Will Tesla Pickup Beat Ford and Rivian?

– So I’ve been all electric
since January of 2018 with two Teslas, a Model S and a Model 3. But, as you can see, I
also have my old ’99 Tacoma behind me because I have a
house and I go on surf trips and it’s just much more convenient. Now we don’t have many good options yet for an electric truck, but there are a lot coming out soon. So I thought we could just have a look now at what we know and what’s rumored and what’s upcoming in
the electric truck space to see which one is actually the best. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Trucks outsell every other type of vehicle in the U.S. by far and
have done so since 2013. In 2018, light trucks
outsold cars two-to-one in the U.S. with just
under 12 million sold and a gap that appears to
be widening between the two. Of those, the Ford F-Series is
by far the most selling truck in the U.S.A. with over
900 thousand sold in 2018. Which is nearly double the
next best-selling truck, the Chevy Silverado. So, the Ford F-Series is
clearly the target for Tesla and when they make a
vehicle in a new category, they don’t just make a practical one, they come out swinging. Remember the Semi? They could’ve made a simple,
small delivery van, but no, they came out with a class-a truck, capable of towing more than
any other vehicle on the road. And even the Model S, the first sedan that they came out with, became a best-selling luxury sedan due to its incredible features. So, that’s why I think it makes sense here to look at the F-150. It is essentially the
gold standard in trucks sold in the United States. But there’s also Rivian, who
already is taking reservations and just recently raised
700 million dollars in funding led by Amazon. So, we kind of have a Bezos versus Musk thing going on here. But, in reality, it’s everyone
versus Ford in this space. Even Chevy is miles behind them when it comes to their
annual sales volume. So, let’s see how these three
different trucks stack up. First, let’s see Rivian since we have actual
specs released by them. The Rivian R1T comes in
with a 400 mile range, 11 thousand pounds of towing capacity, a 1,763 pound payload, and support for 160 kilowatt
charging via the CCS port. This is a pretty impressive
truck out of the gate, one that certainly impressed me and many other people in the media. They report 750 horsepower,
which is impressive, and 14 thousand newton meters of torque, which I’m not sure what
that will actually be when they convert it into the pound feet we’re typically using
when comparing automobiles because we don’t know the exact gear ratio which we need to actually convert that. They have some really cool features here with the gear tunnel, a really big frunk, the fold-down rear gate,
built-in air compressors, and power outlets in the bed. They’re taking deliveries
now with arrivals expected to be late next year in 2020. And now, let’s see how that
stacks up to the F-150. The thing about the F-150 is there are so many different trim options that it’s really difficult
to just nail it down. So, what I’m kind of looking at here is the max specs from them. So, we start out with 450 horsepower and 410 pound feet of towing. That’s a 12 thousand pound towing capacity with a three thousand pound payload. Pretty impressive. Now, the price range, again, because there are so many options, go all the way from 28
thousand up to 67 thousand before adding any of the
additional options you can get. And we typically don’t talk
about range of gas cars, because they can fill
up essentially anywhere, but this one, when calculating it out, comes out to about 570
miles on a single tank, which is pretty good. And F-150 also has some
really cool features, such as a driver-assist program similar to Tesla’s
auto-pilot, backup assist, which is great when you have a trailer and you’re trying to weave maybe a boat into a specific area, in-vehicle wifi, which lets you connect to up to 10 devices to the 4G LTE signal, Alexa
integration and Waze integration with the navigation system. Now, of course, you can buy this now and get it within days or
weeks, depending on your area. And lastly, let’s bring in Tesla. Now, before I go further with
the specs that we have here, just a caveat that all
of these were collected from either tweets directly from Elon or statements he’s made in interviews. Tesla hasn’t officially
unveiled any of this stuff. So, a lot of these things may change. So, just take some of
these with a grain of salt. So, starting out, Elon has
stated that the Tesla truck will have a 400 to 500
mile range maybe more. With a towing capacity
of 300 thousand pounds, which is one of those
things that you may question until you remember the
video of a Tesla Model X pulling a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. So, this actually could happen. Elon has also said it will be a big truck which means it will likely
compete directly with the F-150 or one of the more heavy-duty vehicles used on construction sites. It’s unclear what the
price is for this vehicle, but likely, because it’s Tesla and because of these specs,
it’s gonna be very expensive. Elon has said it will be a six seater, it will be a dual-motor
