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My name is Mark Wenclewicz. I’m with Winclewicz Insurance. And we’re located in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve had Grange actually ever since ’04, ever since I started. I’m Tom Davenport from Blue Marsh Insurance. We’re in southeastern Pennsylvania. Confusion is a big pain point right now with the consumer. Confusion and being forced to think about price all the time. When consumers are shopping, they don’t know what they’re getting for what they’re spending. Is price important? Absolutely. It always will be. But let’s also think about some other things. We received a lot of feedback from agents. Some of the things they were asking for were new coverages in the market for our Auto and Home products. So if you think about a broad spectrum of consumers, some are focused on price and some are focused on coverage and some like a little bit of both. We came up with a strategy around choice. And then that choice strategy really evolved into our product where we started to offer three levels of coverage. The new program with the Base, the Boost and the Advanced is huge from my standpoint. Grange has given me all the options: the deductible waiver, the minor violation waiver, the ridesharing endorsement, and the accident forgiveness. With all the different options that we have, we can really design something that fits their needs and their wants. When it’s done, and it’s rolled out, and you can actually click the ridesharing endorsement. It’s hard. It’s a hard thing to even put into words. It’s not just lip service with them. They truly care about the direction that Grange is going. I truly have felt from day one that they listen. Things that you were talking about, the wheels were already in motion. It’s very rewarding for all the employees that really pour their heart and energy into this to be able to really win. You and Grange. Committed. Connected. Partners.

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