Why Hendrick Automotive Group Chose Reynolds and Reynolds

Well I think as the market’s changed and
customers expect different things, faster service, you have
to change with the times. Dealers are often valuing software as what can it
do for me. What’s the return on investment. Forever, dealerships have
thought about it and they use this word ‘DMS.’ What Reynolds has really evolved to
is RMS–Retail Management System. What Reynolds has developed is a solution,
not just a software. They’re always looking for something innovative,
something new that they can incorporate. They’re looking for different ways
to improve the dealer experience and always striving
to put the best product out there. If you’re trying to operate a business
and you’re trying to deal with 10 different people giving you the same kind of tools,
then it’s just a mess. For us, one of the benefits of working with Reynolds
and Reynolds is that it is built as a single system. It works together and we know that
it’s just going to work. So that when I need information, if I need it for sales or
for service or for body or for parts, it’s not a bolt-on where I have a
specialty product. It’s all there together. A vendor provides a product.
Reynolds provides a solution. You need a solution or
you’ll always be searching for products. The more we can have under the Reynolds umbrella,
the more effective we’re going to be, the more effective in terms of
moving data back and forth, and the more effective we’re going to be
in being cost efficient. If Reynolds can do it,
we want Reynolds to do it. And someone might be a little bit cheaper or
they might have a little bit of a hook, but history’s taught me just deal with
the people you can trust. We’re able to really build a vision and we’re really
able to build a strategy around achieving that vision. When we look at trying to figure out
where the future’s going to take us, the one thing we know is that
we’re going to go there with Reynolds together.

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