What is Dwelling and Other Structure Coverage? – GEICO Insurance

This is dwelling and other structures
coverage unpacked. When you own a home or condo, there’s your dwelling that’s, well,
the main part of the home. The place you dwell in, host parties in, binge watch TV
in. The dwelling also includes anything attached to it, like a porch, or garage.
And then, when you own a larger property there are sometimes these, for lack of a
better term, other structures that are permanent and detached from the main
dwelling. You know, your sheds, fences, gazebos. If something damages the
physical structure of your home or any of those other permanent structures on
your property, for instance that precarious tree branch there. Your
coverage will kick in to cover the cost of repairs up to your limit, so you don’t
have to dwell on all the unknown

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