Why Should You Pick the 2019 Audi A6 Instead of an SUV?

no doubt that SUVs have been dominating US auto
sales for quite some time. They have much larger
cargo capacities and more rear passenger space. So why would someone want a
luxury sedan instead of an SUV? Well, I’ll tell
you, because they’re a lot more fun to drive. Before I jump into this
A6, do me a favor and hit subscribe below. We have a lot of great
videos coming your way. The 2019 Audi A6 has been
completely redesigned. It’s on sale now, prices
starting right at $60,000. There’s only one
engine available. It’s a turbo charged,
three-liter V6 that puts out 335 horsepower. That’s made it to a seven-speed
automated dual clutch transmission, and quattro
all-wheel drive is standard. Those specs aren’t really
that far off from the last A6. I don’t expect it to drive that
much differently as a result, but there’s only
one way to find out. Let’s go for a spin. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here I am driving the
all new 2019 Audi A6. It’s fully redesigned,
but at the same time, it’s not all that different. It’s familiar in a lot
of ways in how it drives. Dynamically, it’s
pretty much exactly what you’d expect from an Audi
midsize luxury sedan. The needle really didn’t move
too far one way or the other, and that’s probably
a good thing. I’ve always liked the level
of engagement, the level of performance from Audis. Really the big difference
with this Audi is technology. This whole center stack
has been completely redone. We saw it first on the A8. I’m a little torn on how it
works because they got rid of the MMI knob, which I
thought was a great way to control systems
like this, and gone with two split touchscreens. And so far on this
drive, I’m not sold because it’s demanding a
lot more attention than just the knob. What I am enjoying
is the performance. It gets up to speed just fine. Shifts are nice and
smooth and quick, which is impressive for a
dual clutch transmission. Those tend to be a little choppy
or abrupt from time to time. And even at slow
speeds, it’s smooth and doesn’t have any of
those awkward lurches. One thing that I
thought was a little odd was the sound of the engine. So doesn’t quite
sound like a V6 to me. It sort of makes the
case for BMW and Mercedes piping in some of
those synthetic sounds. But that’s a nitpick. It drives great. The steering is fairly light. I’m actually in
dynamic mode right now. You have the option of
getting all-wheel steering, and that certainly helps
with maneuverability in tight spaces,
but also smooths out some of the motions
when you’re steering. The rear wheels will
steer in conjunction in the same direction
as the front wheels to just get it carving a little
more gracefully without having it whip around quite as much. Handling is pretty much what
you expect for a luxury sedan like this in the
class and from Audi. It handles confidently, a ton
of traction coming out of turns, thanks to the all-wheel drive. And you know the
quattro system– a little smarter of how it
proportions the power, but also can disconnect itself
when you’re not using it, when you don’t need
that much traction. If you’re just on a
straightaway on a highway, it’ll disconnect and
improve fuel economy. In terms of power
and performance, this A6 drives a lot
like the previous A6. It is just slightly
heavier because of all the added
feature content, but with all of the advances
in engine technology and efficiency– plus this has a 48-volt
mild hybrid system– gets two miles per gallon
better than its predecessor. The ride quality
is pretty much what you’d expect from a
luxury midsize sedan. I’m in dynamic mode
right now, so I’m going to switch to comfort. If you noticed, I had
to look down to do that. And that’s something that
just kind of irks me. I liked the previous
button for a drive select, and I didn’t really have to
take my eyes off the road to do that. These are just kind of the flat,
haptic feedback buttons here. Like a lot of the
new Audis, this has a higher level of
adaptive cruise control, which kind of gets into that
territory of automated driving. It’s called predictive control,
and it’s pretty trippy. I first experienced this
with the Q7 a few years ago, where you set the target speed
as you would with any cruise control system, but it’s using
map data and all the cameras and sensors. As you head into a
turn, it slows you down. When you come out of a
turn, it speeds you up, which is what it’s
doing right now. It’s in a fairly conservative
setting right now, so it’s slowing me down a little more
than I would if I was actually in complete control of the car,
but you can actually adjust it and be a lot more aggressive. So I’m actually not touching
any of the pedals right now. I’m just steering. Another thing I’m enjoying
right now is the massage. I do like massaging seats,
especially when you’re behind the wheel
for hours at a time. Kind of shifts the pressure
points away and just relieves a lot of the fatigue
and the doldrums of driving. As a midsize luxury
sedan, the Audi A6 has to accommodate adult
passengers in the back seats, and it does. I’m 5′ 10″, and I have
plenty of headroom, plenty of room for my feet
underneath the front seat, which is actually set for a
slightly taller passenger. It’s comfortable. It’s spacious. I have the nice, padded
center armrest here with your typical
overengineered cup holders. Back here, I have two more
controls for automatic climate control for the outboard seats. Since this is a
highly optioned A6, underneath there are two USB
ports and a 12-volt power outlet. I have manual sun shades
here that are really easy to pop up and down. Besides having
the physical room, it actually feels
even more spacious, thanks to the good outward view
and this little cutout triangle here, which breaks up
that thick roof pillar. Otherwise, it might feel
just a little closed in. All in all, this is
a pretty nice place to spend some time
on a road trip. I’d be fine back here. Like a lot of the
latest Audi products, this A6 gets a complete
tech treatment. Right in front is the
typical virtual cockpit that we’ve seen on Audis
going back a few years, and it’s great. It’s easy to use. It’s somewhat
customizable, and it’s easy to read in
almost any light. Above that is a head up
display that’s crystal clear, gives a lot of detail,
all the necessary stuff. New for the A6 is this
split-level touchscreen, which debuted in the Audi A8. The difference here is
it’s canted slightly towards the driver, making
it somewhat easier to use, but maybe a little harder
for the passenger to use. Unlike a lot of other
infotainment systems, these screens are mounted
right in the middle in the dash rather than on top. I prefer having them
on top because it’s right in the
driver’s sightlines, and it’s less
distracting to use. That said, it is
pretty cool to use. When you touch one
of these buttons, it responds with this lovely
little haptic feedback that mimics the physical
buttons that are in the car. There aren’t a whole lot of
physical buttons in this car though. They noted that they eliminated
about 43 physical buttons. In my opinion, though, they
should’ve left a dozen or so because I like having some
tactile buttons that you can use without even looking down. I like the look. I like the responsiveness
of the system. But what I don’t like is
how much of a distraction it can be, just
because it’s not as easy to use as the old
MMI dial or the BMW iDrive, or the Mercedes
MBUX system, which I think is the best in the
industry at this point. Otherwise throughout
the cabin, we have excellent materials
used everywhere. Everything just has that
solid feel, and I love that. One cool thing I
really like too is this isn’t a mechanical door lever. It’s actually electronic. So it’s just this
very slight effort, and that’s just one of
those nice touches that makes you feel like
you’re in something a little more special. As far as the interior
goes, I like the aesthetics. I just wish this was a little
less distracting to use. After logging a bunch of miles
above beautiful Napa Valley here in this 2019 Audi A6,
I’m left with the impression that, at least
dynamically, there’s not a big difference between
this and its predecessor. And that’s not such a bad thing. It drives great. The interior is
impeccable, and there’s a good amount of
performance, especially considering that this is
the A6, not an S6 or RS 6. In the class of
midsize luxury sedans, it competes against the BMW
5 series and Mercedes Benz E class. The E class is just starting
to show its age, primarily because it doesn’t
feature the latest MBUX infotainment system,
which I think is one of the best in the industry. Against the BMW 5 series,
it’s a much closer call. The BMW has a slight edge as
far as response and performance, and it also has a decent
amount of technology as well. Deciding between
the two is probably going to come down to
just personal preference. Whether you like the styling
better or the interior, or if you’re a technophile
or early adopter and really want the
latest, shiniest bits– if that’s the case,
the A6 will probably be the best fit for you. Let us know what you think
in the comments below. For more information on the
A6 as well as its competition, head on over to edmunds.com. To see more videos like
this, hit subscribe.


