When You Find A Bargain And You Must Tell The World

I’m loving my new jumper!
And what’s even better about it is I got it on sale
for £15.99 Oooh yeah! Coffee for Natalie? Oh, wow,
I love your jumper Thanks,
I got it on sale for £15.99 Why the hell did I say that?!
She didn’t ask I’m here!
Sorry I’m late Hey gal
Oh my god! I love that jumper
I got it on sale for £15.99 STOP THIS!
What is wrong with you? Just say, ‘thank you’ Oh my god, hi!
How are you? Oh, hi, I’m good thanks,
how are you? Ooh, I love your jumper
Thank you Well, listen,
I really have to go but we’ll catch up soon,
yeah? Ok, see you later I GOT IT ON SALE FOR £15.99!!!!


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