this isn't funny or about politics, this is people escaping war with the mothers fathers daughters sons grand parents pets this is scary not a movie this is reality have a heart for the refugees

turkey and EU morreeee isis supporters join EU thats more better Mongolians hahahaha that's never happen a dream

Turkish people realized that joining EU will never be possible, not because of the standards that must be met. Mostly because of the colour and history of Turkey that both Turks can't change. So they no longer even support beeing at the door of EU. People just want more realistic politics on more possible projects. I personally would like to be a part of the Union but it is clear that my country and the Union can not cope with those huge differences. For now (maybe for a very very long time) beeing a close partner of the Union is better for both parties.

maybe Brussels will allow Turkey to join the EU. Britain denied their requests repeatedly. they should change the euro to pesos lol

western europeans are so stupid. name one time muslims arrived in europe without trying to take over? if it werent for the balkans the whole world would be a 3rd world shithole

Has what your doing working ? No. it's time to change . the rich and powerful don't want money, they have that ,they want slaves.

I think, EU doesn't want to accept its row a country with majority of Muslims and power which can change the balance amongst EU members. May ALLAH preserve Muslims.

god no, if we let Turkey in the EU nowdays we`d be insane.

Erdogan is turning turkey from a liberal muslim country in an islamic fundamental shithole #RIP
how are there even discussions about turkeys membership just stop it and Write fuck of Erdogan on the Border Wall

Respect for the great Turkish nation but 97% of the territory belongs to the Asian continent, unnatural is to be a member of the EU!Erdogan is not right for Islamophobia if we look at the ''big picture'', over three million Turks live in Germany, and millions of Muslims living in Europe, UK, France, Germany, Scandinavian countries etc…

Turkey is not allowed entrance to the E.U. for the same reason Russia cannot join the E.U. Constant violations of human rights, they have the death penalty, does not respect basic ideas about free speech and is a semi-dictatorship, with Erdogan holding a similar position to Putin in Russia.

Four days after the Brexit, and Erdogan has apologized to the Russians for shooting down that fighter jet. In a month or two, he will pardon all the journalists he imprisoned. David Cameron probably told him to keep being naughty until after the referendum, so he could tell us British that Turkey would never be accepted into the EU Soviet. I may be wrong, but we'll see. I like Turkish people, but Britain is overpopulated.

The EU is overrated, if I were Turkey, I would not join such union, Turkey used to be a major power, not a lackey for Germany or any other European country.

fuck eu. we can take them anytime we want they know it we know it. thats why they dont want make things easy for us and keeping us in line because they know when we get loosen up will go forward only untill have reached the snakes head

I would say im Anti Muslim. ..or Anti Rape or Anti Child Rape or Anti murder or Anti Terrorist or Anti Facist or Anti semitic. ..
As we all know Islam is all of the above.

All the people who hate Muslims are all ignorant media brain washed. I'm a proud Muslim and I'm one of the nicest person you will ever meet so don't judge me based on the actions of few minor mentally illed people. Judge me alone based on my own actions.

Turkey welcome in EU. I am Romanian and I have no problem with that.
Islamophobia is a matter of stupid people !

the rest of Europe would of had Turkey in the EU years ago the only downside to this was all members had to agree amongst them Cyprus and Greece but in this report its as if the EU is one who decides now i see why the british voted out

Turkey must NEVER EVER join the EU. Turkey is NOT IN EUROPE !!! Turks are NOT EUROPEAN !!!! Turkey join EU ??? NEVER ! NEVER ! NEVER ! NEVER ! NEVER ! EVER !!!

I never expected to see so much "Hate" (its really disapproval, whether its a joke or not) in the comments of this video

The problem is that, all Muslims are the same. Are you trying to tell me that, Muslim from Syria and Muslim from Afghanistan with Turkey are not brothers? Why they all cover their faces and their believes are the same. They don’t like Christians and nothing will let them change for their stupidity mind. Don’t allow them to join EU. If you allow them, Europe will be Arab country.

CNN is pushing elitists in eu and does not want to see brexit. Have u ask yourself what happens when millions pour into your country?

Turkey will never hesitate to look after Syrian brothers…Turkey is the second trade partner of the UK and first one is Germany…

Turkeys plan is to flood the EU with refugees they have already turned a blind eye to thousands going over to Greece and Greece has not got the money to properly secure it's own borders . The EU would have to be totally suicidal to allow Turkey in . They can't control their own borders and they would not anyway as long as the illegal immigrants leave . The EU would be throwing open it's doors to the whole Middle east and Northern Africa and every terrorist there in . They must be insane to even contemplate it , surely they won't do it . I think the EU will destroy it's self eventually trouble is it will destroy the member countries at the same time .

F..k the EU, the Turkish people do not want it, We prefer a Turkic Union with Turkic allies not a bunch of European cocksuckers

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