Your next car may be Chinese and electric

– Oh my God! These guys are in Shenzhen, a city in south China
that’s one of China’s tech hubs. Electric cars are everywhere here. China has never been one of the world’s
great car-making countries. But what’s happening in Shenzhen right now
could be a glimpse into the future. A future where the world gets its cars not only from
the US, Japan, and Germany, but also from China. I’m Isabelle Niu. This is Quartz. The Tesla bros from before are actually not
your typical electric car drivers in Shenzhen. These guys are: cab drivers. Every day around noon, a food truck comes with $2 lunch
for taxi drivers waiting for their cars to charge. Shenzhen has more than 12,000 electric taxis, and they all need to be charged for at least an hour a day. Charging stations like this
are popping up everywhere in Shenzhen. Electric cars have become a big part of people’s daily lives here
in a way that just hasn’t happened in most of the West. Qiu Kaijun runs a news site
for electric vehicle industry insiders. Most of the cars sold in China still run on gasoline. The country has a long way to go before it’s fully electric. But it now buys and sells more electric vehicles,
or EVs, than the rest of the world combined. But China also has something most Western countries don’t: A government with the power to subsidize big bets that
would be too risky in a more free-market economy. The market EVs wasn’t big enough because of
their high cost, and the hassle of charging them. China dealt with that by building tons of charging stations, making up the price differences with huge subsidies, and making it really inconvenient for a lot of people to drive gas cars. In Shenzhen, if you want to buy a gas car, you have
to pay over $10,000 just for the license plate. And in Beijing, you’re only allowed to drive
a gas car on certain days of the week. Ren Bin has been a full-time driver
on ride-hailing apps for four years. Three months ago, he switched to driving this electric car. Subsidies are only part of the reason, though. He didn’t really have a choice. Recently, Shenzhen announced that in two years, drivers of gasoline cars
will no longer be allowed to drive for ride hailing apps at all. China isn’t the only country trying to tip the scale for EVs. In Germany, local governments are starting to ban gas and diesel cars. Japan has offered subsidies for EVs since the mid 90s. But China has gone the farthest and the fastest. It’s estimated that, between 2016 and 2020,
the government plans to pay out $56 billion in subsidies. The government has also thrown money
at Chinese companies that want to make EVs, even if they have barely any car-making experience. One reason for doing this is the environment; air quality in China’s largest cities is famously bad. But there’s an even more important reason: China believes EVs are the future of all cars. So it sees EVs as its ticket to dominating the global
auto market, surpassing the US, Germany, and Japan. Here’s one place that dream is being built: A Shenzhen-based car company called BYD. – Hi, nice to meet you. So this is your headquarters? – Yeah. BYD, which stands for Build Your Dream,
isn’t super well-known outside China yet. But it’s backed by Warren Buffett, and it’s the world’s
second-largest manufacturer of electric cars. It’s exported electric buses to places
like London, California, and Paris. And that’s a big deal. The government’s push for EVs has allowed Chinese companies to become
major players in the global auto market for the first time ever. Another Chinese company, CATL,
just became BMW’s official battery supplier. They replaced Samsung. In an electric car, the battery
makes up as much as 40% of the cost. If a car brand like BMW comes to rely on China for that, that’s a major change in the order
of the global auto industry. The internal combustion engines that power our cars
have been around for over a century. The end of that could be closer than we think. Batteries are getting cheaper, and EVs could be
as cheap as gas and diesel cars by 2025. Governments around the world are already setting timetables
to ban the sales of gas and diesel cars in the next few decades. When that happens, whoever is best positioned to own the EV market now
could come to dominate the global car market. In the near future, more and more cities might start to look like Shenzhen. And the whole world could be driving cars that are made in China.


If someone builds a homemade Series Hybrid motorcycle in China, if & how, will the Chinese government mess with them? What will happen to fuel stations? What if I made my own fuel, like moonshine, or I collected & refined used cooking oil, for my hybrid motorcycle, for situations where I don't have time to stop and charge my batteries & capacitors, or I can't find an open charging location, so I must use my on-board generator, to keep moving?

tesla is still the number one EV maker worldwide and their cars are vastly superior to anything made in china that is not named tesla. tesla is the 800 pound gorilla in that room and you try to sweep it under the carpet? your national pride is glowing maam.

it says much about why huawei was really banned
as china running up productions, they can simply cut bussinesses in other countries

dont forget quality starts when you can setup massproduction

then you can fine tune every single step, that later affect any manufactured products

and this is where china already won this battle
anything they touch that becomes a massproduct

It won’t be in the United States. People are sick of the Chinese poor quality junk. Start a few forest fires in China first with them as they start exploding and catching on fire.

