What It’s Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State



Islamic states, Islamic terrors, ISIS inhne mein kaam khatarnak manati ho kyoki atleast yeh yeh wale terror log apana asali chehara dikhate hai I mean Jo andar hai wahi exact bahar dekhai deta hai.

Wow looks lawesome to get blown up ans have 900 million virgins and allah will praise me for nothing …. i think ima join………….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣fuckin morons

I can’t believe some people actually fear The Islamic State. This video makes it clear there is nothing to fear from these Godless Heathens.

Como vao avança de carro em Campo aberto com Arma de bastante recoiu e sem mira tatica contra os Caras na Colina mostrando so o capacete. Suicide squad… Se tivesse um sniper inimigo ja Era os 4

As they drive into the open field with a sufficient retreat weapon and no tactical sight against the Guys on the Hill, showing only the helmet. Suicide Squad … If I had an enemy sniper

Its funny cause now im working with afghans and Middle Eastern here in denver so weird these fckers loves to fight even now they brought their attitudes here in us

I'm not so certain their vehicle was hit by a Peshmerga rocket? I think when the moron removed the safety off the rpg it exploded or that giant bottle rocket fuse they were trying to light, went off?

72 young virgins in paradise for islamic martyrs is ridiculoud.
I would ask, "what am i suppsed to do the next day" …. im not a sucker.

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