I really miss the old luxury wood feel in luxury cars 10 years ago. Sl that plastic and fake dashboard kill me and distracts you from the road.

Nothing special….Three tablets and plastic.I like C7 more than this. I dont now why but most new cars look worse
than predecessors…

Everyone complains about the touch screens when in actuallity you can use voice controls to adjust thermostat and such plus I set everything how I like before I leave the driveway such as thermostat and radio station or XM so I dont fool with the infotainment while I am driving and others shouldn't as well when you can use voice control!! This car is beyond beautiful and beats both Mercedes and BMW on styling!

I don't like the oversized front grille and all the fiddly touch panels but it sure is a nice car. It makes much more sense than SUVs.

I’ve got the current a4 with virtual cockpit and the larger centre screen. It’s all nonsense. Once the novelty wears off with the fact it’s digital you leave the virtual cockpit on one setting. Then with the centre knob and screen you spend ages looking at the screen and then using the Knob and small buttons to navigate through huge menus looking for a few setting for the audio or sat nav. At least on the a4 you have some physical buttons for the heating. Having AC and fan settings hidden away on software to they can fuck right off I fancy the new a6 but having these two touch screens and then having to pay again (on the U.K. spec at least) for the virtual cockpit is a no no for me. These things will be a nightmare for a used car buy. Any of these fail and you’ll be looking at £1000s outside warranty and you won’t be able to use the car until it’s fixed. I’ve had Audi’s for over 20 years, since my dad had to 80 as a company car. Recently bought the Mrs a xc90 and I fancy a v90 or v60 next. But even these new volvos are like the Audi’s now. Big screen no physical buttons!!