all-wheel drive vehicle, which kind of makes sense, and it will have 250 volt
connections in the bed for heavy-duty tools, along
with an air compressor. We’re hoping to see an
unveiling this summer, but it’s really unclear
when that will happen nor do we have any idea when
they’ll start to deliver them. The earliest they could
really possibly hope to get these in people’s
hands is late 2020, which does match up with Rivian and I think would be a good
target for them to shoot for. So, when you compare these three, it definitely looks like Tesla and Rivian have a big hill to climb here. The F-150 not only has amazing specs and really cool features already built-in, it has been the best-selling
truck for a long time. So, you have a really
strong brand loyalty there, just like Tesla and others do as well. And that isn’t to mention
that Ford themselves are reportedly working on an
electric version of the F-150. We won’t likely be able
to see that, however, until late 2020 when the
overall model, the F-Series, gets an updated design. But, what it really
comes down to, I think, for any of these options to succeed, is the availability of a
strong charging network. Tesla obviously has the advantage here with the Supercharger network
now covering large chunks of the U.S. and over 12 thousand
Superchargers world-wide, that which includes Europe and Asia. Plus, many more on the way, likely to double that
amount in 2019 alone. But, there are others out there as well. Specifically, one to look
out for is Electrify America. Electrify America is a charging network that’s popping up all
over the U.S. recently and has a 10-year plan to
invest over two billion dollars in EV infrastructure
and education programs in the United States. They offer fast charging stations and are continually
expanding their network across the country. And there are other
charging networks out there, such as EVgo, which already
have a decent infrastructure in popular cities with
fast charging systems that will rival Tesla’s, however,
the overall number of them is substantially lower than
the Supercharger network. So, while Tesla clearly has the advantage on the charging network now, it’s one that I don’t think will really be that big of a deal going forward as these other networks start to build up their infrastructure. So, if Tesla wants to win here, they need to offer a compelling vehicle, which is kind of a no-brainer,
we know they’ll do that, but it also needs to come
in at an affordable price. That’s more difficult to do
because of the sheer cost of the batteries needed in
a bigger vehicle like this. And they need to deliver it on time, which, admittedly, is
not their strong-suit. And if Rivian wants to win in this space, they should look for a good partner and team up with some of
these other big companies to fill in the gaps in their offering, notably, the charging network. Then, keep pushing hard to
deliver these trucks on time. And, of course with Ford,
if they’re able to deliver a compelling electric F-150 and partner with some of these
bigger charging networks, or just flat-out buy them, I think they could continue
their dominance in this space. Which might actually be
a reasonable outcome, considering their recent,
radical shift away from making cheap sedans and
focusing on SUVs and trucks. But, their biggest
challenge by far, I believe, will be having enough batteries that are of high enough quality
to power these new trucks. So, who has the best shot
at winning this race? It’s hard to say. Tesla I think has some
advantages with the brand loyalty and the Supercharger
network but their inability to get things out on time could really, kind of, put them behind. Ford with their vast resources
and legacy in this space, do, I think, have a strong advantage. But, need the ability
to get the batteries in and make all that happen. Which, as we have seen from
other major auto-makers, is not really a walk in the park. And Rivian, now with Amazon backing them, I think has a legit shot here. But, there is still a
lot of kind of unknowns in the process from where they’re at now and to actually having
these cars on the road. So, it’s gonna be an interesting journey and one I hope you’ll stick with me because, like all things,
this is fun to see this transition we’re going through from gas-powered, diesel,
kind of, a burning into a more sustainable
form of transportation. So, let me know what you
guys think down below. Who do you think will win and why? I’m really curious to hear
your thoughts on this. And, lastly, don’t forget, when you free the data,
your mind will follow. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys back here next time. (upbeat music) Hey and thanks for watching the video. If you like data, want to learn more, maybe even make a career out of it, I have a free course to help you kickstart your data professional career. It’s a part of the FTD Academy,
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Big update! Elon announced the base price of the truck will be $49K and have better specs than the F150, so stay tuned for more, might get a reveal this summer!

