Wise Owl Series (Eps 1) – Can I drive anybody’s car if I have Fully Comp insurance?

My names Stuart Jenkinson, i’ve been involved
in insurance since 1968, predominately in motor insurance, i’ve worked for both companies
and Lloyds motor syndicates. Last year I decided to semi- retire and join Be Wiser in a training
mode to pass on some of the information i’ve gained during my career. Is it true that I can drive anybody’s car
with full comprehensive insurance? It’s a common myth, people believe that if
they have fully comprehensive insurance that they can drive any other car not owned by
them, this is definitely not the case. The driving other cars benefit under a motor
policy, allows the policy holder only who usually must be 25 years or over, to drive
any motor car not owned by them or leased to them under a Hire purchase agreement. The cover provided will be third party only,
this basically means your street legal and covered for the damage you cause to other
persons. A common myth is that the driving other cars
extension is only available on Full comprehensive policies, it can equally be provided on Third
party fire and theft, and third party only policies subject to insurers conditions. To be certain you have the extension you need
to look on your certificate of motor insurance, probably the most important document you will
receive from your motor insurer. if its not detailed there, you don’t have the extension. “i’m going away with my boyfriend next week,
and I was going to drive but it’s quite a long drive, and seeing as i’m not that experienced
I was wondering if he’ll be able to take over from me at different points of the journey…
his 21 and he is on a fully comp?” To insure you have comprehensive cover whilst
driving someone else car you need to be added to that someone else’s policy, that specifically
covers that car, so you will appear as a named driver, and your name will appear on the certificate
of insurance. An alternative to having a named driver on
the policy for a whole year is what is known as a temporary additional driver, and in this
instance the name driver may be added for a short period or specific trip, obviously
subject to your insurance companies agreement. My advice as an insurance professional to
anyone thinking of driving s car that does not belong to them, is to check that your
names appears on the insurance certificate and therefore you are legal entitled to drive
that car. You do not wish to encore a driving without
insurance conviction as this will seriously impede your ability to obtain a reasonable
priced insurance policy of your own in the future.

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