No way dude. My 05 Toyota runs perfectly and it's paid for. If I wreck it I'll shop for another old Toyota that runs perfectly and keep going. In my happy retirement cruise ships are much higher on my list than car payments, especially those that make my electric bill go way up.

I wouldn't buy a Chinese car. I hear they are the most undependable in the world, and also China has been stealing from Amercans for years. I'll go with a Toyota or Lexus.

And how is all this electricity produced ? Kinda a very important subject in this documentary and I didn't hear anything about it ?

This is part of the innoculation , the cat is about to take over the kitchen and mice would be starved before they go kamikaze. Random act…to follow.

Theta: Is still The One. 2019-2022 Spirit showed me before the 2 year point in the dollars and at the 3 year point those that have held that long are going to say “wow, should we sell it now, let’s not get greedy’. But spirit told me, in five years from now, you will be sitting on a gold mine. It’s going to be significant to the point that people will look back and say. “I should have or could have got that.” And those who did will have “generational” wealth. If you want an idea of how it will play out over the years look at the early stages of the crypto market. It basically took a while to get tarted. Then it went through a series of 10x growth spurts (lots of ups and down as would be expected–nothing goes straight up).
Remember, it moves slow in the beginning. Once it gets some legs is goes around 10x each 12 months or so until it slows down to 10x every couple of years or so (sharp inclines and pull backs). Similar to the Bitcoin pattern over the past 10 years, but compressed into 5 years. When you think about where it currently is at about 10 cents when it goes through just 4 fresh 10x periods, it’s into the $1,000 range. $0.10 to $1.00. $1.00 to $10.00. $10.00 to $100.00 and finally $100.00 to 1,000+ Can you picture it?

4:03 isnt right. The german government isnt banning gas cars at all. Don't know where you have this information from

Emphatically NAFC!! and NAFC!! (Not a ****ing chance) on BOTH predictions. Piston power ROCKS, and I don't buy ANYTHING "Made in China".

I prefer my petrol car just because it makes noises that makes me giggle like a Japanese school girl when I press hard on the gas

Electricity doesn't grow on trees either. And there is absolutely 0 sustainable ways to create enough of it today. So yeah… good luck.

Within a decade charging times will be significantly reduced and the cars will drive longer ranges. More renewable energy would probably make electricity even cheaper than it currently is making it more practical for everyone including taxis.

china may have 2 million EVs but thats ony .001 per capita. the USA has .003 Norway has .5.. though China does lead the world in something imprisoned, tortured people in reeducation camps, they have more people wrongfully imprisoned than electric cars. Quartz news is reporting on the Uyghurs right now

Clearly, these people know nothing about the technology of electric cars. Electric cars have terrible energy efficiency. When you include the cost of generating the electricity (usually from oil), then transmitting it over power lines, then charging a battery, your average Tesla gets no better than the equivalent of 25 mpg. My Ford Focus gets 30 mpg at a fifth the price. People can't see the energy generation for electric vehicles, so they can't see the pollution or cost it entails. That's the whole con game of electric vehicles. Then there is the environmental issue of the giant and highly toxic batteries they use! People buy them for status and little else, but that status is built upon a deception.

Never buy a vehicle form those Commie Fucks. Beside their electric grid is coal powered so its a false perception that they are so far ahead.

yeah yeah. Chineae city air pollution is bad and the chinese ev is trying just to win Germany, japan… good logic

China's pollution is so bad they need to go electric. Also China's tech and cars are honestly kinda shitty if it isn't expensive, I've seen a ton of Chinese EVs catch fine but they all get taken down whenever i try to look for it again. Hmmm.

