Why It’s Dumb to Buy a Smart Car

rev up your engines, do you think it’s a smart idea to buy a
smart car, now to understand if it is, you need a little history lesson about the
difference between Europe and the United States, now the Romans, they built roads,
they were eight Roman feet wide, which is a little bit less than seven point nine
feet, I guess the Romans had small feet so in Europe, hey there’s lot of really small
streets in the cities, there isn’t all that much room, but here in Houston Texas, by law the city streets have to be at least 28 feet, from curb to curb and many
are much larger, so in Europe and many parts of Asia, something like this Toyota
Highlander it’s seen as a giant vehicle where here, it’s just the normal sized
SUV, so in Europe in 1993 the swatch company, yes the people who made the
watches, I mean do you really want to buy a car from a company that makes a little
watches, so then in 1993 they decided to make a little urban car, they partnered
up with Volkswagen, but Volkswagen they thought about it and said we’re not going to do that, so then they partnered up with mercedes-benz, the name smart car is
kind of an anagram of swatch and Mercedes what they claim, and they
started to build them in France, now realize that the smart car is a very
short car, the length of the smart car is actually equal to the width of an
average American parking space, not the length, but the width, so they’re easy to
park in small spaces, but at the same time, they’re such tiny cars, if you’re
sitting in one and you’re driving on a highway and you’re looking way up at an
18-wheeler, you’re not going to feel too safe, and they don’t have too much power,
originally they had 60 to 70 horsepower with a vehicle that weighs almost a
whole ton, almost 2,000 pounds, they were very slow cars, and of course Americans,
since we’re such lazy people, mainly we drive automatic transmissions like
this one, in Europe they have standard transmissions, they were a little quicker
but with an automatic transmission these things are pretty slow,
and if you want a comparison, the last one that they’ve made with a gasoline
engine, put out 89 horsepower with a turbocharged engine, but it only got 33
miles per gallon in the city and 39 on the highway, in the same year, you can buy a Honda
Civic that was turbocharged, which had a hundred and seventy four horsepower and
got 32 in the city and 42 on the highway better all-around gas mileage for an actual
car that four people can fit in, yes they actually have quite a bit of legroom, and
granted they are kind of cute in their own strange small sort of way, if you
like little cars, and with their engines hiding in the back, the engine and the
transmission is all on the rear wheels so they actually do handle reasonably
well, you can see the bottom of the vehicle, there’s the engine and the
transmission the driveshaft all neatly packed into the back, now last year in the
United States they only sold five thousand four hundred and forty of these
smart cars, so it’s not very popular they were pretty much were a dismal failure in the
United States, because really Americans aren’t in love with small kind of little cars, take the Fiat 500 they spent a fortune advertising it, at the
peak in 2012 they did sell over fifty thousand Fiat 500s, but last year even
Fiat only sold 5500 Fiat 500s in the United States, so they’re pretty much a
dismal failure too, and when it comes to smart cars, there’s other reasons well
you shouldn’t think about buying one, one it’s a Mercedes Benz conglomerate, the
parts of them cost a small fortune and in the United States, they’re relatively
hard to get even now, and as of 2018 smart car says, they’re no longer going to
make gasoline or diesel cars, they’re only going to make all-electric cars, so if
you have a gasoline one, guess what, getting parts for it and getting it
repaired, is going to be even harder, it’s something I don’t advise people to do
unless they just want a toy to play around with, because you can get them
pretty cheap used now, but all in all buying a smart car is probably not such
a smart thing here in the United States so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!


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I've owned a Smart car for 7 years. I recently purchased a F350 Platinum and I love it. It's a beautiful truck with all the fancy new gadgets. It even blows cold air on my behind during the summer.
Something I realized, for around town driving, I prefer driving the Smart car, it's FUN to drive. I can do circles around other cars. I've decided that for all highway trips, I'll drive my truck and for around town within 10 miles, I'll drive my Smart car.

This guy obviously doesn't understand that automatic transmissions have had so many improvements over the years, in most cases unless you are a professional driver an automatic transmission can be much better

i bought a 2015 smart base model for $5400 with 7800 miles. that is an unbelievable price for such low mileage and great condition. you cannot beat that price. on top of that, i live in brooklyn new york where parking is hell to find. there is NO better car (9 feet in length) that is easier to park than this. even the fiat 500 is a few feet bigger and wider. mercedes benz will no longer sell smart cars in 2020 as summer 2019 is the last production run of these vehicles. this was an incredible vehicle for major cities where parking is so hard to find. sucks 🙁

Ive owned 2 Smart car convertibles they were Awesome!! Very reliable i got 43 mpgs. Im sorry they didnt make it here.

