check for updates that you can Thank you and do take care and just stay safe out there I’m the host to the report of the week and I’ll see you when I see you


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Him: Could I get an order of Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders?

Employee: Sir, how did you – – we can’t sell start selling them until tomorrow.

Him: Give them to me.

Glazed tenders were the worst to make when I worked at McDonald's. Having to step aside to toss the tenders in the bowl with a lid. Usually, we were already dying. They're hella messy, so you had to use tongs to pick the tenders up one by one. And usually sauce gets all over you clothes when you toss them. But they're fire, so it's worth it.

just got em. God they're gross. Almost none of the "glaze" to the point where I don't even need a napkin, and the quality was less than their buttermilk tenders I think, and not very spicy at all, and I have fairly low spice tolerance. Also, I asked for a 2 piece cuz I wasn't sure if I'd like em and was told they don't the spicy glazed tenders in 2 piece. Worst thing I've had from mcdonalds in a long time

I'm in wintergarden can u gift me with a large mc Donald's fries . And some spicy chicken sandwiches. Like chick fil a. And I'll give you some pokemon cards my teacher gave me. Theyre not that good but I mean there's a rare candy. Love u Mr. Review brah


「Japanese so sorry
you review
I'm hungry…🤤」


With a suit like a sail at 73 pounds he WILL blow away, good thing he leaves his nails long, he can cling on to his MCDonals ribs as he flies off into the Exosphere

I had these at my local McDonald’s, but I ordered them a few days ago, and they were the most disgusting, horribly sauced, the meat was absolutely disgusting and dry, I hated everything about it. It was a waste of my money. I hope it’s just my McDonald’s that has to taste the quality that I ate

"I think that's an airplane… idk what that is."

Makes first contact shares a meal with an alien while having an intelligent conversation

I was hesitated to buy these in my area lol. I bought the regular tenders one time and some of the tenders end up being rubbery or not cooked enough. Like really poor quality

Anyways I gave these a try and I was surprised at how good they were. The smell however was a little strong tho.

Only $7 for these. I paid $8.99 for about 5-6 tenders Possibly more. From Picasso Pizza & pub and I buy at least 4 containers with chicken tenders and BBQ Sauce and with a dipping sauce of Blue Cheese and a $3.00 Delivery charge and 7% state tax. And they are about 3 miles away from my house. That's insane. But they do have some amazing chicken tenders.

I usually agree. I tried them. The chicken was all gristly, the sauce had almost no flavor or spice. no crunchiness at all just a soggy gristly mess.

WHAT?!?! No, not at all. Sorry but I don't agree, I tried them before and there was absolutely zero spice. I still like them but still

I had these 2 weeks ago and I didn't even notice the name and that it was supposed to be spicy. Was not spicy at all for me. And I love me some spicy foods and hot wings and stuff like that.

Do you ever eat fine dining when you’re not doing fast food reviews? If so, what’s your favorite fine dining restaurant?

Cleaning the kitchenware used to glaw-zed the tendies is annoying. Spraying and creating a misty zone with the spice that's easily entering my precious lungs causes me to cough like I'm sick. The glaw-zed tendies taste good but the spice is too much for the lungs

Yeah, I suppose that might not be too bad depending upon what, when, where you get the food stuff and who cooked it up. Then there is always the problem of bad foods, how long it was sitting out and what they do with the waste materials. I mean how do they comply with all the regs and where does that stuff end up? I have an idea, but, gee…I just don't think many want to confront it.

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