Why Not to Buy a Diesel Car (Diesel vs Gasoline Engine)

rev up your engines! today I’m going to talk about diesel versus
gasoline engines in your car, now in the United States, diesel engines
generally have been used with big diesel trucks for quite a few reasons, they put
on a tremendous amount of torque, so they’re great for pulling things and
when they’re added with the turbocharger, it’s got even more torque for pulling
things cross-country, up mountains, and for carrying really heavy loads, like
tons of cement, they’re made for hauling stuff, as an example, I once rented a
u-haul truck for moving stuff, it was a gasoline truck and it used tons of
gasoline, on a 30-mile trip it used almost 10 gallons of gasoline, so the
next time I rented a diesel truck and the same trip only used about three
gallons of gasoline, they’re much more fuel efficient when they’re carrying
heavy loads, and quite a few of my customers have diesel pickup trucks,
because they do a lot of towing and hauling and it works better for them, now
diesel engines have much more pressure inside them, often more than twice than a
gasoline engine, so they cost more money to make and
they’re more heavier, so it does take more energy to move themselves along, and
since they don’t have spark plugs, they don’t need an ignition system,
they’re simpler to maintain but when they do break down, they can often cost a
small fortune to repair, and with the advancement of gasoline engines and
metallurgy, the gasoline engines nowadays if you maintain them, generally lasts
just as long as a diesel engine does, now I’ve been working on cars of trucks
for the last 50 years, and decades ago, the customers of mine that actually had
diesel cars, did so for two main reasons, one, they got much better fuel economy than
the gasoline engines got, and two, the diesel fuel costs a lot less than the
gasoline used to, but time marches on, today diesel actually cost more than
gasoline, I just priced it out here in Houston, and
a gallon of regular gasoline was two dollars and 37 cents, where a gallon of
diesel was three dollars and three cents, the price difference has more to do with
capitalism than anything else, when you get a barrel of crude oil you can get 20
gallons of gasoline out of it, but only 11 of diesel, since there is
less diesel, they say it’s more of a rare commodity and they charge more for it,
now when I was a kid, diesel was a lot cheaper, diesel is cheaper to refine than,
gasoline it’s a lower grade product, but even then they’re charging more for it
now, and as modern gasoline cars get more sophisticated with variable valve timing,
and very complex fuel injection systems, they can get just about the same fuel
mileage as a diesel car can, and one big difference between gasoline and diesel
are, the gasoline cars put on a lot less pollution, because diesel engines don’t
have an ignition system, they use higher compression pressures inside, to self
ignite the diesel fuel, so there’s always some type of incomplete combustion, and
they throw out more pollutants, now as you can see in this picture, there are
ways to decrease the pollution coming out of Diesel’s, they use diesel
particular filters, then they use a special urea type liquid that’s injected
to make them pollute less, but that’s complicated, gives it more maintenance,
and I’ve seen these systems clog up and cause all kinds of problems, so when you
take all this into consideration, it’s no wonder that less than 2 percent of the
passenger vehicles driven the United States are diesel vehicles, so now you
know a little bit more about diesel versus gasoline engines, and why the
United States has always seen diesel cars as kind of a fringe thing, more quick fixes
on the Scotty Kilmer Channel, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!


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I must scrap my 30 year old 190d Mercedes with well over 300000 miles on the original drivetrain because this guy says so 😂😂

buy a gasoline engine and come back after 150000km to buy a new one dont buy something that lasts its bad for the economy!

Both mine are 10 year old diesel motors. Honda CRV and Seat Ibiza estate here in UK. Only reason diesel costs more now compared to 10 years ago is the government added more tax to it. They both do about the same MPG compared to equivalent age petrol vehicle. Im sure they both need the oil changed slightly more often. In fact the Seat seems very prone to poor running if the oil is not changed because its recirculating air from inside the engine into the air intake. Seat is on its 3rd DPF pressure sensor.

Diesel in Boston today priced same as 89 and SUV gets 28-30mpg with 400lbs of torque. All my previous previous cars use 93 and were about 20-24mpg

Thumbs down votes must be from those stuck with a diesel car>>
Trucks? That's a entirely different need…100% justified…Which Scotty noted.

Diesel car buyers were poor researchers or dupes, who thought they would save on fuel costs due to higher MPG
Then got really, really angry when they discovered that diesel fuel costs more
…..often costs so much more, that it's more expensive to drive a diesel car, than a gasoline car.