Dude, you don’t like anything do you? I never see a positive video on your channel. Every video is always “why you shouldn’t do this” or “why not to buy this”.

Just bought a 2013 27k miles $4700 cash even if it only last me till 70-80k miles that's like 3-4 years for me I seem these go up to 150k

When they are moving they look like a little mouse scurrying across the floor. They were meant for narrow roads and city driving but I have seen several scurrying along the highway at 110 KM. Cute looking. nimble,and cheap on gas; just don't run into a squirrel.

My 2018 smart for four gets 40mpg on normal roads and 60mpg on the motorway with a manual transmission, parts are cheap, in Europe this car makes complete sense.

It's all fun and games untill some octogenarian in a Navigator squashes you like a bug, and drives on thinking he hit a speed bump.

Saw an article about a year ago. Asking could Smart cars become the new dune buggie/sand rail. It has so consent drawing. Looked pretty cool.
FYI. My in-laws have a Honda CR-V that get 31 mpg average. Fits 4-5 plus luggage. They took 4 people to South Dakota from Alabama comfortably.

Talking about safety can be dismissed instantly. Do you say ALL motorcycles and bicycles are death traps? No you don't.

Number 1 It's a Chrysler piece of junk, number 2 it's too little and dangerous, number 3 it doesn't get that good gas mileage for a tiny car. Dumb car.

LOL. You should really exaggerate your Texas accent when making these videos. You know, for comedic effect.

The fact is, you're speaking pretty much totally out of ignorance, which will appeal to the ignorant. Granted, this could also be exaggerated for comedic effect and a bit of a troll. Fair enough.

What's safer, FEELING safe or BEING safe? You know how many people don't FEEL safe around guns? How do you feel about guns there in Texas? See? Whether you 'feel' safe isn't an argument for anything.

The smart car is a Mercedes-engineered vehicle that is small, no doubt, with a Tridion cage that makes it NASCAR-level safe (hey, you know about NASCAR in Tekkas, right?). This roll cage goes a long way. Sure, you can bring up worst case scenarios like getting hit by a semi, but really how often does that happen? By your logic, nobody should ride motorcycles. Guess why most people don't? THEY DON'T FEEL SAFE. Do you want to be 'safe' or actually you know, live your life?

Of course, not everyone lives where you live. In high-density cities like NYC or L.A. (where I am), a tiny car makes use of lots where distracted narcissists park like crap. You can 'rescue' parking space where you otherwise wouldn't be able to fit a regular-sized car. Guess why there are so many gigantic SUVs driven by housewives who can't park? THEY FEEL SAFER IN THEM. Feeling 'safe' is why there are so many god-dang big vehicles in the first place. Not everyone has kids, or a huge gaggle of friends, and not everyone needs large cars with a tow-hitch and seating for 10. Some of us are minimalists who like small vehicles.

Smart cars aren't for everyone. I get that. Owning a firearm isn't for everyone. Riding motorcycles isn't for everyone. Gesturing so wildly isn't for everyone, but hell man when you need a car just to get around and be able to park and which doesn't cost much, a smart car is the smallest road-legal vehicle you can get in the U.S. (other than grey market stuff). There's a market for that….and as a motorcyclist myself, it's not even the smallest vehicle I've owned or used to commute in L.A. If you want to feel safer in a vehicle, be a great driver who pays attention and has excellent roadcraft to maximize your visibility. As a motorcyclist, I feel hella safe in the smart car, but my perspective comes from 20 years of riding on two.


Why ITS smart to buy one

1. 15 dollars to go from one place far away to somewere else far away for gas

2. Gas last for 2 weeks

Bam a beater car

Where was the video taken when you ring the bell on the end? I see your plates are Texas but that one clip with the bell looks like Ontario?

Yet another video by Kilmer showing how little he knows about cars which are not Toyota's and another thing Mr Kilmer, why do you shout rather than just speak normally?

Typical murican …..also wasn't Henry ford a watch repair man or something along those lines ? ….the detail and precision that goes into watch making is immense …you sir are a buffoon

The smart car is a lot smarter than scotty Kilmer. It’s easy to park and the US has many areas with tight parking.

My brother just got one. I rode in Baton Rouge about 3 miles with him at rush hour. NEVER again. I felt like I was gonna be killed any minute.

Scotty, With all due respect: Opting for an automatic transmission is not necessarily
due to driver "laziness". Daily commuting in heavy metropolitan, stop-and go traffic
is just one valid reason to forgo manual shifting in favor of an automatic. I drive both.