That Rivian Truck looks pretty crazy. Tesla seems more like a "Made for California" truck.
The Rivian seems actually capable of some heavy offroad use.

Compressor and 250V AC outlet in the back are nice additions. Eliminates a nasty noisy generator on job sites without power. It is probably not enough for all day work, but good for quick jobs.

Much more useful than a kitchen, IMO.

Please do not quote me wrong, but remember Tesla had its fair share of problems when it started? Being late, Critics, money problems and stuff, Rivian needs to have that as well, and until then…

Love Tesla however the photos of the proposed new truck are ugly! Would not want one looking like this. The car designs are fantastic.

your Ford power data is off by 100. you quoted "top line" specs and mentioned 450 hp. i presumed you were listing the specs for the 3.5l ecoboost for that hp figure. that engine generates 510 lb-ft of torque. you listed it at 410.

Ever since I saw the cyber punk futuristic Tesla concept, been in love with that idea getting one… but if it turns out to have cab resemblant of semi🤮. Some people like the snub-nose and I may even invest in a semi one day, but hoping the pickup is its own design.

Interesting how the video states electric is a more sustainable solution than hydrocarbons when much of the electricity in the world is produced with coal.

Ford sells 1.2 million trucks a year… if you add up all teslas ever sold its 720k at the end of q2 2019. I dont think ford is worried. 14000nm is 10,325ft pounds. Iam not sure where you got that number from because thats impossible. The rivian has 800ft pounds

for someone who knows how to talk and make a great video, you seem to totally mis the answer right under your nose, you said it, where will ford get its batteries… OBVIOUSLY THAT IS KEY FOR SELLING VOLUMES OF CARS, so of Course, Tesla Wins.. Tesla has the battery factory. In the end they will likely sell battery packs to other car makers and make money off that too. Tesla has solar panel company, meaning they can setup charging network with OffGrid Solar with PowerBanks for 24hr energy supply OFFGRID… they have more pieces of the puzzle than any competitor unfortunately, FORD and Rivian have none of that. Tesla will make money if other brands want to use their chargers as well…

My take the Tesla is going to be close to 90K,however, that will not bother the Folks that can afford it( It will be awesome and its going to shut some smokers down( the wars continue)

Most complaints are cost yet no cost hydrogen devices are saving truck companies & many regular vehicles money "Free no cost energy" Simple "H2O electrolysis"
"DOT (department of transportation) fuel surveys best fuel is hydrogen & made on board hydrogen gas from water H2O+12 volts makes unlimited hydrogen fuel and the good news for years is no cost.
"Safer, cleaner, most efficient, most economical,"

Water electrolysis = hydrogen
And being free of cost, as long as water is available.
Free to people who have basic experiences, or can order online water electrolysis hydrogen devices.

Many transportation professionals & truck operators have been making no cost hydrogen for fuel saving tons of money & saving the environment.

Thank you for your attention to energy modernization.
Good luck to everyone

14000 Newton Meters in 10,325.87 Foot Pounds. OK that is kind of a useless number. Some one else probably already gave this but I didn't want to read 18K+ comments.

There's a lot of "Elon said" in this video. That alone depicts the current state of the Tesla Pickup Truck. Someonr said they would, might…will…just as it happened with the towing truck. How much will the towing truck cost? How much will the battery pack weigh? Please go into the essential details, the rest is just rumorology and hearsay.

That Tesla concept PU was just the ugliest thing on the face of the earth. I'd continue to burn gas at 3 times the cost before I'd be seen going down the street in that vehicle.

Remember Chevy bolt beat model 3 to market?. Later model 3 beat bolt with ease. So I think tesla Will prevail once again.

Tesla has an overwhelming lead in ev/batteries/over the air update/insurance/boring tunnel access/superchargers/self driving etc.. but the cruncher is the huge real world database gathered over 11yrs!!! They’re ahead of the rest and there’s no way they will catch up!

There will be competition,
but experience in design and manufacturing goes to Tesla. Making an electric
vehicle is completely different than making a gas/diesel. Then there is the
most important factor, battery technology. I don't believe that Riven/Amazon or
Ford or VW have the advance technology that Tesla has given Tesla's new company
acquisitions in this space and partnership with Panasonic. The only
thing that is questionable to me is the design, I definitive don’t like the
ones you showed, but do like the bold and aggressive one that I’ve seen in
other sites.