the last 2 generations of a6"s are way better looking in the Avant option , coming from someone who hates Avants, or maybe hated now ? lol

"fun to drive" is not a selling point anymore. We buy these "fun to drive" cars to sit in traffic. who wants that? might as well have some utility

I had a 2013 2.0TDI A6 Avant when I lived in Bremen. It’s no where near as fancy as this one.
17” wheels, 190hp, no fog lights, no S Line, cloth manual adjust seats, plastic dash. But it had manual transmission.
Pretty fun car to drive. Cheap to maintain. Cheap on gas. These cars are so luxurious in North America. In Germany they are just normal cars.

NHTSA: Cell phones are a distraction and should be illegal to use in the car.
Govt: Cell phone use is illegal because it takes your eyes off the road.
Audi: We installed 172 touchscreens buttons throughout the cabin, most of which are so far below the line of sight that you may as well be reading a book.

Audi used to have the best center console among the German premiums, in my opinion. Now they have the worst. Physical buttons are so much easier to use

Maybe, just maybe people who buy SUV's buy for the ride height and ease of access? I went SUV when we had kids, car seats are easier to get in and out, then as stayed with SUV's as it's easier for people with bad knees to get in and out………. Sure cars handle better, but so what?

Replacing all the buttons with a single control interface is exactly what Chris Bangle attempted to do and failed at with BMW in the mid-2000’s. And I think this touchscreen interface is even worse than Bangle’s iDrive. That’s a deal killer for me – and I own a ‘16 A6. I won’t be a repeat Audi buyer unless they change course with their infotainment interface.

Audi needs better programs like bmw and other companies so people can actually get into the cars..i live in the nj nyc area and you never see them on the road like bmw n benz etc audi is hurting themselves more by being greedy they will never surpass bmw n Mercedes NEVER

Used to be an audi fanboy, but recently, all the new exterior and interior design are not my cup of tea anymore. Bye Audi 👎🏻

I like the buttons….this is the scream of the "keyboard" warriors in age of Touchscreens. I believe Tesla's approach towards integrated single screen would be copied by the industry in just a few years. There are a lot of things you can do with "Full" screen which are not feasible in the mechanical-screen hybrid interface.

Like it or hate it , touchscreens are the future.Sure , physical buttons are easier to use while driving, and I do wish they left a few more physical buttons , but you can't deny the quality of the car, the exterior and especially the interior quality ,and that's what you pay for in a car like this. This is a quality car , so If you're an Audi , or German car hater look elsewhere, like your local Toyota, Hyundai , GM , or Dodge dealer !

Don’t buy an suv because you don’t need one… if you don’t have that suv full 70% of the time… you do not need it… just like you also don’t need a truck to drive to work.

V6 YES~!!!!! when i'm paying 60k for a car…. i'm expecting a V6 with 300+ horsepower….. not a 4 cylinders engine that sounds like a moped!!!!!

Imo the new a6 a7 and a8 have lost their touch. I prefer the physical buttons on the climate control. The new cars don't look very luxurious and screens feel distracting. If they wanted to do big screen then they shoulda done it like tesla.
-current 2018 a4 owner

Too many screens, everything they do is make the driver take the eyes off the road. With 'conventional' buttons and switches, after a little while muscle memory takes over and the driver knows exactly where everything is without looking. This alone is a complete deal breaker with this new audi line.
And don't even get me started on the fake exhausts… Maan someone from audi design team needs to be fired!

I have a 2018 A4 so I'm leaning toward the A6 because I think it's design – interior and exterior – is beautiful.

I hope you know that you can slide your finger up and down on the temperature scale for climate control instead of pressing '+' and '-' !

I don’t know. I’ve never had to live with one, but those scroll wheels seem more distracting than a screen where you can simply touch the thing you want. At the same time, having no hard buttons at all you can’t really do anything through muscle memory because there’s nothing tactile to interact with.

Was hoping to see how good of a persuasive answer he was going to give the audience. But all I heard was "Now, such and such is better than the previous contestant of the A6, BUT….I don't like such and such, along with this as well." I wasn't sold. Btw, I believe the previous designs on the A6 is better.

can you please be more specific in describing characteristics.i heard your saying so many times — this is pretty much what is in a mid size luxury sedan.that sounds too vague and viewers expect specific details on various aspects

The only good thing I know about Audis is quatro. I saw a comparison demo against the xdrive and 4matic in heavy snow and the audi did way better. I had a 2002 a6 2.7 biturbo in 2006 and it was in the shop more than on the road. Good extended warranty luckily.

My MB E class with air suspension is much better than the A6. I can raise the car for 3 cm for more ground clearance when necessary.