Exception to Diesel car's worthlessness in the USA
… if the engine lasts forever, like my uncle's 240D.. with a stick :)….Diesel could be a good car.
VW Diesels, and all VW and Audi products in the USA….garbage….never again, money pits past 50K miles

Scotty go back to tech school! yeh, just read all the comments in favor of their diesel cars. 
Scotty is so out of touch with modern mechanics. In Europe they are now equally as clean as gasoline. then again what you expect from someone who still thinks Toyotas are great cars. you know the company that hid uncontrollable speed and inability to stop.

Scotty has actually made a v. good point… because in the UK and in Europe post VW diesel gate.. where US citizens have been fully reimbursed by VW falsely non polluting diesel cars.. we in Europe have not been compensated and unlikely to be, instead our governments who promoted diesel vehicles because of their low CO2 are now charging citizens or will be in the next few years thousands of dollars per year to drive old diesel in effect making them worth nothing because of the un economical cost of keeping them on the roads in towns and cities…. A lot of people don't know this because of deliberate poor communication by the government.. however they will realise that they have no choice but to sell or scrap diesel cars that may be only 5 years old…shocking but true.. Google low emission zone in European cities..

Just for the record… The thermodynamic efficiency for diesel engines is 50% versus 35% for gasoline engines. That means that the diesel engine is 42% more efficient than a gasoline engine at much higher power levels. Of the 19-20 gallons of gasoline produced from a 42 gallon barrel of oil only 7 gallons are converted to mechanical energy to propel the car and 13 gallons are lost as waste heat to the environment! Thats a tremendous waste of energy! A 42 gallon barrel of crude oil produces 11-12 gallons of diesel fuel. That means that 6 gallons is converted to mechanical energy to propel the vehicle and 6 gallons are lost as waste heat. Diesel fuel is separated from crude oil via distillation which is very low cost when compared to the high cost of making gasoline via cat cracker. When comparing vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines the diesel engine always gets much better fuel economy and power.

Scotty… I have to disagree with you on this I have a 2015 Audi TDI (yeah VW Diesel scam) and the reason why people don’t understand and buy Diesels in the US is due to poor understanding of how they work. It’s not a modest increase in MPG, I'm getting 38 MPG city and 55 HWY effortlessly WAY better than EPA estimates. Also these post VW scam cars have 162,000 mile warranties on the engine and exhaust system. So I was able to pick up an A3 TDi with 23000 miles on it fully loaded in perfect condition for $15,5000 with a 162,000 warranty that covers the engine. How can you beat that? So I pay 11% more per gallon but get 30-35% better mileage. And it’s a fact.. Diesels last longer !!! Also… Audi’s are more expensive to maintain… yes. But when maintained they don’t break like people think. My family has long owned Audi/VW and you just follow the recommended MX and no problems well passed 100,000 miles. I think people buy Audi’s and drive them like morons and put the wrong oil in and maintenance the car like it’s a Toyota.

My VW 2003 TDI wagon stick got 53.1 mpg last fill, going on 230,000 miles. Modern diesels are more trouble, I will keep mine running.

peugeot 307 2.0hdi, turbo diesel, 140hp, now the best part, 760.000km on odometer and still puls like crazy, try to beat that for a car that i bought for 4000 australian dollars

I’ve had an 85 merc turbo diesel and own a 93 Chevy 3500, 6.5L. Both ran/run like clocks. This is before the newer emissions regulations that are slowly turning diesels into crap. My truck is old enough not to have to deal with those things, and I would take it any day of the week over my gasoline cars. The key is to get older diesels, but not too old

There are so many wrong points to this video… You don't think the diesels have evolved? Plus, the rest of the world runs diesels as the US doesn't get it. Also, my Audi A6 gas does not have nearly the torque or fuel mileage that my A6 diesel does. Also, if more Americans drove diesels, we could save millions of barrels of oil per day. Period.

Here in UK 2011 passat 2.0 tdi road tax only 30 pound, while 2.0 petrol about 260 pound. Also consumption is much better on diesel.

you stop at a stop sign and the engine shuts off did you stall it yes cause it's a ford f150 and it stalled out hehe

screw auto stop start tech it's just plain stupid

Mitsubishi Pajero 1989 TDI,Intercooler, 2500 cc…
Still Roaming like a beast after 700.000 kilometres.
Nice video mate,but diesel rules!