What can be the best of
all worlds is a joint design/build by Tesla and Ford. This would blend in the
best ideas from Ford and Tesla and deliver the best electric vehicle with best
in class battery technology and not to mention a ready to charge charging
network for Ford customers.

Waiting is the hardest
part, but 2021 will be here soon….

You don't get 450HP and have a payload of 3000Lbs. Yes Ford has many options but don't list all the biggest values because they do not go together. A 4 door limited truck may get up to 1700lbs of payload. The raptor can carry 1000 maybe. And ford is not best selling GM sells more trucks combined when you add up the Canyon, Colorado, Sierra and Silverado

Sustainability of any product is dependent upon the potential satisfaction of the customer who is seeking to purchase the product, and thereby having to "live" with it after the purchase. Consumers are more investigative about "new" ideas and "new" products than ever before and will judge the product and it's manufacturer by such research they do prior to spending money. The Toyota Business Model applies here as always; "Take care of the customer before and after the sale!" Such vigilance has to be in evidence and available to the general public in advance of any product launch to convince the potential buyer of what genuine integrity is attatched to the said product. All consumers really want to know is how are they going to be treated before and after the sale, especially if there arises any unforeseen issues that create inconvenience and challenges. "People" are the issue to be concerned about, for they will be the ones riding up front or the rear of the vehicle considered for purchase. Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Generosity, etc. are all essential qualities that go a long way to winning and retaining customers, and these traits must be genuine. The product is in-animate but the sales personnel has the ability and skills to generate trust and loyalty towards the product being a success. Thus the "right" people saying and doing the "right" things in connection with the prospective customers will generate the success associated with the product in question! Salvador J. Gamble

So if I purchase my Tesla with long range battery (310 miles) can I charge it to 100% once a week. I'm retired and travel probably much less than 300 miles per week. I live in a condo so no in door charger.

I am wondering about manufacture and disposal of the batteries. Nobody is talking about battery lifespan and price to replace them. I would feel better if they worked towards a common battery system. Remember Cassette, 8Track, VHS and Beta-max?

I would like to see more of Tesla’s model P truck…the charging distance has to be competitive with Ford or it really doesn’t compete.
Also, Ford looks at everything about a redesign vehicle, with regards to what it can do, including aero dynamics,
Just coming out with something doesn’t have the necessary draw of attention one might think, unless you surpass an already established factoid of the leading company.( in this case, Ford)

Electric ain't gonna replace my F350 diesel. My boat weighs 10,000 lbs and I live in a mountainous area. Get out of here with these Barbie play trucks.

Your F-150 vs Rivian comparison is kind of an “apples vs oranges” comparison. They’re not direct competitors. The F-150 is a full size truck. The Rivian is a mid-size. If you’re gonna compare Rivian to a Ford, it should be the Ranger. But, actually, the true comparison should be Rivian vs Honda Ridgeline, as those two are in the same “SUV-with-a-trick-pickup-bed” category. It now appears that the EV alternative to the F-150 will actually be coming from Ford.

1:19 ?? You referred to Tesla Semi?? "Tesla comes out swinging",  Did I miss something?  Has the Semi Been released ?? Huh.  Poor example.

VW Touareg was towing a 155 tonne (almost 342,000lb) Boeing 747 some 11 years ago on Top Gear. Doesn't mean it has 155 tonnes towing capacity.

So over the last year, Rivian has had funding from Ford, and Cox Automotive. Plus, Amazon…..just ordered 100k of their delivery vans for 2020. And most of their locations are in the US, on of them being in Plymoth, MI. I'm thinking, this dogs gonna hunt. I still love Tesla too though!!! Can't wait until they are publicly traded. Woot!!! $$$$$$$$$$

Power outlets in the back mean my travel trailer will have a cold fridge and air conditioned space when I get there, a strong selling point. Electric drive train means the truck won’t bog down on hills and $49K price is comparable to any gas or diesel truck because of the fuel savings. I just hope cyberpunk isn’t strange looking but I will probably get it anyway. I’m getting tired of worn out unreliable gas trucks that may just leave you sitting on the side of the road!