Friend of mine just bought a panamera. She asked to go with her on the test drive. She also test drove the cayenne. Both great cars, but the panamera was just a better driving experience. Still something to be said about large luxury sedans

I would think by now a good voice activated system to control , climate , audio , and performance would b available

Ok. We got it. You like fiddling with buttons 🙄. My cell phone doesn’t have buttons. My smart tv and smart house doesn’t have buttons. Ever use voice command? It does have it. I use voice command all the time. 👍🏻. ❤️ my A6

Bad review, Gave it as much chance as I could. Too much reliance on pre-assumed knowledge of what the previous a6 was like…what if it’s your first experience with an a6. Also, no clear reasoning why one would get a $60k+ sedan over an suv…

3 screens make it look fussy and not easy to use, This looks too big to be a mid size car. As others have said I would prefer a compact SUV. The dash looks busy and not an integrated design.

This guy doesn't know how to review cars. I have seen some of his other reviews where is he is looking at SUVs and he rates them based on a sporty feel. Most people buy SUVs for practicality – people hauling and cargo space, not for sporty feel.

I’ve seen a few of these on the road now, and they’re quite hideous to the eye. Audi ruined all the beautiful curves that defined their aesthetic for the past two decades and instead channeled the shape of a brick.

The result looks outdated instead of futuristic. I much prefer the looks of the Audi e-tron GT, which is rather stunning. Let’s hope they get rid of all the large Quattro branding, and go back to the more refined look that made Audi’s so popular. I also find the interior rather dated once you get past the smattering of screens in the front cabin.

This is a pretty accurate review. I put 1k km on a Audi A6 TDI European rental. I loved the virtual cockpit, which lets you keep your eyes focused on the road while going through all the roundabouts. The ride was smooth, if not a bit bouncy on wavy roads due to the large wheels. The transmission was effortless except for delays at low speeds after the start/stop re-engaged. Biggest complaint is the climate control touchscreen being too distracting and the view while riding shotgun. In shotgun, everything is angled away from you: side mirrors, rear mirror, and the center console. Other complaints, although they may only apply to Euro rentals, is that the seats were manual and there was no backup camera. Solid car but I was expecting some of these functions to be standard on a car like this.

take away the cool headlights, tail lights and large wheels and it'll look like an outdated sedan. (Ford Taurus or Ford Fusion, etc.)

Previous generation had an awful delay between gears when pushed hard. Dual clutch is a nice surprise for US market which Europeans had in the previous gen too.

Even after using the previous gen A6 for 2 years i'm still looking down on media/settings buttons because i never remember what and where are they placed. On a BMW that problem was non existent after a week of use. Touch screen on the new version is a much safer version (no need to look close to armrest area for a button) and probably a lot easier to get used to.

You really helped my decision on getting the A6. I am torn by the screens because it's nice but it causes you to look down while driving and that's not safe. As you mentioned, I'm also interested in the BMW 540XI which interior design is better as the Audi exterior has the mature look. Decisions decisions but thanks for the video

Apple CarPlay is easier for me to use in a touchscreen format, and while I like the BMW’s touchscreen up high, the A6 screen is easier to reach. I think both cars are a close call and I would get whatever car I could get a better deal on.

The infotainment doesnt demand more attention, you can use voice commands instead of having to look down. It works pretty good compared to most manufacturers.

Previous a6 looks a lot better imo, this looks to much like a Passat on the outside. Audi usually has softer lines that still make it look sporty. This jus looks like a rectangular box. Inside on the other hand amazing

Caught most of this on Edmunds (it's hard finding time for video reviews as well as finding space, since my wife's protestations prevent me from hearing). I think I don't lke this car because of touch screen business taken to the extreme. Most important: 1. RIDE — my wife recently bought a new Subaru Legacy, which CR singled out for its superior ride over others in its class ($3500). Bummer. It registers every tiny bump and piece of road disrepair. Her 2007 Mazda 6 had a softer ride as did my '02 Lincoln LS. It sounds lik the Mercedes has the most shock-absorbent ride for a trip to N. Canada (I could never survive the trip in her "hard" Legacy which isn't even fun to drive. 2. APPLE-friendly media system. You said (I think) that the Mercedes is lagging in media development. No problem if it handles my iphone, iPod, and Mac laptop. Otherwise, very listenable, cogent presentation.

Even for carrying electric pianos, amps, equipment, I wouldn't be caught dead in an SUV or any similar truck. I realize we live in a rock n roll, C&W culture, but some of us remember "Swing" and the freedom of a walking 4/4 underneath a Charlie Parker solo flight. That's why good "cars" (not trucks, jeeps, or gussied-up station wagons) must not be neglected. (If that makes me "elite," I'll just have to live with the condemnatory label.)

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