Shenzhen is so amazing. I’d admire the innovation and creativity. Everything from the EVs to the 3D printers, I feel like America is decades behind. Elon Musk is banned from selling cars direct to consumers in most parts of the US because we wanna protect traditional car dealerships (a profession known for being dishonest)

I think all electric cars are not good for nature, electric cars will make pollution less than gas, but, let's think about this question:

How do we make electricity?
In China, most of electricity was made by burning coal,
And it's very bad for nature, IT MAKES A GREAT BIG POLLUTION !!
We still could not use wind or sun to make electricity instead of burning coal…

Any car made by China is 🗑💯
Tesla is 👑 so nobody would trust a China made car like their fake Mercedes vans

Where do they get the power from? Nuclear? Solar? Wind? Coal? Wave? Tidal? Hydro? Most of China's electricity in China comes from Coal 66%

See what people don't realize is that had they just waited like 5 more years technology for EV would have advanced lowering the cost and provideing a much better product than what's out currently. Now if that tech does come and let's say and needs a different charger it will be very costly for China to replace the infrastructure.

I visited Shenzhen yesterday. It was full of those taxi's and there are way more electric cars than back in 2017! (I figured out that all the electric vehicles had green numberplates instead of blue.)

chinese car you need to know lixiang one and nio es8 or LYNK&CO or WEY chinese car you need to know lixiang one and nio es8 or LYNK&CO or WEYchinese car you need to know lixiang one and nio es8 or LYNK&CO or WEY

Chinese are stealing other foreign company Intellectual Property (IP) without any consequence. Look at the railroad as an example

They need to get rid of coal plants in the city before the electric car is used otherwise they are being more un eco friendly

it will be more interesting if the news is : "your next wive might be asian's or dolls"

some people will triggered.

I won't buy EV unless the government has issued a policy forbidding personal use of fuel vehicles. EV is only suitable for the southern subtropical climate. My home is in Xinjiang, where the winter temperature is – 30 degrees. If using EV, I'm afraid the low temperature will make the battery lose effective.

If I want to die or my car breaking down, then I'll consider buying a Chinese car. But then I do not have a death wish. Since China can't even make baby food without laced with poison then how can they make a quality car, unless they stole the technology. Same MO for thousands of years.

Bullshit. Unless China ups their quality standards drastically. Powdered Milk scam from a few years back? They even poison their own kids. They eat dogs and sell poison pet food at the same time. China's standard of quality does not meet the worlds standards by a mile. Every second car would burst into flames every week if they came from China. It's also the large corrupt government that allows cheats and scammers to ply their trade. There is no rule of law in China. The law is what ever they say it is at the moment. China is also full of racial bigots and authoritarian thugs because of the lack of rule of law. It's in China's nature to cheat. They can't compete on the national stage because they would get sued into the poor house. Go order on Ebay from China. Half you will be cheated on. The rest will be substandard parts or fraud. 10% will be likely to burn your house down. 1% will be what you acctually ordered and worth using.

They are doing EV's all wrong. They should lease batteries. Stop selling them with the cars. Stop all the charging and standardize and swap batteries. Drive over a robot and it swaps your battery out in 3 min. This way they are always on charge. charged by high standard clean power. Local solar or other means. The batteries stay in a recycling chain limiting waste. Examined for faults or rebuilt removing faulty packs. The driver also has a choice to put in a full battery or a half battery. Say a half battery for weekly short commutes and a full battery for weekend drives or road trips. Then they are not hauling weight all week they are not using. Plus so many other benefits.

it's amazing that China hasn't imported a car over here yet… I used to hear nonsense like they couldn't meet emission standards… bull spin… Cuz the Japanese can do it if the South Koreans can do it the Chinese can do it… Make a decent car…

That's not gonna happen in the Philippines anytime soon, mostly due to the country's dependence on fossil fuels – especially diesel. In addition, the country's antiquated vehicle registration system does not allow electric cars to be registered to private owners because engine displacement must be declared on all vehicles, and the government is too lazy to implement such changes. Because of this, any Tesla you see on Manila roads is not road legal.

In 2011 I bought a Sony Android phone for about $300.
Today you can get 10 times better phone for less than $150. Thanks to Chinese manufacturers.
Once China makes more and better cars, whole IC engine industry will go obsolete.

I wouldn't trust a Chinese car, let alone an electric car. No way in hell at this time in history. Heck they still used lead paint on children toys in recent years. The country and culture is to corrupt.

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