WoW Legion Auction House Flipping Guide – Auctioneer Snatch List

Auctioneer is a mod I like, for the Snatch
item feature. After doing a fast get-all scan of
the entire auction house, I use the snatch list, which has items I’ve set price margins
for, to quickly show which items I might want to buy. Rather than slow-scanning with a shopping
list, this method uses a list of pre-set items and margins, to filter through
the fast scan data, and see if there’s any good deals to
buy. Fast-scanning takes only a few seconds for
low population servers, and about two or three
minutes for higher population servers. After scanning, you can
add items by, going to Search, General, type in an
item name, search, select the item, and snatch. Find
the item in your snatch list and set the price margin to
your preference. There are, a few downsides using auctioneer.
First, a snatch list can only be made using items currently
on the auction house. Second, snatch lists are
not streamlined well. As your list
gets longer, more mouse scrolling is required to add or edit items, which is worth considering
if you don’t have a free-scrolling, mouse wheel control. And third,
due to the auction house data that auctioneer stores,
logging your character on and off a server can
take a few more seconds, especially for high population servers. Also, if the fast get-all scan, disconnects
you from the server, I recommend going to
configure, and then scanner. Set “throttle during fast scans” to high, “throttle processing
speed” to low, and “extra memory cleanup” to
medium. With these settings, I never experience any disconnects. My own list consists mainly of pets worth
over 500 gold, and over time, I’ve added quite a few
transmog items and recipes as well. I hope this information helps, and best of luck!

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