Tesla battery tech keeps getting better, other early entries in the car market have had big recalls on their batteries. Any reason not to expect Tesla's truck to be superior in battery management? And then there are those Maxwell capacitors which could play a very tidy role in climbing hills or other short term/high discharge operations. You seem very confident of Ford, me not so much.

I don't think it's fair to say that Tesla has a delivery problem. The fact is they are the first to deliver four compelling electric cars, an extensive fast charging network, a high efficiency battery electric drive train, the largest Li-ion battery production capacity of any company in the world, and the most advanced Level 2 self driving system you can buy today. They have a 5 to 10 year lead on potential competitors. Its the legacy auto makers who have a delivery problem, and it remains to be seen if they can correct it. Now, if you meant to say that Tesla is too optimistic about the timing of their development/production goals, I will agree.

I don't think that you understand the difference between imperial and metric? , which is probably why you believe that truck ownership is the next killer tesla product.

The big problem with electric cars and utes ( pick up) is how much pollution will there be when the batteries need replacing as lithium can not be recycled safely , then there is the plastics in cars and pick ups , and then there is the fossil fuels used for charging electric vehicles , yes there is solar or wind but that will never produce enough power to do all power needs . America needs to reduce the size of cars and pick ups to smaller cars and utes like the rest of the world and stop pushing big heavy vehicles on the world as an australian we had the perfect utes with the falcon and commodore as they were lighter and better comfort and safer than hilux , ranger, f250 ,patrol and many other models suvs

I hope the truck doesn't look like the one in the picture you show, because that picture is absolutely despicable. More despicable than Rivian.

Good analysis. Need to remember that 'range' (as well as mpg in ice trucks) drastically decreases when actually towing or carrying a load.

Problems galore with Tesla. They promise a lot, and then usually fail to deliver on time- or even close to it. If Rivian can produce their trucks and SUV s (real pickups and SUV's that Look like what they are competing with), and can manage to deliver on time, they'll likely have sales that Tesla won't be able to match. I've taken a look at the Rivian pickup, and that sucker is a far more direct competitor (and with real world, not fantasy, towing stats) for a Ford Pickup than Tesla's odd duck. Thing is, most people in the market for an F150, will buy an F150. It's not price, range, or any of that, individually. It's History. Well, history and the fact that if you want an F150, you can go and buy one- today, if you have the cash available. Oh- and if I were to get an EV pickup, I sort of prefer Rivian's 4 motor AWD to a dual motor version.

I would bet on Tesla.
Elon Musk sits up at night continuously planning and strategizing new innovations in electric vehicle technologies.
I hear this from three of my four sons who work for huge tech firms in Seattle .
They have friends who were recruited by Elon Musk personally, and went to work for him after getting a call from him!
I have had co-workers who worked in upper management at Ford, Aston-Martin and Freightliner/Daimler-Benz,among many others.
The decision making process for any of the big old school automakers is laden with burdensome and slow, top down bureaucracy, thus impinging greatly on innovations while Elon Musk can simply pick up a phone and say "we need to do this or that now" and he does.

Tesla will come in later to the truck market but they have an excellent team of engineers intended on revolutionizing battery technology. i dont hear Rivian doing anything like this. not to mention that Rivian has a high probability of failure by putting electric motors on the wheels. i have yet to see any electric motor able to withstand all the pounding and jumping which it will be subjected to at the wheels.

How many of those f-150 sales are just the engine though? Selling the engine counts as a "truck". I recall a bunch of Australian made vehicles use the f150 engine.

It's my understanding that Tesla's semi is not yet in production or that they yet to pick a site for their factory. They've told their customers like Walmart that there is another delay of 1 year. Is my understanding correct? Also, GM has two truck brands that have a combined sales of approx. 800,000 units. Same truck, different cosmetics, and more luxury. They are on Ford's heels for the first time in ever. The Rivian looks to be the new King of the Hill.

This video must have been made before Ford invested a LOT of $$ in the Rivian pickup & SUV. Suffice to say, I think they even are in a joint partnership at this point.

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