I don’t dislike videos a lot
But I guess there’s a 1st for everything
It’s a perfect 1st Car if your trying to get your kid there 1st Car

i have been in one so many times, they are slow but fun, and its even better with the open roof v. also if you put it off automatic mode, they are more smooth

Hi Scotty, I advise you to drive a Smart Roadster with 101HP model, and you will realize that you are talking just…wrong. First of all is very fast , fun to drive, very economical car ( about 1gal/100 km) and guess what…there are all automatic ! Overall, you disappointed me that you are talking about things you don't have any clue about, and you consider yourself a fu..nky influencer. Stick with american cars, my friend !
PS: annual maintenance is very cheap !( at least in Europe ) and the Roadster still has an amazing look even after 15years.

I have a 2009 smart with over 105,000 miles on it. Granted a little pricey to get fixed but at 45 mpg what's not to love.

I hated smarts before owning one. I ive been owning one for 2 years now. Only changed engine oil once and no services done 😂 put fuel and good to go till it needs something
Than i rather buy another one for 1600dollar 😂

What if you use it for pay to drive app but only for food delivery. It might be a good idea to get it then right?

Slow on freeway??? I'll have you defend me in court. I'm not cruising every day 90mph on 580. You tell the dumb judge and cop that a dumb little car can't go fast. As far looking up at a Semi, WTF are you on??? Sitting position of a smart is higher than average sedan. You won't be looking up like it's a short car. If you are worried about the strength, I don't see a single SUV in the world that will not be flattened when a Semi crashes into it.

0:50 well that depends….how reliable on time is the swatch?….is the swatch over engineered or under engineered? Was it a success or a failure?……oh

Here in the UK petrol is sold by the litre…..not by the gallon. What you pay for a gallon, I pay for a litre. There are 4 and a half litres to the gallon…..now do the math.

I got the Smart car because of Parking space in New York City… Not because I want to go fast.. Not because I wanted to put people into travel with.. Just because I needed to find parking space.. The car is perfect.. Just my 2 cents.

Scotty I love your videos, and to be fair I guess the Smart is more at home in Europe than in the USA, but they are great cars. That one in the video is the later model with a different engine, the earlier ones had a Mercedes built engine with a little turbo, 3 cylinders of fun. Those engines needed careful attention to service schedule and yes they have 6 spark plugs 3 of which are hard to get to.. but that's just part of the fun. They are quirky and different. By the way, the gearbox is not exactly automatic, it's computer controlled real gearbox with clutch, just no clutch pedal! 6 speed sequential, and all the economy of a manual, but slow changes are not for everyone.

You, my good man, are entirely out to lunch in your observations about the smart Fortwo.

The best smarts were the 2005-2007 (w450) smarts sold in Canada. The US missed out on them. They were Diesel engined smarts, fantastic fuel mileage and a great urban runabout. Extremely safe, and fun to drive. Then when the w451 redesign was released for 2008 and they were introduced, in the most screwed up manner, to the US market, the not so Great state of California didn’t want diesel so all of North America was saddled with the gasoline engine. It’s had very low torque, not so fantastic fuel mileage and not enough horse power. That killed the smart Fortwo. F$&@you very much for everything, California.

Wow. Let me start by saying this car is not for everyone just like a Ford, GMC etc is not for everyone. I recently got a 2013 Smartcar with a mere 65k on it. Needed a brake cylinder which was not hard to get and cost a mere 32.00 CAD. With that in mind had to get the mechanical on it. 368.00. My 2011 Dodge Avenger cost me 1600.00 in repairs and mechanical. Hmmmmmmm which is more expensive????

My girlfriend bought a new 2011 (matte green) smart car. Kept it for several years. The 39 mpg was off on the window sticker. I got 56mpg on the interstate at 80 mph @. Never had any trouble out of it. But when i showed her how hard parts were to get and how expensive work at the Mercedes dealership was, she traded it off. I think to replace a fuel pump at the dealer was close to $1000.. I think the 2016 model was an automatic dual clutch transmission. and they hat a manual option in that year too.

I guess it's safer than my Busa or ZX14, just not as fast 🙂

Smart fortwo Cooling Fan Motor is Bad and i can not find just the motor , do i have to change the whole ( Motor , Blade and Shroud ) or can i just buy the Motor ? on net no one offer just the motor and i am sure this type of Motor will be also available in Other Cars …can you advice ?

Thanks In Advance Scotty

You're a goofy guy. But my smart car is far cheaper than the other vehicles you mentioned. I've actually been quite impressed by it. Is it the best? nope, does it do the job? for $4100 used… absolutely. Maintenance on it is cheap too. I'll keep mine.

I drive a Smart Roadster and everyone notices from the stares I get. Cruises well at 80mph and I get 60 mpg.
Manual mode on the gears a must.

Good for trips around the town (work, mall, movies, food, etc.)
With all that money you'll be saving, you can put that towards car rentals for when you plan on making long-distance trips.

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