Diesel engine is the best .If, tomorrow all cars will be electric either one none will work, simply because there is not so much energy to charge them.

diesel technology is actually advancing. The new technology are clean running. The future of renewable fuel is on the rise. Not really a forward thinking video

My TDI Jetta has 360,000 miles on it (they have been known to go over 600k), drives like new and gets 45mpg. Oil change intervals are longer for diesel engines, And if you live in Texas the inspection is $7. < why you should buy one.

Soooooo everything you said minus cost of fuel was completely wrong hahaha. My TDI should get 300k miles while my gas engines clamp out at 200k

I wanted to shoot myself after having to drive a petrol loaner car… no torque no power but hey it made alot of noise…

Diesels produce more soot which is mostly carbon, while gas engines produce alot more harmful gasses and chemicals. Saying that gas engines are cleaner is not necessarily true

I got a diesel because I know I can run up the engine till probably 400k km with no major issues also I to 45k km a year 95% highway. With a gasser I'd fill up every 2-3 days, with my TDI I fill up every 6 days or so.

Scotty is correct, doesn't make sense to buy one today. I owned a 1978 VW Rabbit diesel I bought brand new. Only had 48 hp and got 55 MPG on the highway, and diesel fuel was much cheaper than gasoline back then. I was paying $46 cents a gallon. Just not practical in a car today, although that's all people buy in most of Europe.

My daughter owns a 2013 TDI golf that she bought new because I recommended after doing massive research! Besides the scandal it has been a absolute flawless vehicle that drives like a tank with unbelievable torque and efficiency and obvious well-made vehicle. I really don’t understand how you can call them junk when there’s many many VW diesel’s with hundreds of thousands of miles on them.

I've never owned a diesel and nor do I plan to. I knew somebody that had a an old Volkswagen Passat and it was a stick shift and a diesel. She loved the car until it fell apart. One thing for sure is there some stations that don't sell it. So if you're out in the middle of nowhere you need to know where all the diesel stations are cuz half of them don't sell it

Scotty your talking through your rear end I have A t d I done 118000 miles Americans drive gas guzzling money pits they waste fuel on races and distance running.

Owning a i5 2.4 Diesel, i love it, we ll see if i sometime ever can relatte to NOT buying a diesel, because my exxperience ttells me way different. But thats subjective i suppose.

to be honest, all the cars that I have driven, were diesel, then I tried a gas car, I prefer the diesel, especially on manuals, plus my current car only requires a diesel refill once a month, and i use it on a daily basis.

Wait wait wait, did he say that gas was $2.37 a gallon?! Here in San Jose, Calif, I just paid $4.35 a gallon for 91 octane….I WISH gas was under $2.50 a gallon, I'd save quite a bit money every month on gas that's for damn sure….

scottie I got 60 mpg on a 40 miles straight away with 2014 vw tdi. sorry but no gas engine is that close, not even hybrids. I only paid 14k for a car with 8,000 miles. Diesel gate car.

maybe for usa that bullshits stories could have point because of low petrol prices but in eu not but even in usa modern (european) diesel car have much more range then any petrol car and performance are bettter too

Romanian here, working in a another city. Got an audi a3 2005 2.0 disel because it has really good fuel economy and it has 140hp

It’s too bad that the government hates diesel here in the US, it’s a superior fuel as far as efficiency compared to gas and it’s a cleaner fuel as well. Scotty, get off the government anti diesel wagon and realize most cars with Diesel engines are better than gas! Take a look at Europe, they are doing it right!

The US doesn't like diesels due to the Californian emission laws back in the 60s.
Diesels cars tend to produce less CO2 but more NOX and particulates, which are not great in cities.
Most other countries around the world have far more diesel cars, trucks and SUVs on the market.

Diesel is great in small cars, they will typically have more power and way more torque than a petrol car for a given fuel consumption and are usually more reliable. EGR valves and DPF filters can cause issues, but so can CATs in a petrol and the lack of an ignition system is one less thing to maintain.
Diesel engines, especially older ones are usually much stronger and tend to last longer than an equivalent petrol engine.

I drive a 1998 turbo diesel with over 250,000 miles on it and it gives better fuel economy and more power and torque than most new small petrol cars.

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